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Deadwater Fell

Total waste of time
The first episode isn't massively engaging but it looks like the show has promise, and David Tennant being a lead character further adds to the expectation. But it disappoints, big time. We're led to believe that there are plot twists in the making but the only plot twist is that there are none at all.

Controlling husband and depressed wife, house burns down killing wife and their three children, husband survived, blames the wife, we know he did it, turns out he did. That's it. There's no depth to this show at all and it's really very boring.

The final episode concludes with a sense of 'that's it?!'.

Cleaning Up

Deserves a higher rating!
Although it's not the best drama ITV have ever proffered I'm thoroughly enjoying it and looking forward to episode 4 tonight. It's gritty, and the gruelling struggle of the working class underdog juxtaposed with London's wealthy elite makes for engaging viewing. The show has a good pace, mounting tension and a funny, relatable and watchable lead played superbly by Sheridan Smith. Im surprised to see so many unfavourable reviews!

The Legend of Hercules

An embarrassment to all involved.
I shan't waste much time reviewing this film as it simply is not worth it. It's like a really bad joke and is just cringe worthy in every way, in fact it's almost worth sticking it on for a couple of minutes as you won't believe how awful it is without witnessing this car crash first hand. The acting is wooden and the cast a load of nobody z listers (if that)-Hercules himself looks like he's spent more time waxing his chest and whitening his teeth than he has on his acting career, the plot doesn't flow and is utterly un-engaging, the props and costumes look cheap, it screams 'low budget' and the special effects and cgi had my partner and I laughing. I wanted to switch it off with in two minutes of it starting. 'Just keep watching, it might get better' my partner said, at which point the most ridiculous excuse of a cgi lion comes lumbering out woodenly, taking technology back a few decades. The timing was rather amusing but it was the final straw. I just can't believe the producers of this film thought it would be OK to release something so ridiculous.

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