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Soldier Soldier

Spot on research
A very good representation of Army life, obviously well researched. I feel all characters are well represented with good actors playing appropriate characters. Because it is a series you can watch as much or little or as much as you like but i find you can't stop watching all of it, and you will return for more. Perhaps I'm biased because I watched the original series on TV. I find that despite being made in 1991 none of the series is outdated (apart from the slothing :-) ) The story lines are thought provoking, for example in the first episode you see an Irish Lady who comments about the British Soldiers being sick of Ireland with a reply saying that they only do six months and you should try having two sons on opposite sides of the divide. It portrays family life very well not just the highs but the low points also. It lets you make your own mind up about army life. COming from a military family I feel Lucy Gannon has it spot on.

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