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Garbage! Senseless violence doesn't make this an action film
OK, reading some the reviews on this so called action movie prompts me to voice my own opinion. First and foremost, this is a terrible movie, not one ounce of anything redeeming including script, producing, or acting. The entire production seems like something a High School freshman would do, amateur in every sense of the word. Regarding what some call an action movie, if you find no story to hang your hat on and scene after scene of people getting killed and tortured the main elements of an action film than here's where we must part ways. I would rank this film in the genre of the slasher type movies, but unlike a typical slasher movie, this mindless trite is so violent and actually disturbing that to watch this crap instantly makes you dumber. This is billed as a Netflix original, unfortunately there isn't anything original, it's mindless, senseless garbage. Do not waste your time on this crap, just think....Netflix is increasing there monthly rate and this is the junk they are giving us!

Celebrity Big Brother

Political ambush
What a joke this season of BB is, CBS brings in a house guest who continuously bashes Trump and expound CBS political views. It's bad enough when you can not watch the CBS news without political biases, now they bring it into the BB house and for the most part focus the entire show around it. I've had enough, I've watched BB since inception, haven't miss an episode ever, but "beam me up Scotty", I'm done with CBS and Big Brother. My suggestion to anyone who reads this review is stay away from this political platform, watch the Olympics, watch Netflix or Hulu, anything other than this blatant attempt to further CBS un-American hateful view of our standing President.


Wow!! Really an excellent movie!
Reviewing movies and or reading reviews is subjective to say the least. So many reviews rave on and yet the movie is a huge disappointment. That said, this movie is so good I'm simply baffled why there wasn't a push by the studio to promote this and give it a fighting chance at the box office. I guess that makes this movie a "sleeper" but it's an exceptional sleeper worth your time and money.

If you want details about the story line, check other reviews, my only goal with this review is to get you to watch this. I'm not a professional reviewer or have any financial interest in this movie, I'm just an "average Joe" movie watcher with an opinion. In my opinion, this is an excellent movie and should be watched.

The story is terrific and unique, the acting is simply OUTSTANDING, the way the entire story was told is creative and unique. Note-this is a violent movie, at times disturbing violence, so if that offends you then this movie is not for you. For everyone else, watch this winner!!

20th Century Women

So boring
Reading the reviews of this bore-fest movie, I thought it was going to be this wonderful coming of age movie that would not only entertain but maybe even enlighten....NOT!!! I understand that the acting was good, which it was, but when do you watch a movie strictly to review the acting? NEVER!! This story is so slow, so boring, so meaningless that to give it any consideration for viewing is a huge mistake. I think the writing is so poor I'm amazed this ever got to the big screen. A great cast cannot and will not turn poor writing into a good movie.

I kept thinking that at some point the movie theme and direction would straighten out and actually engage me....WRONG. This way too long of a movie never finds it lane, there is (in my opinion of course)just nothing here worth watching.

In a Valley of Violence

Want a honest review, read this
I find it so frustrating to read review after review hailing these fringe movies and leading the movie goers astray. I've no financial interest in any of the movies I review, I tell it like it is for the typical movie goer with hope that my honest appraisal is what you are seeking.

Now to this movie.....Ti West wrote & directed this movie, so what! Who's he? My 11 year old grandson could of written as good a script as this want-a-be spaghetti western. If for any reason you are going to watch this movie because Ti West is involved just forget it, if this is an example of his movie making, maybe he should try another profession because good film making is NOT his thing.

Well what about the acting you ask? Terrible comes to mind, pathetic also fits in nicely. Whatever possessed John Travolta & Ethan Hawke to tie their wagon to this is beyond me. Both of those guys were better before, obviously they've either fallen on hard times and good roles don't come their way anymore or else they are broke and sold their acting soul for the almighty dollar. The entire cast over acts, maybe it's the writing, I think it's that deadly combination of terrible acting and even worst writing.

I love western movies, I'm always looking for good ones to watch. While the story was corny, the acting horrid, the dialog was stupid, and the out-come predictable, the movie was watchable. I did not fast forward any part of this one, I sat through it all right to the bitter end. I think the reason why I was able to endure this movie is only because I do like western movies and this one kind of fits the bill.

When you are deciding if you should watch this movie or not, I'm hopeful my review at least sets the table for you. Unless you are a die-hard western fan, I'd say take a serious pass on this want-to-be movie.

