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Papa, sdokhni

Dense Story Telling, Sometimes Excessive!
Warning for sensitive people: This movie contains very explicit violence, very hard visualized violence and bloody scenes - liters of blood. The story beginns slowly with a guy who wants to kill a man, who he believes has raped his own daughter. The man is a police man - an investigator - so the situation escalates.

The story is shown from different angles and times. The time jumps are ok, because they are a continous part of story telling. Time by time other characters are added, so the story becomes enhanced until the end, with a few turns in it. Clever story! :D

Most of the story happens in one flat, but there are several side scenarios, especially in the time jumps. The violent scenes are greatly exaggerated visually, to show the audience some blood showers. But on the other hand it is also very comedic and always ballances on a fine line to not get too serious. I think it's the mix of story telling, good camera shots, good cutting, good acting, gory visuals and humor that makes it interesting. There is also some weired folk music, which makes it even more bizarre. I really liked it.

Last Shift

Strange Scenario, Some Suspense Inbetween
I thought it would be a strange behavior to put a greenhorn cop into the last shift of a police station. I would have thought, that theese honors would have been upt to the old cops, which did their job in there for the last years. But then tried to ignore that fact.

It is strange what happens then. Some of the moments in this movie were like "ok, that can happen". But then there were unreal moments inbetween, that really shocked me. The more the movie moves foreward, the more clear some incidents become. That's what made me hold the line.

At the end, I have to admit that I was shocked at some point, but it was not really new. Scenarios like these are a dozend for sure. I would recommend it for horror newbies. The many jump scares could have changed against more suspenseful scenes.

Avis de mistral

Nice Feelgood Movie
This is a wonderful story about a divided family, which re-unites. While the mother of three siblings in france has to care for a new job, she sends her kids to her father, which she said good bye a long time ago. So they travel to the Provence, where their grandfather lives. The siblings and their grandfather can't bear each other at the beginning, but grandma gives her best to calm the situation.

The movie is a real heart warming family movie that feels real. It shows the joys of life in rural areas of the Provence. It shows that there are other things beside Facebook, Instagramm, and so on, which can make pretty much fun.

So why only 7/10? I've seen many of similar movies that create as much fun as this one. I would recommend it for anyone who likes family stories. :D


Boring Story About a Teenager Dealing with demonic Powers
A saw a few better movies with similar content. It's often the same bunch of ingrediences: A teenager who moved doesn't like the people around, living in or near the woods, playing with demonic rituals because of social weariness. Variations of such stories were filmed worldwide in a better stage-managing quality. This movie just sucks and brings me early sleep. I would like to see something that frightens me, when watching a horror movie. I would recommend that to people who haven't seen much horror movies. Maybe they find their thrill.

The Nightmare

I was bored over the whole runtime, because I don't really get what these people got. There was nothing that really scared me. It might be that I can't follow their thoughts, because I never had such experiences. But just hearing it told by affected the people bored me to sleep!


Very Positively & Greenwashed What-If Scenario
This movie shows the vision of a sustainable world, by the ideas of a father who cares for his daughter's future. There are many ways to save earth from CO2-emissions and other threatening things. What I didn't like ist that the movies makes me feel to sit in a religious meeting. All shown is presented 100 percent positively. That would be ok, if I didn't think at some point that they would change a torpedo with a watermine. Solar Energy is not effective enough. They tell about joint electric circuits in the third world and put the idea into more civilized areas, where devices are ten times more often and some of them need very much more than the view they have in the third world. The dimensions don't fit. And I had those thoughts throuout the whole movie. I thinks it's made by the right intentions, but sucks when it comes to reality. I like it, but won't give it more than 7/10. If it had better solutions, including the use of the hydrogen gas an some things like that.

Les misérables

A Rough Movie About Modern Decency
Institutional mistreatment is one of the most anoying and real bad things that happen. When institutions like the police or government fail, the mob takes over. So if a person is entrusted with an important job or task, he/she/* should really take it serious. When routine distracts form the importance of the officials job, people who are really needed fail. And it's a systematic fail shown up in this realistic movie. It's up to all, keeping the composure, but when people fail which many others rely on, it can be fatal.

I like how the movie shows up, how thin the ice is, many people walk on. I understand that police men have a job which is nerve breaking. But I don't agree that some of them abuse their power to oppress people because they can. I like how the main character acts. All in all the characters are portrayed great ! I really like that movie.

Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

Nice Looks, Poor Story
The visuals of this movie are really spectaculary. It has some laughs, action and really is designed for the big screen. On the other hand it's timewise long winded and cheesy. It could have last half an hour less and there wouldn't miss anything. I state it's entertaining, yes! But also to highly raised in advertisement. If there weren't that much cheesy moments, filled up with the old characters - just to put them into the movie - I would have been more amused. I wish the whole franchise had a more dignified end.

