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Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

I'm not a critic, that's why i loved it!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have to say first off, that anyone who sits through a movie, just to pick out it's flaws, needs to get a freakin' life!!!! It's just a movie for cryin' out loud!!! Enjoy it for what it is. In the history of motion picture, there has NEVER been a movie made that didn't have some sort of flaw. Nobody's perfect. If you feel you can make a better movie, quit your whining and go out and do it!!!! Revenge Of The Sith is the best of the new trilogy. I am debating whether I liked it over Empire or not. It's a toss up. Yes Obi-Wan had some crappy lines and R2 was the comedian of the movie, but that's what makes this film unique. Star Wars is Star Wars, no matter how crappy someone may think the movie is. Heck even the original trilogy had it's issues. If I remember correctly, Star Wars (being Ep 4: A New Hope) had several flaws, one of which being that at some point on Luke's Speeder you can see the wheels under it. I couldn't see it, but then again I ENJOY ENTERTAINMENT so I don't look for flaws.

Potential Spoilers*****: I think Anakin's transformation to Vader was very, very well done, and I love the part where Palpatine smiles when he tells Vader that in his anger he killed Padme. That was....(can't find the word. The lightsaber battles rival that of any of the past Star Wars movies, yes including the originals. They are faster and much more intense. Padme's response to Anakin's turn to the dark side was appropriate. Possibly a little emotionally over the edge, but then again, she is pregnant and no offense to women, but pregnant women are a little loopy emotionally. Scenes, such as Anakin speaking with Yoda about his visions are done very well, since the Dark Side clouds what Yoda can see. If it would be done badly, then Yoda would have known what was going to happen to Anakin. I preferred the death of Mace in the movie over the way it was done in the game. Anakin kicking Mace out of a window was just a little off as far as the clip from the movie following the cgi in the game.

All in all, I feel this movie was very well made and highly recommend it to EVERYONE 10/10 **************


too many errors to be credible
I got frustrated with this movie about 45 minutes into it and turned it off. This movie has too many errors to even be close to being a credible movie.

One example would be the portrayal of a Christian being homosexual...ehhhh wrong. Not possible. Reason, God hates homosexuality. I'm not saying he hates homosexuals, don't get me wrong, God loves everyone, but the Bible clearly states His disapproval of homosexuality.

Number 2. Homosexuality is NOT an inheritable trait. It is in no way shape form or fashion genetic. There is absolutely no, that's ZERO proof of any genetic inheritance for homosexuality.

I can't see how a Christian school would tolerate the behavior of the smoking teen who speeds into school. I would think that student would be reprimanded over and over and over.

I give this movie a 4/10. Not worth the effort.

The Punisher

They messed with the wrong guy!!
At the end of his final run as a narcotics cop, Frank Castle (Tom Jane) fakes his own death during a drug raid. Howard Saint (John Travolta) looses his son in that same bust.

Mrs Saint wants revenge. She instructs the minions to pick apart Frank Castle's family. They do as they are instructed, but little do they know, Frank Castle still lives.

Frank's ultimate goal is to "Punish" them for what they have done to him and his family. He basically tricks Howard Saint into killing members of his crew and family by making him think that they are turning against him... All in all I give this movie a 10. Great story line and loaded with action!!!

Stargate: Atlantis

This show ROCKS!!!
I was expecting a boring spin off similar to some of the Star Trek series', but I was pleasantly surprised. Instant action in the pilot episode when Dr. McCray nearly shoots down Gen. O'Neill's helicopter with the ancient's weapon. Thought it was rather fitting that Daniel really, really wanted to go with the Atlantis team....but of course, Jack said no.

The Wraith are a whole new nemesis for the SG team to deal with on a weekly basis. They are ugly creatures that I think could crush the Goa'uld in a heartbeat. The healing ability of these creatures is amazing. The Atlantis team members pretty well have to blow them to bits at point blank to defeat them. Excitement in every encounter with the Wraith.

Can't wait for this series to be released to DVD. It will definitely be added to my Stargate SG-1 DVD collection!!!!

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