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Fighting with My Family

More than wrestling, it's a family's tale.
This is a dramatized movie about a real living family that burns for wrestling. It tells a tale of a sister and a brother who want to attend at the biggest wrestling show in the USA. So they apply, but only the sister was accepted. Now their both way changed and this is the storry about. The storry about family ties, friendship, competition, in short words ... blood sweat and tears. It is a real life story with a nearly perfect cast. The actors nearly look like the real persons - they've put in images of them in the outro. I did like the movie on several bases, even though I'm not a fan of wrestling. But the story touched my heart and the characters are comprehensibly struggling with their own vita.

John Wick: Chapter 3 - Parabellum

Uninspired crap!
I liked the first John Wick and the second. All in all it's a cool idea and the action is very clear and good choreographed. The look of this movie is professional, sure. And I got the nice reference on 'The Good, The Bad & The Ugly', when John Wick re-asembled some old weapons in a weapon museum like Tuco Ramirez did in the old western with Clint Eastwood. After some playtime I had the first feeling of being bored. It seemed that the creativity of the action exhausted.

I can imagine that the creators had the same idea and made a big deal: They let one big evil guy shoot at a dog (which has a bullet proof vest). So the dog can take its revenge and bite the bad guys nuts. A shocking moment, ok. But after that the fugitive John Wick and his female partner fight through the army of guards using the dogs as weapons by letting them bite the nuts of the guys. These are cheap shock moments for saving some money instead of creating better action. After a bunch of further nut bites, we stopped the movie. It became more and more ridiculous.

This is just shockbaiting people with cheap methods. The nuts are allways the best shockers. Only kicking or stabbing wasn't enough, ok. But why not choosing really new ideas? This series lost its charme. After 1 hour and 8 minutes we were just bored by always seing the same dumb shock moment and turned that crap of.

If the story would have been better, we would have turned a blind eye. But the only fresh moment was when Anjelica Huston arrived on screen. The hunting scenario is not better than any teenager countdown in cheap horror movies. Just vice versa. So the bullet clips have 100 bullets each? There are hundrets or thousands of assassins in a city and surely an army of underground organization crime-scene-cleaners for sure, so there are no press people or cops involved. (Really?) Normaly we would have turned a blind eye. But that movie was clearly too much crap.


It's the first time to watch a psychological study about a supervillain.
I know not any other movie of this kind. It's a psychological look at a derailled supervillain character. I understand why so many people can't cope with it. It's from the angle of the Joker. It shows his story how he is as a mental patient who struggles his personal and goverment induced circumstances. It shows that he is no bad guy in first, but how he changes when time and circumstances grow bad. And the society aspect. How are mentally ill persons treated by society. That are really strong issues for a movie. The range of emotions for this movie character sure can tend between "poor guy" and "stop this guy". But the movie shows up that nothing happens without a cause. And the acting of Joaquin Phoenix was really big cinema. I like the look of the movie, the flow, the perfect timesetting that didn't change over the whole movie. It's an absolute interesting story for Batman fans. This is the other side of the story, told from the side of the Joker. The end was a good peak for the movie so we went home very satisfied. We would wonder, if there wouldn't be a nomination at the Academy Awards. It's the strongest acting I saw this year.

It Chapter Two

Very good, but a little too long.
When comparing to the first part, 'It 2' slowed a little in storytelling, but had expanded fighting action. I think all-in-all the two parts are better than the old tv-movie. It took a little time to watch the many flashbacks from now to past. After the 5th flashback I thought: Will this happen over the whole movie? But on the other hand the transitions between past and now are made very good. So it's not that bad. The story concludes in a fitting way. I have to admit, that I still didn't read the book. A 20 minutes shorter cut would have been more to the point. Anyway it had good suspens moments.

The Best of Enemies

For open minded people who like good and solid dramas
This is a real life biographic movie that tells the biographic story of Ann Atwater (Taraji. P. Henson), a black female civil rights activist and C.P. Ellis, a local committee Klan president. When a black people school was burned down, the black pupils needed other classrooms. So Ann Atwater demanded the opportunity for the black pupils in 1971 Durham, North Carolina to go to school with white kids. The rest is history. A story I was tied to the screen. It's filmed in a wonderful cut - the story flows and to watch these 2 hours and 13 minutes felt like 1 hour and 45 minutes. In this movie I like how the characters change and or develope. I was entertained in a serious and in a sophisticated way. It's not a laughing story or thrilling story. But it's a very solid and good told drama about two different people who can't be more diferent, but learned from each other.

