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Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker

I only regret that I gave them money
The movie is just bad - if you remove all fandom, all expectation, even then you'll see SW:TRS is just a bad movie.

The reason? There's simply no plot, or, what there's, is broken, a mere excuse for action. And the action... Well...

The actors are not that good and the choreography is mediocre; when you strip it of all the special effects, and beautiful costumes, it's kiddies playing swordsman and a lot of dumb car chases.

Back to the acting, we already knew no one therr was winning an Oscar, but this... Who is convincing? Besides C3PO, most of them are too intense and too much acty to be convincing Ren is the only thing that doesn't completely sucks, whereas Adam Driver makes me puke from time to time with his "poor me" looks. Oh and there's just one more character, Poe. And he sucks even worse, unless you buy that he is now a smuggler and not a good soldier.

Till Human Voices Wake Us

Touches us...
I can't understand exactly why this movie seemed so good to me. It doesn't have a very elaborated plot. But the movie somehow speaks to us.

The way the director tell such a dense story is marvelous. Movies like this leaves us breathing deeply when it ends. You will fall in love for the characters, and pity them.

The movie suffers from a certain lack of complexity. In some minutes you can easily understand what's happening (and, if you read the box summary, then you will get it in no time at all). Still, it's pretty, and adorable.

The musical score is perfect. It draws us into the movie most of the time, and makes our hearth pounds together with the scenes.

Till Human Voices Wake Us is a poem. Simply as that.

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