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Bad Ass 2: Bad Asses

If you loved the first one, you will love this
I enjoyed first bad ass movie and after that i had some thirst for a second run of bad ass. i didn't think they are going to make a sequel since it didn't get much attention. but the creators were brave enough to take it for a another run. i respect their guts.

and the movie bad asses (bad ass 2) started just the way i hoped it. Frank was not the useless old man he once was, but he is a respected member of the community doing something with his skills while helping youngsters to earn some respect in the world. only part i was disappointed was not having the characters Amber and Martin as Frank's lover and step son.and also partnering up with Danny Glover was a good idea.

Bad ass teamed up with the grumpy old man. unrealistic, still funny, funny characters, good fight scenes, good car chase scene, average story,average acting,bad ass-ism all over the movie, love, hate, respect quite a good movie to lighten up your day.

Vehicle 19

Don't believe the bad reviews!
i am a huge Paul walker fan because of his portrayal on FnF franchise. and i also enjoyed his movies like takers,in to the blue, running scared, hours. i enjoyed vehicle 19 so much but i am giving only 8 points because the car chases was not intense enough for me. it was nowhere near FnF or transporter etc. but it was good enough for me to enjoy. although i am saying the chases was not intense enough, in another aspect this is the best you can get from a minivan. its not a customized high performance car, so this is the best you can accept from a minivan.

as for the acting Paul walkers acting was quite different from his previous performance. he throws the mid aged,depressed guy act so much better.(if you have watched hours you can see some similarities in his acting)

the idea was fresh (for me) as for the suspense, i was at edge of seat at the ending, and throughout the movie only the car chases was intense but other parts also was interesting. The spray painting scene,child thief scene was also fun. Guns, murders and crooked cops..what else can lighten up your boring evening ;)

The King of Comedy

Reality in a strange way
i have watched several movies of Martin Scorsese like casino,good fellas,departed,shutter island,wolf of the wall street and enjoyed those very very much. but the king of comedy was a totally different ride for me. as for the comedy aspect i am not saying i had lots of laugh out loud moments, but they managed to keep it interesting throughout the movie, not a single minute of boredom.

as my title says this movie is strangely realistic, but i didn't find it strange, but i know there will be people who find this very very strange.let me say why.. at one point protagonist is trying to convince other people, mainly to Jerry Langford, who is his mentor to give him a part in the popular comedy show of the Jerry Langford, and in the next scene we see protagonist is having lunch with jerry Langford and they are friends. at this point i really started to like this movie, because i know that normal people like me do this every time. we picture us with our mentors, we imagine that they are our friends,and we are famous or better than them. i don't know about others,but i always do that.

like it depicted on the movie people pronounce my name wrong many times,when people achieve their success they forget who they were, they ignore the people who are below there level, they say they are busy so much that they cant find 10 minutes of there time just to help someone who needs help. if they don't like us they don't have the guts to tell it in person..all this things are brilliantly depicted in this movie.

and also this shows us the other side of the story. in this case when someone is famous you get stalked,followed,you get confronted by lots of fake people, so it will be really hard to identify real ones from the fake ones.

so if you are not a hot head, if you are just a normal human being who have faced and dealt with different kind of people in your life, if you are down to earth then you are gonna enjoy this movie very very much.

Stand Up Guys

Have a good time!
i recently watched last Vegas, and decided to watch this because 2 reasons. 1.the story is somewhat similar 2.well who does not want to watch a movie with De niro,pacino,freeman? so yeah its a comedy,but throughout the movie i really did feel sympathy towards those 2 guys. pacino have only few hours to live,and his best friend have to kill him. still they enjoy the time left like a boss. i am not gonna tell anything about this anymore. just ignore all the bad reviews. its just 1 hr and 40 mins.. watch it. its worth ur time. these actors.. i don't have words to describe them.. i am wondering, wats gonna happened to film industry when all of them are dead? i know we have good young actors like Chris hemsworth,Christian bale etc etc.. but still??

