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Beyond the Curtain

Entertaining stuff
I must have watched a different version of the film than some others on here. Richard Greene wasn't flying the aircraft in the one I saw. Also the film I watched was very suspenseful and full of menace in places with believable characters and location (in the main). All in all a good entertaining film well worth seeing.

The Long Memory

haunting, lyrical Britsh film noir with memorable performances
So much to like about this beautifully photographed film which is a credit to its talented cast and production team. John Mills leads with his convincing portrayal of a tortured soul and is supported by character actors of the highest calibre. In particular, John Slater, John Chandos and Harold Lang all put in dark, unnerving performances which will live long in the memory. The bleak, slightly eerie setting and scenery is the other star of this great movie. A must see for any film fan.

The Man in the Sky

excellent film which works well at least on two levels
If you already like Jack Hawkins' acting work you will like this film. He has a central role which he delivers in his usual commanding style. The drama works on two levels - the technical challenge of trying to land a stricken aircraft and the emotional challenge and responsibility of being married and trying to provide for a family. Both are dealt with admirably in this excellent drama. My only criticism is that Elizabeth Sellars is miscast as Jack's wife. Her contribution of wasp waist glamour is an unwanted distraction and probably even reduces the power of the film a little.

Film Stars Don't Die in Liverpool

on this occasion the film is better than the book
I tried reading the book on which this film is based, having met the author who is a very nice guy. Unfortunately the book is written with an obvious lack of writing experience. However the film oddly holds the attention and I'm glad I resisted the temptation to avoid it (having read one chapter of the book). The film has charm and somehow stirs a lot of emotions from a thin narrative and leaves you feeling satisfied. Definitely worth a watch.


"comedy"? You must be joking!
One day they are going to make a film about paint drying and the makers are going to get all indignant when you say it's boring. This film is a clear step in that direction. After about 10 minutes of waiting for it to "start" I found myself glancing at my mobile phone hoping someone would send me a text. After 20 minutes of the film I decided to put our Christmas decorations back in the loft for another year. In the end that was a good move because it was more entertaining than this film. But then again, most things would be.

Finding Your Feet

yawn, stretch, yawn
One notch above AmDram in places. Same old cohort of producers, actors and writers delivering stereotypical characters spouting stereotypical dialogue in a totally predictable yawn, I mean yarn. You get the impression that you are watching the same pack of cards dealt out in a different order. By the way if you are attracted by the dancing theme in the title don't be fooled. it's a red herring. There isn't any of note in this film.

Victoria & Abdul

save this one for a rainy day
Nicely shot film with a pleasant musical score. A lot of stereotypical acting and dialogue lets it down. Eddie Izzard has great charisma and should have featured more. Watchable.

A Star Is Born

half decent remake
A film with a lot going for it thanks to Bradley Cooper. Lady Ga Ga holds her own as the female lead but is not overly charismatic as an actress. She (or rather her fans) might explain the high score on Imdb. The music is good but not great.

The Ipcress File

Masterful enigmatic performance by the excellent Michael Caine. You never feel at ease at any time during the film. Brilliant cast and equally brilliant soundtrack by John Barry. Film making at its best.


Bond perfection
Inspirational film of well cast characters in a highly entertaining story from start to finish. Excellent. Sean at the peak of his powers as Bond.

Night of the Demon

enduringly entertaining
Great entertainment. Fantastic monochrome photography. Great cast - although the excellent Maurice Denham is underused. Even after many decades still has the power to thrill and shock. Only let down is the portrayal of the demon itself which unfortunately is laugh out loud funny due to the advancements in CGI.

The Lone Ranger

Disneys Pirates as cowboys - nothing like the original Lone Ranger
Given my fond memories of the original characters, actors and series I thought this film might have a chance of being entertaining.

Sadly, I was bored after about fifteen minutes and very bored after 30. Johnny Depps humour is more cute than funny and I didn't hear any adults laugh out loud. The film's depiction of the Lone Ranger as a complete idiot and a wimp was odd. If I had my time again I would arrive in time to watch the train crash sequence and then leave. The rest of the film is a series of irritatingly predictable scenes and inane dialogue. The film is about two hours too long.

Go and see it by all means if you like Depps' "Pirates" series, as you will probably think this film is great.


If you judge Skyfall by comparing it with, say, Goldfinger, it is second best in almost every way.

Compare the film scores, incidental music, casting, quality of the dialogue, plot, arch villain, originality of the production, lighter moments, gadgets, M, Q, Bond girls or even the film advertising posters and you will see what I mean.

Sean Connery, John Barry, Bernard Lee, Lois Maxwell, and the likes of Gert Frobe, etc remain unchallenged as the the definitive components of Bond.

Skyfall? Great action scenes and locations and I like Daniel Craig, but that's about it. In simple terms it's Goldfinger 10 points, Skyfall 4.

Nowhere Boy

proper entertainment
I really enjoyed this film which I watched at the "Woolton" in south Liverpool which is a small independent cinema located in the heart of the area featured in the film of John Lennon's adolescence.

I thought the film convincingly conjured up the period which I lived through myself. I also bought into the tension between the characters in certain scenes.

Best of all was the casting of Aaron Johnson as Lennon. He gives a truly brilliant portrayal of the complex man, disturbing in some places, laugh out loud funny in others.

This is proper film making with a clear narrative and character development in situations that should lead you through a range of emotions by the time it ends.

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