Men Go to Battle

Want the truth on this movie, read this review
What is happening on a lot of the reviews posted on the IMDb site is that the reviewer must have an interest be that financial or simply they know the actors, writers, producers, etc. What ends up happening is when we (a typical IMDb user) check the reviews on little known movies, we end up getting a load of BS and personal bias.

Let me set the record straight on this movie for anyone looking for a honest personal review. This is maybe the worst movie made in the last couple of years. There is no story, the acting is pathetic, it's way too long, way to slow, there is absolutely no reason to watch this garbage. Your life cannot be so completely void that you need to bring this trite into it. To say this movie is a complete and total waste of time would actually be understating it. I'm sick and tired of being misled by brain dead reviewers. The bottom line is avoid this movie, do NOT waste your precious time or money on this crap, even with your finger on the fast forward button, it won't make this one go away soon enough. Just in case you didn't quite get the message....I HATED THIS MOVIE AND EVERYTHING ABOUT IT INCLUDING THOSE REVIEWERS WHO RECOMMENDED IT.

Outlaws and Angels

Outlaws and Angels should be OUTLAWED for viewing
Really people, would anyone with even half a brain rate this garbage better than a 2? I can't believe some of the reviews I've read on this site that actually can find even one redeeming quality with this crappy movie.

The writing is terrible, the acting is awful, the story line is juvenile, and the movie besides being complete and total rubbish, is so boring that even fast forwarding it won't get you to the bitter end fast enough.

When IMDb give this trite a 5+ rating we know all is wrong in the world. Those brain dead reviewers who pushed the rating for this crap should be banned for life from ever sharing an opinion ever again. Take it from me, this movie is so bad you'll be dumber just for even considering it.


Traded should be traded for a root canal
The rating currently on IMDb is so out of wack on this terrible movie, I'm questioning if this site is now really worth checking prior to watching a movie. Those that rate this trite as anything other than awful should be avoided, they either did not watch this so called movie or they may be investors or have some skin in the game and are trying to artificially inflate the rating.

The story is so predictable I wonder if the writer has ever had an original idea in his life. Well then, you say if the writing is terrible, how about the acting? I've seen better acting at grade school productions, wooden stiff unemotional go through the paces so called acting makes this almost unbearable, but wait it gets ever worst, the dialog is so corny and unrealistic the only answer is to hit the fast forward button.

To say this is a complete and total waste of your time, money, and brain cells goes without saying, Traded should be avoided and movies like this should be barred by law, have a wall built around them, and banded from entering the USA, your movie theater, or TV.

Love & Mercy

Lord have MERCY, I didn't LOVE it
If there is any thing certain, it's that you cannot judge your movie picks based on the ratings given on this site. This so called movie is so bad, so boring, so long, and so much of a complete and total waste of time, that one feels dumber simply having watched it. I must continue...should you decide to trust other reviewers and watch this drivel, keep you finger on the fast forward button, as that really is the only way to get through this bore-fest.

Let me start with I really do like the Beach Boys, I like and respect Brian Wilson, he is a music icon and genius and deserves so much better than this crap. His story could be and should be compelling and interesting to music lovers, but this sad so called production does him and his story an huge dis-service. I cannot find any redeeming factors in this movie other than Elizabeth Banks is really a cutie, other than that the acting is over the top, the story is NOT developed, and they really don't even include any Beach Boy music other than short snip-its of their songs just to tease you. That said why watch this? My suggestion....DON'T!!!


Go-Away-Go-Away Dixieland
How on earth did this movie ever earn a 5+ rating on this site is totally beyond me. If this isn't the worst movie of the year it's at least a top contender. If you are checking reviews to determine if you should watch this pathetic wanna be movie, disregard anyone who suggests this movie is decent.

Let me begin with the acting, I've seen better acting from a grade school production, in other words the acting stunk! How about the dialog? The dialog must of been written by a grade school drop-out. When I say nobody talks like that, trust me nobody does. Well then what about the story line you ask....there is no story line, oh wait, I guess if you like to watch unlikable losers smoke in every scene then I guess maybe there is a story line for you, for the rest of us who want substance, don't look here as there is none to be found.

I totally hated this movie, probably more so because some of the reviewers on this site actually thought this was a good movie and tricked me into watching it. WARNING!! Do not believe anyone who recommends any facet of this bore feast of a movie which by the way moves slower than a 3 legged turtle in quicksand.

