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The Wild Thornberrys Movie

Far Better Than You'd Expect
For some reason or another this movie's reviews here haven't been glowing; this really should change. While not the best animated movie ever, it's certainly the best that Nick has ever offered and possibly the best based on a TV show. It is based on the TV series that focuses on Eliza Thornberry, the girl with the ability to talk to animals, and the rest of her family. This movie gives most of the characters the due attention they deserve (Donnie is thankfully kept to a minimum, though we could've had more Marianne) and keeps them true to themselves. The animation and artwork are also very much like the series's, though upgraded slightly to make the landscapes more beautiful and the animals more realistic. The music (both soundtrack and score) are also very good; I got goosebumps during the cold-open of a cheetah hunting to some traditional savanna chanting. All and all, good so far. Now for the plot: it's actually pretty great. While keeping the whimsy of the series, it explores important messages like family and environmentalism with a rather dark and serious story. Long story short: Eliza feels that she must correct a wrong by saving a cheetah cub that was snatched up by poachers, and in her quest to expose the wrongdoers stumbles upon a truly vile plot that endangers thousands of elephants. Through this she learns that it isn't her powers that make her amazing: it's the fact that she cares enough to do something with them. For a kid's movie, it's pretty good. The major fault in this movie (to me) was the overuse of the so-called "Wedgie Dance". It was funny the first time, but not after that. Still, it's a kid's movie, and they love that kind of stuff. All and all, give this movie a shot. Especially if you like animals.

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