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Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes

This Show has potential
OK, I am a huge FF fan, but I will admit that the first episode had some problems. But this show has potential. The cool thing about it is that its new and different. It has an Anime style animation and blends in CGI as well. I like it overall but I have to get used to the voices, especially Reeds but the script was good and wasn't that cheesy. Also, another good thing about this is that it will follow the original comic story lines. And you must remember that this show is targeted for kids!! As for myself, I am an anime fan so I think this show combines 2 of my favorite things together. So, for my conclusion, I think this show will get better as it goes along and possible be the best run of the FF TV series so far, you just got to give it a chance.

On the Town

Okay, I must admit... I'm only 13 but I LOVE Frank Sinatra and I love musicals...well, On the Town gave me a 2 for 1 special!! If you love musicals...then you must see it. 3 Navy sailors Chip (Sinatra), Gabey (Kelly), and Ozzy have a day to visit NYC and they are very interested in the Women of NYC. So Gabey chases after "Miss Turnstiles" for a date and Chip and Ozzy pick up dates along the way. Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly did a wonderful job. It's hilarious and the songs and dance routines were great!!! And all the characters are great! Personally, I liked Chip the best (how could I not like Frank Sinatra's character the best?!) and I quote "New York, New York- it's a wonderful town!!"

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