Over the Hedge

Lets have a fun time!!
In simple terms this is a simple and funny movie with a great cast. may be not that simple, it do teach us a good life lesson to us humans. we "live to eat". yeah big guy! that's right.

on the other hand its a combination of humor, family values, love (the instant love story of the Persian cat and the skunk is very funny and still lovable, better than twilight, ha ha.),friendship, human cruelty etc etc.

the cast is very good, i loved the character hammy so much, which voiced by Steve carrel. he is so funny and cute.

the story line is simple. take your kids with you, a true family movie which can be enjoyed by everyone. Keep Calm and Watch Movie z...Zzz!


Dilemma! First season is good.
i started watching Dexter because of the higher ratings it has on IMDb. Honestly i enjoyed the first season. i am not a person who like blood or not like blood, i am basically neutral about it as long as the bad guy get hurt. even though Dexter is a cold blooded serial killer he only kills other serial killers, he don't harm innocent people, he had good control of his feelings, his emotions and his actions. he manage to stay on the track regardless of what comes his way. i considered him as a hero on the first season.

then comes the season 2, that's where he became out of control, falling for some crazy chicks seductive acts, unable to control his actions and at last he sacrifices a good and innocent mans life for his own getaway. at that moment i feel regret about thinking him as a hero. Dexter is no hero, he is just another cold blooded killer, he just kill people to satisfy his insanity to kill people. and then i became disappointing about the show.

this is not for everyone,just because it has higher ratings that does not mean its the best TV show. i like shows like NCIS LA' Hawaii five 0, white collar, arrow, Castle etc. where bad people get justice they deserve. that's it. this is the baddest TV show i ever watched.waste of time for me.

The Croods

Fun Time with a life lesson!
Just Wow! if you are looking for a good family movie with lots of humor,colorful characters, a life lesson for all of us, then this is the movie for you.

I recently completed watching all of the Shrek movies and desperately searched for a similar movie.even though i got this movie on my collection, i skipped watching this for some reason. (stupid me!)

the graphics,effects,colors are awesome. all the characters are full of fun, even the weird looking grandma is funny.

its a combination of love,anger,fear,courage,ignorance. i am sure that you will have hell of a good time watching it. Keep Calm and Watch Movie..Zzz


Review based on Entertainment perspective!
in simple terms if you are movie watcher who highly focused on acting, intelligent jokes etc etc, then this is not the one for you.

if you are more than satisfied by stupid jokes and stuff, then this will be a 10/10 for you.

on the other hand if you are a movie fan like me, i mean you love brilliantly acted, brilliantly directed movies with awesome plot and also you enjoy movies with weak plots with weak acting and directing then this will be in a range between 5/10-6/10 for you.

in another perspective if you gave "Chennai express'' a 9/10 or more then you will enjoy this.

Finally guys... its not easy to make a movie and still they manage to give us this for our entertainment. give them some credit for that. Cheer z Keep Calm & Watch movies...Zzz

Furious 6

Ride to Die!
i personally think i am the top fast & the furious fan :D.. because i really really enjoyed every bit and piece of all the main 6 movies and the 2 short movies as well. still now i put my DVDs and watch it all over again when i feel excited about something or even if i feel down. the fast & the furious series make me feel good. I love the cars, i love the car chases, races, crashes and all the actors in the series so far.

I was little bit disappointed when they bring back Han from dead in Fast & Furious (2009). But after watching this it makes perfect sense on how he died and make perfect sense about the order of the movie series.(despite the release dates)

i am not going to talk about other movies in the series, but let me first tell you generally why i think this series is so good. 1) this is pure action 2) this is about family values, love, Friendship, standing up for your loved once rather than backstabbing 3) this is about trust, broken promises, letting go, forgiving, payback 4) this is about living your dreams 5) or i forgot the best, man this is purely about cars.. cars cars cars.. there are lot of things i can think about this movie, but i let you decide.

Lets talk about Fast & Furious 6 the latest. although my favorite one is 2 fast furious i have to agree myself that this is the best movie in the series so far. it has great effects, awesome fight scenes, adrenaline packed car races, destructive car crashes, good sense of humor and a great twist and a great ending and also a great post credits scene which gives a perfect clearance to the confusions about Hans death and also signal you about the plot of the next franchise. what else do you need from a movie? also another thing i noted is they update there cars very well, they don't use old grandma type cars in the movie.

one last point, this is not the movie for twilight, harry potter, notebook fans, this is not for Daniel Radcliffe, Emma Watson, Robert Pattinson fans also.

