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Poorly writen C movie
Dull,boring with no meaningful plot or dialogs to speak off, Packed with below average cast, terrible scripting and GCI's. Left me wondering where was 50mln dollars spent. Tom,please stick to acting,writing is not your horse for sure. Unless, of course, you writing for modern state raised idiots that have no idea how to operate a door handle.

Ad Astra

Bad and sad.
One can not spoil this film because there is nothing to spoil. Writers and director should have at least attempted to learn about the subject. I mean,seriously-traveling through Jupiter's asteroid belt wearing only spacesuit and piece of thin metal which only covers half of the body... Long,slow, boring non-existing plot. Brad Pitt tried his best to salvage what he can here, but... he couldn't.

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

Cinematical disaster
Even a group of very talented actors could not save this trashy debacle. Boring,slow, self indulgent crap show with no plot whatsoever.

Rim of the World

Pile of garbage
Poorly written,executed and acted. Darius character should have been killed during first 20 seconds of the movie. That would eliminate a lot of annoyance and stupidity but wouldn't save this debacle.

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