Greetz! :D

25 km/h

A nice and heartful relation drama between two brothers
It's always nice, when dramas don't get too cheesy. This is about two brothers of different attitudes colliding 30 years after they spiltted up. They re-united at their father's funeral. One is an intenernational manager, tied to a tied scedule with many communication over smartphone. He left home early because of the home situation. The other is a craftsman, leading a carpenter's workshop. After taking several drinks and some psychological obstacles, the two brothers start a journey on their lower motorbikes they had when they were fifteen and experience each other new. The best on this movie is, that it doesn't become too cheesy and had some fine moments, but also some comedic. This is no movie with big secial effects, but it takes some heart to watch it. No stuff for people searching for action, scifi, pure comedy, crime, thrillers, and many other genres. I voted it 7/10, because it's sure not the peak of filmhistory, but it's a solid drama with heart and it's sometimes a little bit silly, but close enough to reality to be enlighted with that brother's story. It's one of the better German movies.

Greets, Breumaster.

Ready Player One

Get ready for some action! ;)
When I saw the trailers, I completely underestimated the movie's relevance. This film leads you into a mix of virtual reality and reality. First I thought, this is maybe the first time I will be disappointed by a Steven Spielberg movie. But I had a feeling, that I should give it a try ... and I did. That was a very good decision. It's definitly a movie for the big screen because of many opulent pictures - there is much to see and admire. :)

It's the story of a VR-Mogul, who invented the "OASIS", a VR-world, where everything can happen. All the world joins the Oasis for mostly the whole day. But the maker is gone and want's to pass the Oasis posthume to somebody who is worthy, someone who is responsible. So the whole world starts to hunt three special easter-eggs from the owner, and solve riddles to become the new owner of the Oasis, as the main character does. There are also a few sidekicks that make the story very interesting.

"Ready Player One" is a very fluent told story about the dangers of being online all the time without a raised indexfinger. This movie is all about the chances one can take and friendship, to team up with friends and covering friends. With it's 2 hours and 20 Minutes, the movie was so stuffed with action sequeces that make sense, but not only that. Over the whole movie there are hidden hints from the 70's till today, many strong pop & rock-songs from the 80's, and many allusions to earlier games and Anime-Characters. The audience is bombed by hints and things, that let us remember earlier times, when we were young. And now our kids do the same. So it's a perfect movie for modern families. :D

It's for fathers and mothers, who played with game-consoles when they were kids. It's for kids, who will love this version of online-world and friendship-story. So the whole family can discuss the dangers of being always online without demonizing the online world we have today. And I can say that I was perfect entertained over nearly the whole movie. So why giving it only 9/10 Stars? It has one mediocre logical error in a key-scene that catches the eye. I can't tell what it is without spoiling. If that wouldn't have happened, i would have given it the full 10 Stars. I like the message of the movie. :D

Blade Runner 2049

One of the most boring SciFi-Movies.
I like good and bonding SciFi-stories, but as the first "Blade Runner" this movie is similiar. It has it's moments, but on the long way to the end it's to long-winded. It sure is a good movie for having a nap with special sounds in background. But i feel, the whole storie is dull. I thought that when the first came out and it's like a dejavu, feeling the same by looking the following part. Beside the dull story, there are logical errors, one can't fail to see. I'm glad to not have spent time in cinema. I just rented it from Amazon and that's enough for me. If there was an urgent flow in the plot, i could turn a blind eye. But so I hold the opinion, that "Blade Runner 2049" is just over-rated. This should be nearly as good as "Alien", "Interstellar", "2001"? No, sure not! :(

Daft Punk Unchained

For all of them, who like to get some insight of these Roboheads. I did like it.
Ok, before you read - i'm a fan of Daft Punk. I first heard "Around the world" in the 90's, when technomusic ruled. I liked it, but i didn't realize what impact this music would be like. I'm ok with many music-styles like some kind of pop, rock, Jazz, dixie-jazz, native folkmusic, hardrock, metal, hiphop, electrofunk, funk. I specially love classical music from different composers. Beethoven, Mozart, Bach, Resphigi, Neidhart von Reuenthal, Mahler, Vivaldi. To cut it short - i love music !

There are some special artist in each genre, which changed the game in a mainstream way. Beethoven, ACDC, NWA, Louis Armstrong, Miles Davis, Michael Jackson - i guess these artists are so different, none of them would like to be named with one of the other in one sentence, but they all have one thing in common - they invented new styles, no one did before. And so ist Daft Punk.