Texas Rising

So bad you will be instantly dumber for having watched it
Is this the same network that gave us "The Hatfields and McCoys" and "The Vikings"? What the heck is going on? They must of drafted their writers, directors, and producers straight out of elementary school for this lame attempt at a historical saga. What about the decent lineup of Hollywood talent who signed onto this junk, did they fail to read the movie script? Guess so, and guess what, it didn't matter as each and everyone of them are simply miserable in their respective roles. This mini series is so bad and such a complete waste of time, a colonoscopy would be more enjoyable then laboring through this trite.

I think the trailers they used to promote this garbage were quite convincing, and many of us thought this was going to be really something to see. Well, I guess we've all been duped, remember not to judge the book by the cover huh. Next time the History Channel attempts another epic saga we will all take it with a serious grain of salt.

The Barber

The barber is a cut below God awful
How and why IMDb rates this so called movie at or around a 5.7 is beyond me. This movie is a classic B- movie from the first scene to the final credits. Forget the storyline as the writer of this movie doesn't have a clue what a good storyline is, what it may look like, or how to fashion an even interesting tale.

I could get into what this stupid movie is about, but if that is what your looking for then read the IMDb summary, what I want to share is my opinion of "The barber". First and foremost this movie has people acting and doing things nobody would ever do, the plot is so stupid your only reasonable response is to fast forward the entire movie to the end so you can be done with it. Scott Glenn was once a decent actor who took reasonably good roles, he has obviously fallen on hard times to take on crap like this.

Here's the bottom-line on this movie, if you like stories that are so unrealistic and unbelievable then maybe this movie is for you after-all, However, if you enjoy a good drama, a good plot, decent acting, a storyline that makes sense, a movie that draws you in and keeps you invested in the story, then this trite called "The barber" is not worth your time, effort, or attention....avoid it like the plague, you can thank me later.

An Act of War

An act of war is dead on arrival...so bad it's beyond words!!
The rating this horrid movie is getting is so way out of line I'm wondering just what the other reviewers are smoking. This movie is so bad, nobody should have to endure this complete and total waste of time.

Where do I begin, how about the fact that the storyline is completely and totally ridiculous. Who ever wrote this garbage must of been on drugs or simply brain-dead. The plot is obvious from the very beginning, I'll spare you the details other than keep your finger on the fast forward button when watching and get to the movie credits as fast as you can because when you are there, that means you are done with this so called movie.

The way I look at it is there is 2 hours of my life I'll never get back. Please, if you are reading this review, trust me, do not waste your time, money, or sanity watching this rubbish, a root canal would be a much better use of your time than this insipid garbage posing as a legitimate movie. Oh, by the way did I mention I hated this movie?

Only Lovers Left Alive

Keep your finger on the fast forward button
There is now way on earth this movie rates anything higher than 1 on IMDb, what gives with those who review these movies. This one is so bad, I promise you will be dumber for having watched it. There is NO redeeming aspects to be found in this snoozer-loser of a movie. The storyline is dumb, the acting is terrible, the soundtrack is annoying, the lack of drama is unbearable. Ask yourself why do you watch movies, is it for drama, entertainment, action, good acting, powerful stories, or simply to escape for a couple of hours. Whatever the case, this bomb will take you NOWHERE.

Do yourself a favor, DO NOT let yourself be swayed by other favorable reviews, whatever drug those reviewers are taking you won't have. This movie is simply AWFUL!! You can thank me later.

A Most Violent Year

A most boring year??
I'm puzzled and wondering how the IMDb ratings work, the consensus on this one if you go by the rating means it's an excellent movie and worth seeing. In reality, this movie is God awful. Talk about a snooze fest, this one is sooo slow, and sooo boring, and sooo tedious that you'll need a box of toothpicks to keep you eyes open watching this so called or should I say highly rated movie. The story line screams "who cares", there isn't one moment in the entire movie where you will really give a crap. Yeah I guess the acting was good, if you go to movies strictly to see good acting well maybe this one is for you, but if you are like most movie goers who want a story worth paying attention to, well then this sleep producing dog must be avoided. So to recap- it's terrible, boring, slow, no story line, and did I mention a complete waste of time? Avoid this movie, you can thank me later.

Field of Lost Shoes

Field of lost shoes is a real loser
This movie is simply terrible, a low budget attempt to re-enact a true civil war battle, this low budget flop with a cast of maybe 20 total is a lame boring excuse of movie making. In truth this looks more like a high school production than a major movie project. The acting is weak, the screen writer completely misses the mark, the war scenes are corny with a total of maybe 20 extras trying to look like a major army. All in all this is a complete waste of time. If you decide to download this dud keep your finger on the fast forward button. If you waste precious money to see this in a theater, just remember you could of used your cash for something worthwhile like a root canal which would of way more enjoyable.

