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Rich Bitch

I love it for sentimental reasons
So I'm watching a porn channel late at night with a friend, and we're plastered and this flick comes on. My friend goes, "That ***** looks like *******!" in reference to the film's star, Ali Moore. And I'm like whatever.

Years later, I ended up becoming good friends with the chick my friend said looked like Ali, and I told her about it, but never got to show her the flick. Well, I haven't talked to her in a couple days, and I miss her, and for some reason, "Rich Bitch" crossed my mind. So here I am, at IMDb, looking up the movie, and now writing a review which seems to have careened wildly off course.

Anyway, this flick is a classic, from a time when they still tried to act in porn. I wouldn't go handing out any Oscars for the performances in Rich Bitch, but it was entertaining, nonetheless. Ali gets creamy while showing an airline pilot her own cockpit, and her character's best friend has a serious oral fixation. The only negative to this movie is Marc Wallace. I hate that guy. But I won't take off any points because this movie holds a special place in my heart.

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