Daft Punk doesn't bring up a new album each two years. They give it some more time and when they release a new album, it's always more and more they give in their special style. Daft Punk reinforces their very special style, with each new album. In this documentation you can see, how this two guys invented themselfs and how they went throug the grow-up-process of their style.

To remeber - these two guys did the famous "Tron legacy"-Score in cooperation with the london Symphony orchestra, then did the album "Ramdom access memories". They always did it in a shy way, never in a stuck-up way. Normal guys as anybody on the street, without affectations, just two helmets. Learn something about Daft Punk, learn somethin about the future of synthesizer music.

I as a fan, really found it informative.

Planet of Dinosaurs

A lesson in how to not make a movie.
This is one of the worst „scifi"-movies i've ever seen. Some hippies crash-land on a distant planet, trying to overcome their own stupidity with dumb actions. While this happens, the score is old synthesizer sound, which miserably fails to create a better atmosphere. The story is dumb as hell, most time it's stuffed with boring and dull dialogues. If the „movie" would have taken itself not so serious, it would be better. They could have done a nice comedy of this movie, if they had used better actors and dialogues. But this way it's even not inadvertently funny. When the movie tries to be funny, it's not funny at all. If you see an animal, it mostly looks fake at the first sight. The only nice animal was a spider at the size of a human head. That was the best animal animation in the whole movie. It lasts about half a minute. But over the whole time of the movie, there are conversations, that mostly make no sense. I hate that! The actors can't act. And the director? I wonder, if he was on weed. Sorry, but this movie is to worse to hate, so i just remember the spider scene to not hate it.

Greetings. :)


A new era of horror. Pennywise goes CGI.
Skarsgard is a mind-blowing new Pennywise. In Comparison with Tim Curry, he is much more subliminal. The old "It" sure is cult and has it's own charm, but the new one, which is made exactly 27 Years (hint!) after the TV-Movie, is well done about the parts the old movie-production could not portray/depict. But the new Pennywise Shows a freaking grimace, with blood-freezing effects. Creepy feelings predetermined by watching this clowny freak and his cabinet of freaky phenomens the Kids are facing in the movie.

I like the thing, that the movie concentrates on the kids and does not such time-jumps like the TV-movie. So this is only the first part. an second part will follow, the producers announced. But we have to wait. They want to do this before the kids are to old, because the sequel allegedly will tell the story from grown-up point of few from the former kids and obviously tell the rest of the story in flashbacks.

In the new "It", there are many things told better and more clear to view, but one thing is worse than in the old movie. ... I would rather have seen more quality in figurative characterization of the kids, like in the old movie. But that's the only point of critic for me. The new "It" starts a new era of horror-movies - it makes them socially acceptable. Greeting.

A Bronx Tale

One very clear 10 of ten !
I don't know the Bronx. I only know it from tales and movies. But there was not any movie like this about the Bronx, i saw before. In this movie, there is no single boring Minute. From beginning to the end, it's a interesting Story about the troubles from coming of Age in a Mafia ruled district. The effort of a father to Keep his beloved son away from sliding into a Company of the Mafioso, the effort of the son to do the best and cope with the circumstances and the Mafioso who lives to keep the scales in Balance for not diyng to early. :) There are a few aspects, that make this movie unique. It's the Story with the exact amount of Tension that makes you want you watch continuously. The movie is perfectly edited for flowing from Scene to Scene. The Story is told in a flawless flow. The camera-work is on a high Level and the casting is dreamlike! The actors are all perfectly casted and do a real good work. One of the best of deNiro and i do not now one other movie, in which Chazz Palminteri is more sympathetic than in this one. I will surely watch this again. :)


Pseudo-Intellectual Movie, booooring ... :(
OK, the makers tried to make some intellectual movie, i guess. But it's only boring watching this. It's too confused and easy to loose the line. I've seen a few intellectual movies, some good, some pretty good, some pseudo, some boring and this is pseudo intellectual plus boring. No, i never watch this again. Some aspects are interesting, but the whole movie is not! I saw that Anthony Hopkins, an actor of some really valuable reputation acted in this movie, so i bought it. But his Talent is wasted in this movie. I wish he would have made any other movie instead of this. But OK, everybody Needs some vacation sometimes. ;) They tried so hard to make something special, so the sense got lost in extreme otherness - for what? They could call it "Wasted Talents" too, the title would fit. :(