Jersey Boys

Frankie Vali would roll over in his grave if he were dead
IMDb ratings are totally out of whack!! This movie deserves at best a 2, and John Lloyd Young who portrays Frankie Vali should be ashamed of himself for taking on this role.

First lets start with the story. There just isn't enough there to make a major motion picture out of. Yeah, it's an interesting rise to fame for this GREAT group, but there is absolutely no drama, nothing to entertain or hook the viewer unless you are waiting to hear some of your favorite 4 Season tunes. But wait they even screw that up.....

John Lloyd Young plays the role of Frankie Vali...ugh! Not only can this guy NOT act, he can't sing, and for sure he can't and doesn't sound anything like Frankie Vali. This guy tries to sing falsetto but in truth sounds like he's singing through his nose with a bad cold. Was Frankie Vali a complete and total nerd all his life? This so called actor makes him out to be the biggest bumbling nerd to ever grace this earth.

Here's the bottom line on this movie, if you like the 4 Season's go buy there greatest hits CD, check out the Broadway play, but avoid this mindless, stupid movie. If you like Frankie Vali DO NOT WATCH John Lloyd Young ruin whatever image you had of Frankie. Finally, what the heck has happened to Clint Eastwood. He has been completely off the mark in his last 2 efforts. This movie was so bad it should kill the careers of Clint Eastwood and John Lloyd Young forever.


Interstellar not so stellar
If you are looking for lots of special effects, over-bearing musical score, muddled storyline, and a way to waste 3 hours of your life this movie is for you, but NOT for me. What a huge disappointment this one turned out to be, of course what should I expect from Christopher Nolan after "Inception". The concept which could of been terrific was completely and totally lost by focusing way to much on the technical aspects and special effects, leaving what could of been a decent storyline line behind in an effort to explain the complexities of traveling through a space wormhole. That would be good information if you plan on being an astronaut, but if you are just a movie goer, forget-bout-it. IMDb rating for this bore-fest waste of time is way over-blown and extremely misleading. Most movie goers want to be entertained, and space travel is the final frontier and would be a great backdrop for excitement and wonder...i.e. "Gravity". Interstellar fails to deliver anything in the way of excitement, suspense, or drama. Yes, the acting is very good by all cast members, but most movie goers want more than stellar acting, they want a story that you can follow, they want to be entertained, and they want whatever time they spend watching a movie to be worthwhile. In this case the movies fails in all counts.

Begin Again

Movie is OK, soundtrack is GREAT!!
I love good musical movies, and like the idea of a star being given the chance to be a star storyline. This type of movie has been done countless times, most often they seem to fail and fail miserably. This one has a lot of redeeming features, namely the soundtrack. To say the music is good is an understatement, and if you are trying to decide if this movie deserves your time or money, it does but mostly for the music.

It's really obvious that Keira Knightly can't play the guitar, she can carry a tune through, as her singing is decent. In fact all the actors hired to pretend to be musician are just that, actors, not musicians. Mark Ruffalo's daughter in the movie can't even hold a guitar pic right, all of which makes this disturbing, why couldn't the producers/directors at least hire musicians to play musicians? Wouldn't that add some authenticity to their movie? With all that said, if you can look beyond what I previously said, this is an enjoyable movie. It's very predictable, the acting is very weak, the storyline is equally weak, but it is a feel good enjoyable, life is good type light-weight movie that I recommend, mostly because of the exceptional supporting soundtrack.

Pain & Gain

Pain and Gain is a heavy weight hit!!
Maybe I was swayed because I really like Mark Wahlberg and Dwayne Johnson as actors and have always found their movies to be a cut above, but in truth this movie was such a big surprise simply because it was excellent film making, acting, storyline, drama, and comedy all rolled into one neat package. This film brings several elements and emotions into play including some very clever comedy, violence, and disturbing scenes, but that being said, that is exactly what makes this one so darn good. I also think that since the story is based on true and actual facts adds credibility to the story. Trust me at times you'll be wondering this just can't be true, and I'm sure there was a lot of literary license applied to the story, but it is a riveting journey that I found to be highly entertaining and enjoyable. This movie is a breath of fresh air in what I see as a real dry spell for Hollywood, do yourself a favor and watch this one.

