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Eurovision Song Contest: The Story of Fire Saga

Loved it.
Really loved this movie. I thought it was going to be very silly but it also hit the emotional aspects quite well. I teared up on some parts. The music was also suprisingly really good. I've definitely been listening to it alot after watching the movie. Their final song is especially powerful. I watched the movie 2 nights in a row because i was showing a friend and was still just as into it. Itll probably be something i watch alot. Over all the movie was very fun. The acting was good. Its well rounded with the story line, the humor, the emotions, and the cinematography/aesthetic.

Ready or Not

Definitely a new favorite
Loved this movie, it will definitely be on my favorites list for a while! Great blend of horror comedy. It was fun but still sold the story line quite well. Loved Samara Weavings acting in it, definitely nailed the role. Even with the humor of the movie she definitely sold the scared and angry aspects. I found the pace and plot were all well done and i honestly don't really have anything bad to say about it. It was quite enjoyable and im looking forward to a rewatch.


It was a weirdly fun movie.
I really enjoyed it. I thought it was weirdly fun. I really appreciated the aesthetic of the movie. The set design, lighting, and shots were all well done. I liked the contrast of the darker story line with the light 70s aesthetic and the two lead characters fun personalities. I really enjoyed Bill Skarsgard and Maika Monroes acting. It was neat to see Skarsgard play such an up beat character as im use to his more serious stuff and he did it well.

Dark Waters

Great powerful movie
Great movie. It was very serious but i found it engaging the whole time. It makes you think about the world around us, the large corporations that are everywhere in it and the possible coruption that goes on with them. Its a powerful story that literally effects all of us. It definitely makes me think about all the stuff we surround ourselves with. Everyone should watch it.

Charlie's Angels

Woops, i enjoyed it.
I actualy liked it. I feel like reading these reviews, its alot of people that took it very seriously. I thought it was fun. There was a couple... i guess semi cringey moments, but I'm not really hung up on it. I'll be honest i enjoyed it. I feel like they wanted to have fun with it. If you wanna see it maybe just go in with an open mind not trying to pick it apart, if you're picky then it may not be for you.

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