If you loved Transporter,Expendables,Bad Boys,Danny Oceans,Rambo,Terminator,National treasure,Hancock,Lethal Weapon type movies.... yeah this is the movie for you, this is the series for you. Enjoy! CheerZ!!!

Taxi Driver

Enjoyed... but what is dis??? Not a masterpiece
i trust IMDb's top 250, it didn't disappoint me so far, and yes i am going to trust it in the future. dark knight series, groundhog days, departed, shutter island.. yeah they definitely deserve to be in top 250. but this? seriously? yes the acting of the cast is brilliant. De niro at his best. the idea is also good. but the problem arise when that good idea becomes a film. its completely miserable. predictable. a veteran, there he is driving cabs like a ordinary man, then he got violent and try to save a prostitute by killing people in cold blood (although they deserve it) and he is running free again... seriously? how the hell is he a free man after killing people in cold blood? (i don't know about the American law BTW) i am really confused here, i am giving 5 star rating because initially i really enjoyed the mysterious flow of the movie, and i thought there going to be a awesome twist like in departed or shutter island. but last 20 minutes or so i became really fed up with the movie since what i expected was not there. maybe there is a connection in the movie i don't understood which makes this movie a good movie. but not definitely a masterpiece. i know this review does not give you a better idea, but guys you have to watch it yourself to really understand. some will be agree with me, some not. everyone has different views right? I RESPECT that.

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S.

Wat a nice Bollywood piece!
i got the chance to watch this movie couple of years back in TV, but at that time i was not into Bollywood movies. but after that i saw the ratings of this movie in IMDb and downloaded it.. wow its worth the 1gb of my bandwidth!! i don't wanna say about acting or other stuff, i am writing this review as just a movie fan...throughout the movie all i did was laughing, feeling sad or feeling happy...there are quite a lot of hilarious jokes.. and although i don't like songs playing in movies (i have to accept it and just get on with it when comes to Bollywood right ;), the songs are also nice... and there is a good life lesson too.. just give it a try, you wont regret it... 2 and a half hours of laugh!


Fine Classic Muscle Car!
i cant believe it!! this is a awesome sports movie i watched after a long time... initial part is little bit boring, but movie needed it, its like a warm up. after that the fight scenes. i thought hell yeah great fight scenes and i loved it, then here comes the father and angry son moments, yeah i loved it too.then the Tommy the hero moments, loved it too... but finally here comes the angry brother moments............... the final scenes are very emotional, that's the part i loved most. This movie is like a classic muscle car,but not a Ferrari.. it gets some time to warm up and make you love it and never forget.. i will definitely going to watch this movie all over again!!! MUST WATCH!

Grown Ups

cast is underutilized, STUPID but FUNNY had a good time watching it
i don't know why people giving very bad comments about this movie.. yeah its not a comedy masterpiece, yeah its not hangover part one, am i agree with the fact that the brilliant cast have been underutilized? yeah of course i the plot bad? i gonna talk about this movie with my friends? yeah sure..because i had a good time watching it. are the jokes are funny? yeah its funny but the way they put the jokes is the problem, so then the jokes are become stupid... is this stupidity is a problem for me?? hell no.. thats what i love about dis movie, its stupid,plain... thats what i wanted after a long day.. STUPID but FUNNY

2 Broke Girls

usually action, crime are my taste, and surely i will give this a 10/10 if this is action.. after Ashton kutcher take over Charlie harper the two and a half men becomes a terrible show. making Alan even more cheaper than before. so after that i got my hands on to this show and this is really really amazing... those two girls positive and go getter attitude is excellent.... and i also love other cast members as well, Oleg, earl, Han and Sophie do their best.... ......... ... .... ......... ...... .... . ........... ........... .......... ...... ........................ ....... ................... ........ ... .......... ............... .. ........ ............ ... ........ ........ ..... .......... ......... ....... ................ ........ .. ....... ........ .... .............. ........ .... ...... I Lou dis show

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