Downton Abbey

Typical - Much Ado About Nothing
A funny portrait of the former British upperclass. This movie is more drama than comedy. It has a strong human side, but there is also much ado about nothing. I would recommend it for people who like movies with a big amount of text in high language. I would advise to not watch it for people who don't like to much text on relationships.

Ator l'invincibile

Unintentional Comedic
There are many movies about sword and sorcery. But rarely there are movies like this one, which are Completely silly, pointless, bad designed, unlogically and on the other hand sympathic and charming as well. They are documents in film history. The political correctness changed well, when I look at this movie. Some statements of it brought me to suddenly laugh instantly. I saw such naiv scenes last in the mid 80s.

Two hearts beat in my breast. The one which says: Give it a 6/10 for the fun, but on the other hand - lousy acting, timewise like in a soft porn. A silly production design and a story that doesn't really matter. A gave it a solid 4/10 weighting between fun and disaster. I would recommend this movie for teenies of the 80s, which want to remember that times. It's a typical time document. I consider buying it, even though I gave it only a 4/10.

The Good Liar

Fictional and Twisty
This movie is not telling a true story. It's fictional and provides a "what if"-view. The best on this movie is the cast for sure. Mirren, Kellen, Carter and some other. The old, bad guy is about to take her out, steal her money and then vanish. But when her son hits the screen, it doesn't seem so easy to rob her. After a cat and mouse game over some playtime, things get revealed which no one would have expected, even though the truth lies in the air, somewhere. But that are also points, some people will deny, because they are clearly fictional. On that issue, normaly people expect a true - or at least appearing as really true - story turn. When keeping that beside, it's an interesting story. I would recommend that to an open minded audience that can live with the "what if"-factor.


Told as a Documentation and a Drama as Well
It's an empathic story about living with natur and the border of living with it or exploiting it. It's the story of Hatidze Muratova, a woman in her mid 50s, living with her Mother and a bee population. While Hatidze treats her bees well to get some honey and trade it at the rural market, her neighbour tries all to feed his 6 kids. So he discovers honey as a suplying well, exploiting his bee volks and therewith causing damage. Hatidze has to fight for normality.

The mix of dramatisation and authentic people creates a natural, sober, but also real scenario which could happen around the world. The story is dramatically showing up what mess happens, when people exploit nature. I like it and would recommend it for people who care about our behavior on earth.

Just Mercy

The Banality of Institutional Racism
It is a low down shame how officials can install a system of institutional racism for a long period of time. Cases like them of Walter McMillian show up how bad that can be - and really was. Since the 60s many things happened and black and white children go to school together as normal, but this movie - which happens to be dramatized from real events - shows up that racism can be felt as normal, even from people which would deny it, when they realize the shame it is. This movie is a great example of what shouldn't happen in real life. Beside being a critic of death penalty, I would recommend this movie to a grown up, empathic audience.

Uncut Gems

Sandlers Best
I was a little nerved about the speed the story provided from beginning, but it is an absolutely interesting movie about relations. Howard Ratner, the main character of this overspeed story is about to face a downfall spiral. After watching some time the audience is realizing that he is bound to some guys that play unfair. He is in a fight to survive against all odds. I like how he tries to turn the bad game to a better end. For some time I was sitting at the edge of my chair to realize - no matter if you are right or wrong - unfair players always win. This is not fair, but a real good movie. Exceptional good when you look at former Sandler movies. I was not only well entertained, I would recommend that movie to an open minded, but mature audience.


It's nice to follow the storry of these two men whose fate is linked by friendship. One go-getter and one introverted who loves birds as a symbol of his own whish to be free. The big deal about this movie is that it shows up how difficult it is, to help introverted people, on the other hand it is very long winded in some parts. If the end of the story was portrayed much clearer, I'd give it a higher rating. I would recommend it for mature minded people with much time.

Murder by Death

A Pretty Good Comedy, According to the 70s
The story was funny at many moments. Only the wide open rassistic portrayel of the character of Sidney Wang screw it. I count that to the times when Hollywood wasn't so deep into other cultures like they are today. All in all, the story was interesting, the structure of the story was ok. And it had it's moments and puns. So I still rated it with 7/10. I only recommend it to people who are old enough to unterstand that unintended rassistic thing I mentioned at the beginning of my review.


Good Try.
It was interesting for quite a time, but at the end it was very mediocre.

