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Wo de qi miao nan you

Pretty great show!
This show has everything you love about Chinese dramas! Comedy, romance, action and mystery! I throughly enjoyed it. The actors all did an amazing job, especially our main leads! They were awesome characters and loved their chemistry. The story was soo good! A 500 year old guy who was basically dead is brought back to life after an accident with the lead girl. He saves her life because she saved his and now they're connected. Since he's been "dead" for 100 years he's not used to our society and stays with the lead girl. They each get involved in each other's lives and fall in love. Such a cute sweet story! So worth the watch!

Sunjeonge Banhada

Beating again is worth the watch
Really good show. I wasn't thrilled about the main guys attitude at first but he gets better. Then I wasn't thrilled about the second guys attitude then he got worst. Eh, that's drama for ya! The actors all did a great job and made the show interesting. I loved our main couple and rooted for them so much, so glad it had a happy ending!

Romaenseuneun Byulchaekboorok

I adored this show so very much! One of my favorite Korean shows! The storyline was interesting and the actors did an excellent job! I enjoyed it from the beginning to end, loved their friendship so very much, makes me wish for that in real life. I especially loved that they worked in publishing books as I love to read! So this made me really enjoy this show. Plus, it has a happy ending! :)

I Hear You

Loved this show!
It was so very good and enjoyable!! I absolutely adored our main couple, they were perfect for each other! The chemistry was great and I was cheering for them from start to finish! I was a little annoyed by her friend who always seemed to show up, he kinda got on my nerves. The storyline was interesting and I binged watched this in two days! Plus happy ending for the win!

Well-Intended Love

It's alright
Not the best show ever. But enjoyable. There were a lot I didn't like about it. Nothing against the actors they all did a great job. Just the storyline was a little much, lots of unbelievable things but okay. Still if you want a show to past the time this one will probably do. Not the greatest but worth a watch. And you'll be happy with the ending.

An lian: Ju sheng huai nan

Great drama!
It has "a love so beautiful" vibe but it's different. The actors all did a great job and the storyline was interesting from start to finish. Loved the school days and college times. It was cool going back and forth. Loved the main cast, they had great chemistry and their scenes were all my favorites haha. I highly recommend this show if you want a little melodrama mixed with a little comedy and great show. Plus if you like happy endings, you won't be disappointed!

Radio Romaenseu

Nice and easy show
Yes, the pace of this show is a little slow but it's enjoyable. I loved the main characters. I found their story interesting and was quite surprise to learn about their history. Yes it's nothing to spectacular that sets it apart from other dramas but like I said, it's enjoyable.

A Thousand Goodnights

Pretty interesting
Netflix has the first season (Or first part?) out now. It's pretty good. Ends in a cliffhanger so I'm wondering what's going to happen next. I like all the characters, the actors have done a great job! I love the dad, was sad about that part(not a spoiler as it tells this in the description). I love the sisters and their "boyfriends"(I hope!). They kept me watching the next episode. And the scenery is soo nice and learning history of tawaiin was also interesting!

Le Coup de Foudre

I don't like this world, I only like you
I love this line so, so very much. It's just precious in my opinion and this story is just so amazing. I loved every minute! The actors all did a great job and kept me watching. This is one show I didn't ever use the skip button on. I found the story really interesting and am currently reading the book. That was the most exciting thing for me that this show was based on the book which is based on the authors life. I love that! I loved her story so very much. I found our main characters so relate-able. I understood why they were the way they were and how they attracted each other. It's just a beautiful show and a must watch in my opinion. Definitely on my favorite tv shows list. I will watch it again. This show has a special place in my heart.


Very interesting
I first saw park min young in what's wrong with secretary Kim and ji Chang wook In suspicious partner. Loved them both in their respective shows and even more with them working together in this show! It was so good! I loved the mystery and how it unfolded. The actors all did a great job and the storyline was solid all the way through. I did think the last episode was a little rushed, at least it felt like it was. But still such an enjoyable show! I highly recommend it. Plus... happy ending!

Attention, Love!

Mischievous kiss vibes anyone?
I swear it was like watching an updated version of "mischievous kiss". I loved the actors in this show a lot! They did their jobs really well and I really enjoyed watching them. The storyline was good and solid. I was a little mad at our main guy but understood how he was the way he was acting. I'm glad our main girl didn't give up on him and we get a happy ending. It was really an enjoyable even though a little short show, I wish there had been more episodes!

