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Oral Fixation

Oral Fixation will become an obsession of yours
Well would you look at that. An original horror movie that pushes the envelope, but it isn't a gore-sploitation movie like Saw or Hostel. Color me impressed.

The story revolves a woman who becomes obsessed with her dentist and will do anything to have him for herself. I'm not going to give much else away, but let's just say stuff gets nuts. And if you're a horror movie buff like me, you're gonna enjoy watching it.

There were actual moments while I was watching where I went "Oh, what?!" As in I was actually being shocked by what was on screen. Kudos to the filmmakers, because I've seen a lot of gross horror that's not gotten a peep out of me. The great thing about this movie, is that, though it makes you squirm, it never makes you want to puke. Remember that? When horror movies didn't have to go overboard on the blood, guts and "I'm-gonna-be-sick" factor? Yeah.

The 4 main actors in this film are all fantastic. Each of their characters have depth and very specific motivations. Back-story's definitely play into this film, without having to use cliché flashbacks or boring paragraphs of exposition.

The camera-work is simple and allows the story to nicely unveil, no Blair Witch stuff thank goodness. So yeah, go see this movie when it comes out. OK? OK?!

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