A Prayer Before Dawn

Bonehard Story, Based on Real Events
The story tells about Billy Moore, who is detained for property of drugs in a notorious jail of Thailand. He has to struggle with the dialy impassable conditions of that jail. The rawness and dirty atmosphere of this movies seems so real. So it's easy to suffer with the main character. There are special rules that are hard to keep. So it's hard to see how Billy struggles with his fate. The more to be enlighted with the course of the story. Billy keeps on surviving. ...

I would recommend that movie on open minded people who want to look outside the box to get a new view about other parts of the world. We are used to have good conditions around, but a few people in the rest of the world. Have to manager very more difficult situations, that any of us would bear.

White Heat

Nice Vintage Story
It's a good oldschool movie, one of the better there were. I like it how the story developes over the whole playtime. It's intriguing from first to last. Just the end is a little fast and the main character doesn't seem coherent in his actions. But that is probably counted to his unstable health condition of the character. I recommend that to cineasts who like see one of the lesser sparkling classics that are still very good.

Doctor Sleep

A Strong Sequel
I expected 'Doctor Sleep' not as strong as 'The Shining', which was perfectly done by Stanley Kubrick. And I was wright. But it was well done, too. It was a little stronger than I expected. The story, Stephen King continued is a good successor for 'The Shining'. I like how Ewan McGregor does the grown up Danny - decades later and a full alcoholic who tries to clean up his life and thereby does the experience that there are more people who have the shining. That's a point I always missed at the first part from Kubrick. It was a little too inconceivable how other people would live with the shining and why they have no club house to do something together. Here some of these questions got answered. I like this movie so much, I rated it 8/10. I would recommend it for people who have seen the Kubrick movie and did like it. It does not make much sense to watch it, if one hasn't seen the predecessor. If someone watches the movie without haven't seen 'The Shining', there will be some questions about the story. It'll look less logical then.

Santa Sangre

Artful Depiction of Insanity
The movie deals from beginning to the end with it's character's insanity. It is told in very strong, but also symbolic scenes with passionate music. It contains strong visual violence, so it might not be suitable for any audience. Maybe people who like movies like 'Mulholland Drive', 'Wild at Heart' or 'Blue Velvet' would like to see it. I must admit I found it creative, but won't watch it twice. Just maybe a very long time later. This kind of symbolism is not my cup of meat. On the other hand I do understand why people rate it so high.

The Evil in Us

Plays With All Clichés Available
After 40 Minutes of Teen chatter, the action beginns. In between there are some sequences of secret science fiction labs, but after that the story turns more and more ridiculous. If the characters were interesting enough, the story might have been touchy, but I didn't feel sorry for them. It's like many other teenager count down horror movies. I someone hasn't seen many of these count downers, it might be interesting for he/she/*. I was bored, want my money back. But what no one can give me back is my time. 90 lost minutes.

Tom and Huck

Well, It's a Story of Mark Twain
The story was ok, but at some point I have to say that it's allday racism of the 18xx against natives. Natives allways have to be the bad counterpart in such a story. Even black people weren't in a fix like natives. So the story might have been good for the times Mark Twain wrote them - and I rely on the studios correctness to not change the story from Mark Twain too much. I also have too admit that I never read any book of Mark Twain. But if the story goes other way, shame on the studio. Both options are bad, so I won't change my mind about my rating. Offside the racism through native stereotypes, it is a nice movie for kids, not more. I wouldn't show it to kids without teaching them about stereotypes against natives.

Don't Hang Up

Another Bunch of Bad Nuisances Receiving Their Part
Three guys are doing really bad pranks on harmless people via phone. And then there comes the one guy who is much worse than the three ugly guys, putting them into his own game. It's not only a clichee, it's also long winded on some parts of the movie. The beginning of the film was interesting, but the more the story continued, the more predictable the movie was. If I didn't saw so many movies with that kind of storyflow, I may have given the movie a better note. I would predict that movie to people who finally want to see some horror movies, but didn't see much in the past. I was entertained for a time, but at some point the movie coudln't tie me to the screen anymore. It was obvious what will happen.


Brilliant Feat
I was sceptical for a long time because of the drawings style, but was convinced in a short playtime that it is a good movie. I loved the little running gags that happen after the arrival of Jesper in his exile Smeerensburg, to which his father has sent him to become a serious grown-up at last. A little time further more characters were introduced and the story gained speed.

I like the characters, the developement of the characters, the scenario, the complete storry. It didn't became misplaced cheasy over the whole runtime. I like this simple, but heartful story of friendship. It has it's sad moments, but it's always told in a way children can cope with and still make adults wipe away hidden tears. I recommend that to every christmas time between all the scrooge movies. It's emotional great, too. Love it!

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