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The Protector

Is it good just because it's the first Turkish Netflix production?
Most of the positive reviews here for the Protector are from Turkish viewer. The plot is nothing new. In fact a Turkish screenwriter perhaps could have come up with a better script. Acting is terrible. Conversations (in Turkish) are fake. In fact each actor pauses after each line (like a low budget indie movie). Head actor obviously can't act. Actors on smaller parts do much better job. Why trying to come up with a Turkish sci-fi when over and over it's proven that traditional Turkish telenovelas capture much larger audiences around the world? Netflix could have had something like Elite, the Rain, etc. Instead this terrible material. If you take out the reviews from proud Turks out of here, rating will be somewhere 3/10.

The Final Table

This is a staged show be aware!
The show it self had a great concept. It bring chefs from different parts of the world and the compete in pairs till the last round where they will compete as individuals. However throughout there was a clear push for the US American chef. The final itself sticked to this set up. Terrible that USAmerican media keep showing its citizens that they are the best in the world.

Bonjour Anne

Terrible!! Waste of time
I patiently watched this movie. Big names, provance, food; it can't go bad (boy I was wrong). This movie is made by someone who probably never been to France and Europe, who have seen many movies in Souther France and wanted to copy scenes from each of them. The acting was pretentious and obvious. It was waste of time and money. It has no theme, no purpose. You keep waiting that the story leads to something, anything, but every scene ends op to nothing. I am stunned by previous reviews here, and how they liked this movie. Incredible.

Out in the Dark

This film is one of the best films of the year, also one of the best gay films. It has a story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. It is very emotional. It is very romantic. Acting in the movie is superb with no fictive gay kiss but you are blended into their romance and love. However I rather hate movies which has no end. In this case, I wish they did made a happy ending.

Actors, specially, Nicholas Jacob's acting is superb. All other actors were also extremely good. You ask yourself why on earth Hollywood does not hire these people for its movies. There was no single part in this movie, I felt fake.


Love between a Turkish Muslim female porn star and a rent boy
After Turkish TV series are being watched over 50 million people around the world per episode from Telemundo to Korean TV, Turkish cinema is growing day by day owning its balkan-middle east stage. Yet what is lacks is the diversity. You have cheap comedy, ethnically minority subjects or honor killings being centers with fluffy father-son dramas are automatically subsidized. Vucut (human body) is none of the above. It is intense. It is simple. It is powerful. Love between Turkish Muslim female porn star and not much shown in detail yet with few mentions a rent boy for rich old gays. This dysfunctional love is well acted. It is not wow, it is not poor, it is just alright foreign movie. If you like foreign movies go for it.

Taken 2

Don't waste your money
This the worse movie of 2012 perhaps. Taken 1 was a really good one. This one is not only terrible in acting but also script. If you love the story that Americans never die and with a small gun they can concur the world, take your flag and march to the movie theaters. It is also full of mistakes. The point of capture and point of torture is not the same however somehow our hero in the movie counts the seconds after his capture in Istanbul, a city with over 20 million people and one of the largest metropolises in Europe. His wife and himself are taken hostage at the European side and brought to a place in Asian side. A journey which usually takes an hour but our hero remembers every second, every turn and every sound of it. Secondly when a prayers comes (5 times a day and lasts for 2 minutes) from a mosque he uses this as one of the signs to remember where he was captured. Movie shows that prayers from the mosque never ends. Terrible acting, terrible script, terrible editing.

The New Normal

This comedy is something between Will & Grace and Modern Family. Take Jake's words and attitude from Will & Grace as well as Cameron & Mitchell from Modern Family. Here you are. Although the first episode is pushed a bit too hard in acting on third episode it is settled. Acting is OK. Lines are usual. Yet it has a nice touch and script. It has the quality LOGO TV is missing in its own series. Perhaps because this is NBC. However the question is whether this series will last or not. As there are key gay issues crafted very intelligently between the lines such as an American soldier just back from Iraq getting engaged to his fiancé, gay adoption and surrogacy, etc. I just hope NBC makes the right call to keep this series as it is just funny. In this series kissing two main characters is not an issue as oppose to Modern Family. I just hope we will see the season 7 when they have their grandkids.

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