My Mr. Mermaid

Fantastic show!!
This was such an enjoyable show, I almost couldn't put it down! It reminded me a lot of Mr. Swimmer in my opinion, but still great!! I loved the actors, they did such a great job! And our main couple, oh my gosh, I just loved them so very much. Their smiles were so contagious that I couldn't help smiling with them! Everything about this show was wonderful and I truly enjoyed it all, I wish there was more episodes! I'll probabky enjoy watch it again!

Ibeon Saengeun Cheoeumira

Pretty good and interesting.
I wasn't sure about this show at first, truthfully the cat won me over really. Haha but seriously I loved the main girl and her attitude in the show so it kept me wanting to watch more. And the guy was so introverted it seemed so that intrigue me some as well as how everything was going to work out. The plot is same old same old agreement to marry thing but it's good and worth the watch. I was a little disappointed about the ending (( don't freak, it's happy ending!!!)) I just wished it had been a more conventional ending is all. I was pleased with just about everything in this show and it kept me binge watching it in 2 days. Haha so check it out I'm sure if you enjoy kdramas you'll enjoy this one too.

Alex & Me

Great movie!
My dad likes sports movies so agreed to watch this with young adults. We all enjoyed it. Yes, it's intended for kids but us adults liked it too. Cute movie, would probably watch it again.

The Dukes of Hazzard: The Beginning

Not a fan
I didn't like this movie at all. It was almost like watching some crappy teen movie. Just horrible and would not recommend. Only giving the stars out to willie Nelson who's great and the car was awesome as always.

The Perfect Date

Cute & funny!
We watched the trailer and it looked like it would be pretty good and it was!! It was cute, funny and yes your typical teenage movie. Except not much on the mean kids and not the hard partying you usually see. It was light, fluffy with life lessons. Pretty great movie, our entire family enjoyed it!


Great movie
It's got comedy which really makes this movie enjoyable. Alien thingies which are freaking weird and cool. The actors were all great and entertaining. Really great Saturday night kinda movie. I'd recommend.

Iriwa Anajwo

So good!
I went in expecting a tragic ending in this show. I really did. The way it started off and the flashbacks and then about his father I really expected a sad ending. But thankfully it had a happy ending and that made it worth watching. Loved the two main characters, especially the actors who portrayed them as teens. They all did very well. The actor who played his father did fantastic, like omg, he seriously creeped me out throughout the entire series! The flashbacks were a little much but bear with it, trust me it's worth it. I highly recommend this series.

Ssam, Maiwei

Enjoyed it so much!
This show is so great! I found nothing wrong with it! I enjoyed it from start to finish. The actors did a great job, I especially loved the 4 friends. The fighting sequences were just as enjoyable! I highly recommend this show especially if you enjoyed strong woman bong soon and weightlifting fairy Kim bok-Joo.

Yeokdoyojeong Gim Bokju

Fabulous show!
This show was so good! I watched it after strong woman bong soon and fight my way. Loved this!! Entertaining and the actors did such a great job! You won't be disappointed. I highly recommend it!


Just no
We were excited to watch this because of Stallone but that was the only good thing about this movie. The storyline could've been great but this movie wasn't good at all. I wouldn't recommend it.

Instant Family

Very good movie
It started off shaky but got better. Mark whalberg is such a great actor as always! Everyone else did great with this movie too. Loved how it ended as well. If you enjoy family-ish movies with comedy you'll enjoy this!

Naesungjukin Boseu

Enjoyable show!
This show was great! The storyline was interesting and kept me going to the next episodes. The actors did a great job and the entire show was entertaining. I'd recommend! Definitely not boring and you shouldn't be disappointed. It's great!

Hirunaka no ryuusei

A great movie
As a young adult I enjoyed this movie. Sure it was a little high school-ish but I expected it. Still they acted pretty grown up with life's lessons so that was good. Loved the two leads the most but all the actors did a great job. And of course, happy ending, so you won't be disappointed unless you shipped the other guy!


It was enjoyable
Like any marvel movies it was enjoyable. Wasn't boring at all, has a lot of fighting scenes and stuff blowing up. The actors did a great job and it was cool how they made things look underwater. Not my favorite marvel film but it was good.

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