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Hotel Mumbai

Almost accurately portrayed.
Almost because many characters and some situations were works of fiction. But thats forgivable since the makers were out to make a movie that would sell, and a mere documentary wouldn't. That said, the inserts borrowed from 'real' footage of the incident helped immensely to add grit to this movie. For people claiming this movie is more drama, would probably be better off watching the real 1.5 hr footage that was filmed back then, while people asserting its too gory might be better off watching something else. Lastly, I found the movie wonderfully done portraying the chaos that went rampant that night. Pity it took 10 years for this movie to be made that too as an Australian production. Pity again that Bollywood with all its recent obsession with biopics and real acts of heroism and valor, failed to commemorate the lives lost on that day by capturing it on reel.

Yip Man ngoi zyun: Cheung Tin Chi

Id pay to forget....
I watch these films not for its meticulous detail in storytelling. Nor for its picturesque beauty. I watch these films coz they are labelled under the action/martial arts genre. That said, this film falls short of all expectations one would naturally conjure after the donnie yen headed yip man trilogy. Lots of wire fu stuff that i would always otherwise avoid. The inclusion of Tony Jaa raised my hopes considerably. But his action sequences are blink-n-miss. The action itself is not well thought of, planned, executed nor choreographed. The storyline... forgettable. Bautista's appearance is late in the film and the character is not developed one wee bit. He more aptly portrays a bulldozer in the action scenes. Overall, id pay to forget this film since i can neither get a refund nor get my 1.5 hrs back!

Captain Marvel

Leaves a lot to be desired.
After watching the trailer i decided against keeping my hopes high and rightfully so, no miracle happened today.

Thugs of Hindostan

Mostly POTC Rip off.
For people who live off Hollywood films, this movie offers nothing new. If you have watched all the Pirates of the Caribbean films, you will find a lot of blatant copying in many shots. The only major difference in the copious amounts of emotional drama going on. In fact the effects appear amateurish even. Evidently not too many people, hours nor effort went behind the making of the effects and for a movie of this scale, you need a humongous budget to ensure every nook and cranny of the film is catered to. Unfortunately this is not the case here. A rare disappointment from Aamir Khan.

The Nun

Boring As Kuck!!!!
Lots of failed attempts at jump scares which end up comical. Acting is average and the weak plotline certainly did not help in the egging process. Valak appears far too many times during the film's course which makes him/her look stupid towards the end. Add to all this zombie nuns and I ended up enjoying the 9 o'clock news more.


Very Interesting Watch
For some time now, Ive been watching these 'Brit' films. They are pretty refreshing and Id say its amazing what you could achieve on a mediocre budget. At probably a tenth of an A-grade hollywood production budget, they seem to be doing overly well especially on the horror and thriller genre. Expecting more of these gems for them in the near future.

13 Reasons Why

Okay, but not great.
I havent read the book so I dont know how close this is to the literary work. But this show seems to ride more on the directors emotions on what should be than what is technically illegal and culpable to crime. Sure hazing is illegal, but there probably is a distinct demarcation of what is merely being mean and what is actually a crime.

My assesment of this show is that I find Hannah Baker, a girl who is not only unable to or innately incapable of actively expressing her eotions and converting her thoughts into words, but wants people to excel at her guessing game and blames them when they either misinterpret or negatively react to her subtle expressions. By the way things panned out, even Bryce could not be held accountable for what he did as Mr.Porter aptly pointed out and the majority of the rest were being just what they were - teenagers whom you dont expect to be understanding and affectionate as great-grandads. If the writer or director's intent was achieving that, while noble, I'd say thats an unreal goal.

Im saying this from my personal experience. Im 37 now, all through my school life I had no friends. The nerds or the front benchers always thought they were more intelligent than me. The back-benchers thought I was too nerdy to fit in. I was physically weak, so the sports guys, even the school coach chided me saying I was too weak to actively take part and unfortunately not a girl so I couldn't get into cheerleading neither. For the few girls, I was always a stopgap between hookups(as a few of them were bold enough to say it in my face) with whom they could pass a few "boring hours". Even today I have less than a handful of friends and a hell lot of colleagues who dont care. But hey, c'est la vie! Doesn't mean you turn suicidal. You live on, go to sleep each day with the hope of a better tomorrow. Hannah Baker(or the director/ novelist) saw things totally opposite and chose to blame and bring down a few guys for their discrepancies or failure to communicate. Even if there was communication, I dont see how that would have helped in the longest possible run as there will always be someone who will be mean no matter how good you are. You gotta learn to live with it or life will teach it to you in the hardest way possible.

As far as the storytelling goes, I think it could have been done way better. A few technical goofs here and there. Since the mood was elegiac it should have, could have done with lot less color to accentuate the protagonist's dismal mood. Also one important goof is ideally one does the dominant hand first then the weaker else you wouldn't have the strength to use your weak hand to do the other later.

A Wrinkle in Time

Had to rate it, and lowest I could do was 1.
More often than not, the genres Adventure, Family, Fantasy has become synonymous with moral studies classes for children about good vs evil. Gone are the days when one could simply sit back and enjoy children's films like the Swiss Family Robinson or Tom Sawyer without being treated to either a contrasting and convoluted twist or a moral science class.


Zero attention to detail and factuality from a veteran director
Yes, you heard that one right. 1920 was not without its flaws, however the storytelling was gripping enough for many to overlook the discrepancies. Fast-forward to 1921. Story-line IS weak. There's nothing in this film that hasn't been seen in a Bollywood film. Core story: Boy meets girl. Love is in the offing. Boy/girl will do anything to save the other..... There is NO complexity in the plot. There is no development of characters and tons of flaws. Side slit dresses of the extras in 1920? Shower? Ballpoint pen? Lamp shades? "Mumbai(really?)"? Printed photographs on the newspapers? I was watching Knights of the Damned the other day which is an average b-grade flick produced in the UK. One would be in awe of the meticulous detail the producers have striven to achieve for a less-than mediocre film. Viram bhat a veteran, should be ashamed.

Test Tube Baby

A B-grade movie at best, as the title suggests, a couple unable to conceive, opts for IVF. The film is about what happens in between. Ranging from facing castigation from family and friends to ultimately deciding to go through with the procedure. However, the film is unprecedented for its time and more so in the 'B'genre. The depiction of the various medical procedures were pretty informative and educational.

However as I saw it, what was a tad repulsive was the aberrant use of nudity in the name of scientific education to sell the film, in my opinion. Could have done with a bit of less skin.

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