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Brooklyn Nine-Nine

No need to explain the 1 stars
Comedies turned political will all get 1 star from here on out.

Black Widow

We'll always have End Game
These film makers really seem to underestimate their audience. Do they really think they are fooling us? This movie was simply about introducing us to the black widow's replacement. It's too bad because I thought she earned her own movie about her.

Master of None

What in the ever living *******
What is going on these days? I used to watch this show to LAUGH and as an escape from my everyday. I stopped watching within the first 5 minutes because it was painfully obvious this wasn't the same as season 1 and 2. It's incredible that i can't escape my everyday with my entertainment anymore. STOP TELLING ME TO THINK LIKE YOU. I stop listening the moment someone tells me how to think. Good God! Enough already. Get back to entertaining us. You are comedians, not Buddha. Get over yourselves.

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Eh....these are straight to video quality.
These 2 characters just aren't strong enough for their own standalone series. I get what marvel is doing. This is the new straight to video type movies Disney used to do similar to the Return of Jafar and other Disney movies you'd see on the shelves at your local blockbuster. They just found a new platform for it. They aren't fooling me.


Politics isn't funny
Prior to trump this was a humorous escape for 30 minutes. Decent premise about the inner workings of a walmart. Unfortunately, over the last few years the show has slowly evolved into 30 minutes of straight up preaching political correctness. This last season is horrible and unwatchable.

I'll leave the writers with this. Politics isn't funny. Telling people how to think isn't funny. Too bad they didn't stick to clean ups in aisle 5.

One Night in Miami...

The movie equivalent of a podcast
Great cast. Good acting. Little production value.

I watch movies to be entertained and this one missed the mark. Majority takes place in one hotel room and it's mostly dialog. So it's pretty much a podcast.


Russell Crowe Got Fat...
...for this movie. That's the biggest take away from this really movie bad movie.

The Umbrella Academy

Season 1 > Season 2
Season 1 was pretty excellent. It was original and fresh and worth a watch.

Season 2, while still good was nowhere near the first. It didn't seem to settle on a main focal point throughout and meandered too much with a lot of elements which had no relevance to the main plot. I don't mind social issues as part of a show, but they seemed forced in this situation. Hopefully, season 3 can get back to the originality the first introduced us to.

With that being said I'll still stick with the 8 of 10 rating.

Artemis Fowl

Massive Flop - Worst Disney Movie Ever
Good thing this movie went straight to Disney+ and not the theaters and avoided a massive flop This is one of the most disjointed movies I've seen in a long time. Good luck on getting the green light for that sequel.

Tales from the Loop

This Show is Great to Nap to
Such soothing music and at such a slow pace you'll be hard pressed to find a better show to nap to.


Guilty Pleasure
This is actually a good series. Granted not a single character is remotely based in reality. It has a little Dexter. A little basic instinct. A little Cape fear.

Overall, worth a watch.

13 Reasons Why

Tale of 3 seasons
Season 1 - 8 of 10 Season 2 - 6 of 10 Season 3 - 1 of 10

The show should have ended after season 1. Now season 3 has the worst character ever. Why producers thought the fanbase would accept such a nosey know it all is beyond me. Season 1 developed how secret, private and tight this group was and all of a sudden some nosey foreigner breaks into the group after a few months. STUPID!

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