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The First Grader

From the Point Of View of a Smart, Bored, Jaded, Well Heeled Woman over 40
Truly a Soul Enriching Journey: the rare piece of Cinema which might just change your interior life... to say much more than this is to take away from what Matters. My Emotional and Spiritual Journey through life is forever Sweetened by this Evocative, true-life story~ it is as if i've learned to find a Hero, all over again, for the first time.

i know i can never have anything in common with this man, and yet i feel as though i love him... i would joyfully invite him into my life and would find paradise at his knee listening to him tell the stories of his life... his strength, courage, tenacity, need, and generosity of spirit make me feel shame at being human and find redemption in humanity at the same time.

i've gained so much by giving just these few moments to this film, his story will stay with me until the End of Time. If there is a person on earth i admire as much as him, i've yet to meet them.

Daydream Nation

From the Point Of View of a Smart, Bored, Jaded, Well Heeled Woman over 40
Yes, it's about young people~ but young enough that i'm curious about what's changed and what's stayed the same in this late, Mood-Swept generation; what they think about; how they feel about the world they're inheriting. This story is told from the eyes of an Out-of-place, Precocious high school co-ed who moves from the City to Hicktown, USA, "where there's more incest than in an Atom Egoyan movie". She's a Serious type; In her Cultural Moment, Motherless, No one to Love, who is questioning her values, the meaning of Life and Death, society, and the social Games We Play. Here, she plays mostly with drug seeking, disillusioned teenagers. She engages in a promiscuous affair with Josh Lucas' character, her teacher, come home to roost and zap some reality into the quotidian travails of Disaffected Youth.

There's a story arc regarding a Serial Murder Mystery.

Whilst at first we are guided on an almost nostalgic, plot less, soporific remembrance of feeling alone in a group of people, the all too real consequences of some bad choices made by good people whips the dénouement into a Frenzied affair.

A reviewer compared the Voice to a 'Juno- by David Lynch'...or a Shinier Donnie Darko.

Indie, Natch.

Plus ça change, plus c'est la même chose...

A refreshingly Un-Obnoxious soundtrack, with a nice Cover of CSN&Y's 'expecting to fly'.

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