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My Octopus Teacher

I never dreamed a documentary could have it all.
This movie moved me to no end. There are so many layers here, all intriguing and fulfilling. This movie comes extremely close to answering the biggest human questions. Very gently and humbly told by a frank and empathetic storyteller. I'll be recommending this film to everyone I encounter.

The Nevers

Amy Manson is having wayyy tooo much fun!!!!
I have never been so jealous of an actress absolutely slaying a role. Where has she been? This show is unique, original, and visually stunning. Nice foray for HBO.

Lars and the Real Girl

Thank you HBO!
I thank HBO running this movie recently, especially during the pandemic. I loved this charming film it's first time out, but is definitely worth a second/third watch. An unusual role for Ryan G., that I think he nailed. Unusual plot, with ,any a good message. Kelli Garner, Emily Mortimer and Patricia Clarkson all have beautifully nuanced performances as well. With all the stress lately, watch this film, smile and feel good!!

The Spanish Princess

Visually stunning
I am more enthralled with each episode. Charlotte Hope is a powerhouse, in an extremely demanding role. The costuming is exquisite. I can't understand why there is not more Emmy buzz.

The River and the Wall

Beautiful and educational
Stunning photography and thoughtful narration. Practical reasons to discontinue an researched concept.

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