"Interstellar" is in my personal Top-Ten-List!
Not just an space-adventure. Insterstellar is so much more about human beings and taking chances, and good decisions under bad conditions. It's about love and despair. I can not tell anymore without spoiling, so the rest of my review is about things like cut, cinematography and so on. And the cut is perfect! Switching between earth and space-scenes would destroy nearly any movie in it's flow, but with the continuity of the perfect score through this scenes, it doesn't break the storyline. It goes hand in hand showing what happens simultaniously. And that shows great dramatics. Great done! The story is one of the best i've seen so far. The cinematographer did very good shots through the entire movie. The actors did great work! Looks like another Oscar for McConaughey. The score is perfectly supporting the atmosphere. There is no reason for me to give less than 10/10. And that's nearly an insult! OK, here is one point in which the movie could be better ... it should be 240 minutes long, not only 169 minutes. ;))) Greetings. :)


Well done, but only well done. :)
I did like "Godzilla", whenever i saw it, after i saw the first movie as a kid. Then came Roland Emmerich's "Godzilla" and i found it only "good". This new one (2014) is well done, but not more. I write plus and minus of this movie:


Good, epic Monsters, monster-fights and Action. Ken Watanabe Epic Optic Nice effects The Pictures of destruction are epic!


The wife of the hero is a Nurse (that sucks since "The sum of all fears") There seem to be not many Japanese People in Japan. All the important signs for finding People in Japan are written in English Even the Jet-Pilots in the Japan-section of the movie were no Japanese People. They seem to have no army themselves. There is only a slight difference of Japan and America, because the People everywhere look American. The American soldiers use laughable guns against Godzilla, thats poor! :) In Germany, Brian Cranston sounds the same as Walter White in Breaking Bad. There is no Special Change in the voice, he always Sounds stressed. ;) No good Synchronisation. Cranston has to less screen time. But on the other Hand, when i hear the German Synchronisation, it's better he had not to much screen time. The editing of the movie is awful!

Greetings. :)

A Scanner Darkly

New Techniques are not always all of it!
When i first saw "A scanner darkly" i was hypnotized ... for the first 15 minutes! Then, whenever i saw the changing face i could Smash my TV! The optic drives me crazy and i don't like that changing. That's awfully and no special enjoyment to me. I hope, that i never have to watch this movie again. I surely can't understand, how someone could give this movie more than 5/10 but there's a few People with better nerves out there for sure. I've seen Posters from "Waltz with Bashir", which is the same photoshoped animation look. First i wanted to see it, but now i avoid watching it, cause i fear, the makers could have made something similar to this movie. That maybe unfair, but i don't want to waste time and Money. Not a good movie for advertising this Animation-style!


A chance for a good SciFi-Movie missed for creating a drama.
I thought, it could be interesting to see Johnny Depp in a movie which is'nt boring dumb as he did the last years. And yes, it is more interesting than the movies he did the last years. I would like to see him again in one of such roles like "Edward Sissorhand" or the mad hatter in "Alice in wonderland", "Cry Baby" and "Benny and June". But it could have been better, if they would have decided to make a philosophical Drama OR a SciFi-Movie. This one is no real good SciFi-Movie like "Project Brainstorm" and also not a real good Drama as e.g. "Finding neverland". Project Brainstorm was the first movie, i remember, which showed us Equipment for extracting braincontent and inject it later back for conserving memories. And it was a great deal in the 80's. Then i was impressed by the techniques shown on Screen. And on visual effects it's a great deal at "Trancendence", too. But the Story is weird and the physical explanations are cheap and not credible. The movie is fun to watch, sure. The end was good, i did like it much. But it's no Championship movie. Greetings.

The Shawshank Redemption

For me it's the best movie about friendship in bad times and hope!
The first time, i saw this movie, i had a big smile in my face, because of the excellent ending of the movie. It's a high Quality movie in every sense. I do like that story, the writing is great. I think, the movie is even better than the book of Steven King. The directing is great. The cut is perfect, the art direction is great. The Sound and Soundtrack fits perfect into the movie. I don't know even one aspect, why i should not like it. It's the all time number one for me. That means, it is my absolute first place. The perfect movie! It's a great film about humanity under bad conditions. So everyone can see, that even in bad places is humanity. And even if there are bad People who want to break humanity between others with their might and power, they can't really destroy it. And the movie knocks down facades of deceitfulness. I like that! Sorry, if my English is bad. It's not my mother language. :) Greetings. :)

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