Now You See Me

Now you see me but I wish I hadn't.......ugh!!
When I see that IMDb site has this movie rated fairly high I'm seriously wondering just what am I missing with this film. Let me start by saying what I missed was a creditable storyline, good acting, drama, romance, action, and virtually any element that could make this movie even somewhat enjoyable. What you get should you decide to waste your time, money, and brain cells watching this trite is long boring journey into a muddled inconceivable yarn about 4 magicians who thanks entirely to camera special effects bring the magic industry to tears. Every magic act is simply crap to be polite. The line up of actors who tied their wagon to this insipid hunk of junk is quite impressive, but don't be misled, they obviously did this movie strictly for the money as there is no artistic value anywhere to be found in this pitiful attempt at movie entertainment. With this movie the magic is gone....stay away!!

Not Fade Away

Not fade away, just go away OK
Boy what huge disappointment this movie was, especially since the recent news of James Gandolfini passing. What a shame that this miserable movie is his swan song. Don't get wrong, James Gandolfini is excellent in this movie, he is definitely one of the bright spots in what I view as a very dim movie.

David Chase wrote, directed, and produced this waste of time. David Chase is the creator and writer of the HBO hit series "The Sopranos". I'm not sure what David Chase was thinking or smoking when he came up with this fine piece of rubbish, but whatever creditability he had built up should hopefully now be completely behind him, as he has proved to be a one trick pony in my book.

There are many many problems with this movie, but the main mistakes are there is absolutely no story here. Could there have been a story? Yes, but trust me when I say in this instance there is none. Second, there is no character development. You won't give a darn about anyone in this movie, so combined with no story and no viewer connection to the characters this is a disaster.

The good news is the musical soundtrack is excellent, especially if you like the great 60's rock hits. The acting by everyone concerned is decent, once again James Gandolfini is excellent but at the same time a clone of his role on the Sopranos, which tends to make me think David Chase has him type cast.

So here's the take-away....no story, no character development, no connection for the viewers, no good!!

The Last Stand

The last stand I really couldn't stand
Now I know there are many many Arnold fans in movie land, and they will support and praise anything Arnold is in, but really...you have got to be kidding me. I hate to be the kill joy on this one, but this movie was nothing short of just plain terrible. So where do I begin...first how about the most transparent storyline ever, if you haven't got the entire plot figured out after five minutes better check your pulse. Then they tried to inject humor into the movie with corn ball character actor Johnny Knoxville, who is nothing short of ridiculous in his role. Then they try and make the bad guys so bad that reality is just not an option, which I felt further drove this movie into the tank. The endless car chases, shoot em-up scene after scene became dull and boring. Last but not least is that regardless of the odds and despite numerous injuries you know all along that Arnold was going to get his man and walk happily into the sunset. I know that this wasn't intended to be a serious movie, but it also wasn't intended to be a comedy either, so what was it? I guess what it really was is a waste of talent and a flawed but hopefully not critical comeback for one of the most beloved movie giants.

Side Effects

No "Side effects" from watching this fine movie
Every now and then a movie comes out that is unique and has a storyline that really breaks new ground, "Side Effects' is one such movie. Don't get me wrong, this movie isn't perfect, but it has enough originality and plot twists to keep you glued right to the end. My goal is never to review the storyline, so let me just say this, don't try and figure this one out too early, go with the flow and it will deliver. It does start a tad bit slow, but hang in there as this one gets real good the deeper you go. Jude Law turns in another outstanding performance as does the entire cast, Rooney Mara is especially convincing in her role. In my opinion, the less you know about the plot going into this movie, the better. Don't read all the reviews and watch the movie trailers, just make the choice to watch this psychological thriller, then sit back and enjoy.


Parker delivers action-entertainment-fun
If you enjoy action movies, tough guys, an engaging plot, and decent acting, this one more than fills the bill. Going into this one I was somewhat apprehensive as Jason Statham movies miss more than they hit, and when you throw Jennifer Lopez in, I was really quite leery and afraid this one was going to be stupid and a typical Statham slam-fest....WRONG!! I've got to give it to both Lopez and Statham for pulling off not only a entertaining movie, but for also doing really quit a good job of selling their respective roles. The storyline has been done before, but there are enough twists and turns in this movie to keep it fresh and not totally predictable. My suggestion for you is if this type of movie is your thing, then don't miss this one.

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