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Cult movie - not for the faint hearted
Akshay Kumar roars in this movie. As of 2019, this has to be his best performance ever. I watched it thrice (once in theatre and twice within a week), and cried thrice. This is a cult movie. The only reason for not giving 10 is unnecessary presence of Parineeti Chopra. It could also have done without comedy and just 1.5 hour run time instead of 2.5. Because if it were just 90 mins long without any comedy, this would have been arguably the greatest action movie ever in Bollywood.


Inspirational to the Core
When Bollywood legend plays the role of a real life legend with Balki as the director, magic is bound to happen. Every minute of it is either feel good or inspiring. Race 3 and Dabanng fans can preferably avoid this masterpiece. I was crying throughout the movie - maybe because I was trying to visualise the struggles of the real PAD MAN!


Slow pace but addictive
Performances are outstanding. Too many twists and turns. Viewer tends to stay hooked. Many whistle inducing dialogues. Excellent background music. My only problem is with the pace. The same episodes could have been 60 minutes long. I get bored at times but there's feeling of awe after every episode or season. 10/10 for the direction, performances. But overall 8/10 for the pace, as it gets very boring at times.

The other thing that I liked about this series is that every season ends on a high note. I am looking forward to Season 4.

Hats off to Benedict and Martin who play the roles of Sherlock and Dr. Watson flawlessly. I believe I am slowly getting addicted to the character 'Sherlock Holmes'. Some things are meant to remain eternal, and 'Sherlock Holmes' (not only this TV series) is one of them :)


Beyond awesomeness
I have never written any movie review because I was never in awe of any movie to that extent. Till date, I have given 10/10 rating to 'F.R.I.E.N.D.S' and LOTR trilogy. My rating criteria:

Decent movie - 6 Entertaining movie - 7 Leaves you moist eyed once - 8 Leaves you moist eyed multiple times - 9 You keep talking about the movie for a few days after watching it - 10

My rating for Enchanted is perfect 10/10. It has got comedy, romance, drama, fantasy, 'aww' factor, great script, awesome performances, copying the trademark scenes from the animated movie with creative excellence... EVERYTHING :) :)

Delhi Safari

Buy a DVD at the earliest (No piracy please. Encourage such movies)
Graphics - Not up to the mark. No comparisons with Hollywood movies as the animation is below par. Nevertheless, pretty good leap for Indian animation industry.

Performances - Outright hilarious, mind blowing and awe inspiring. The way Govinda infuses life into the monkey is unbelievable. He is the best of the lot with all the funny dialogs of the movie. Akshay Khanna is simply fabulous, especially in the climax scene. Another voice over to look forward to is that of Prem Chopra, who shall leave you with your mouths wide open.

Overall verdict - One could see this movie thrice in three consecutive days. The dialogs will make your day and there is very high probability that you fall in love with the Bihari hooligan accent and imitate it for days to come.

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