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  • The first 45 minutes of this film is really well done. Very intriguing, great character development and background, interesting concept about time travel and choosing who is allowed to travel in order to prevent any kind of paradox, and just overall good script writing. Then it starts to get a little ridiculous, and then a little more, and then even more, until the movie and plot become so ridiculously cartoonish that everything just unravels and you just can't enjoy it anymore. It starts off great sci-fi but finishes as a joke. Remember a few years ago when some woman tried to touch up that painting of Jesus in a Spanish church and totally botched it up? This movie script is just like that where it was good and then someone else must've got a hold of it and ruined it.

    Now I'm not one of those people that complain that a sci-fi movie isn't following the usual rules of physics, and I will grant the sci-fi writer tremendous leeway for entertainment purposes, but there is a point where it gets so ridiculous that the movie is no longer enjoyable.

    Like most summer blockbuster action movies, there's some ridiculousness built in so you just turn your brain off and enjoy the ride. You realize that you're not watching a Best Picture candidate and it should be just mindless entertainment. Well, even with my brain turned completely off this ride was really hard to enjoy. If it wasn't for the well written first 45 minutes, I'd rate this 1 star.
  • I turned it off when 40 minutes into the movie and neither my wife nor I had yet to emit a single chuckle or frankly, even break a smile. How could this be so unfunny? So much potential!

    I thought for sure when maybe the movie goes and "revisits" the barbershop that there would be at least some funny stuff there, but nope. This was absolutely atrocious. And painful. And not even worth watching because it's bad and campy.

    No, this movie is just bad. You have much better things to do with your life than waste any of it watching this. I've gotten more out of life sitting and waiting at the DMV lost in my own thoughts than in the 40 minutes I spent watching this.
  • I loved Season 1. Season 2 was a decent follow up. Not as great as the first but still funny and engaging and thoughtful enough that I was anxiously looking forward to see what Season 3 had to offer. Well... Season 3 is a total letdown. You're just left wondering "what happened to this great show?"

    Where's Aziz? Where is that poignant, biting, and witty banter? Where is the humor? What happened to the deep introspective into the characters and storyline that kept me thinking about the episode after it was over? This new artistic direction took this show down the wrong path.

    It's as if you went to this great takeout burger place and had an awesome experience. So you go back the next week and the burger is good but not as good as you remember. But it's still better than most things out there so you eat it. You wait until they're open again and order another burger the way you like it with no mayo, only to come home and open up the bag to see that not only is your burger slathered in mayo but it's undercooked and mashed down so it's not even recognizable as a burger. That sums up the total disappointment that is Season 3.
  • I don't ever remember sitting and watching a kids show by myself after the kids go to sleep, but here I am. My youngest was watching this show one day and I happened to just walk in the playroom and sit down and watch the "Sleepytime" episode with her and everything the parents were going through in that episode regarding when one of your kids crawl in bed with you were exactly what my wife and I have experienced with our own kids. I found myself laughing and identifying with the parents, and then stayed and watched the remaining few episodes for the half hour on Disney Jr.

    And now here I am trying to catch up on the missed episodes on Disney+ while my kids are asleep, cracking up and genuinely enjoying myself watching a kids show. The show is very well written and truly represents the typical family. The small details is what gets me: the random peeling stickers and goldfish bits on the back seat of their car, the messy rooms, the occasional groaning by the dad as he deals with his kids... you can tell that the writers are all parents.

    All the reviews on here are correct. This is a great show and deserves all of my 10 stars. The soundtrack is great as well, and has a lot of different styles of music including country, rock, ska, spacey trippy music, and of course the great and happy theme music. My kids like to listen to it during the car drive to school, and I find myself continuing to listening to it while I drive to work after I drop them off. Hooray for Bluey!
  • The movie starts off at a relative good pace and doesn't stop. And it develops tension like you wouldn't believe and I was a ball of anxiety watching this film convinced that they were going to get caught or killed or maybe escape or I don't know what. A few times I had to pause it and get up from the couch to take a breath and shake my arms and legs to release some of that pent up tension. Haven't seen a movie this intense since Hurt Locker.
  • Superb acting, great storyline. The character development is so well done that you feel invested and have so much compassion and empathy to all characters. But the thing they nailed with this movie was the great use of sound to let the audience experience what the main character is going through. Combined with his amazing acting, when soundtrack goes dull and muted to simulate the sudden hearing loss, you also experience the frustration, fear, and confusion that he is feeling. It was so very well done that the opening 15 min alone is worthy of your time.
  • As a huge fan of the original Borat movie, I was so excited to watch the sequel. The previews on Amazon Prime looked hilarious. Even the title for the sequel sounded hilarious. Sadly, the movie is a huge disappointment. Everything feels scripted. The reason the first movie was so great and funny was that everything looked candid and spontaneous, (even if it wasn't).

    This movie is absolutely inferior to the original, and relies way too much on crude humor instead of actual humor for laughs. And there really isn't that much to laugh at. True, the first movie also used a fair amount of shock-value scenes, but the laughs came from watching the reactions of Borat's unknowing targets on camera. With this sequel, it feels like the jokes are being done to shock the audience, and not the people in the movie, and the people on the movie all look like they're already in on the joke.

    A lot of the skits/scenes fall flat. Many of what Borat does is supposed to be offensive, and it's his innocent offensiveness that generates laughs, but in this sequel most of it is so unnecessarily over-the-top offensive that it's just cringe after cringe and devoid of humor. I laughed a few times, but it wasn't like the first where I felt I was laughing for most of the film.

    So disappointed. So, so disappointed.
  • There really is nothing new to add on the zombie genre derived from this movie, other than that it is animated. Typical scenario of your protagonist learning about zombies and their blood thirst, and then spending the rest of the film staying alive while trying to find each other.

    Not the worst way to spend 90 minutes, but there's definitely more entertaining zombie movies. I felt that this movie tended to drag on a bit at parts, and that the benefits of doing animation vs live action fims in regards to makeup or sets or visual effects wasn't fully taken to its advantage.

    I watched this due to comparison to Train to Busan, and because it was available to stream on a slow Tuesday night. I wish it was more entertaining and pulse quickening fun like Train to Busan. Instead, this movie felt like a B-side or a first-draft idea that needed more polishing.
  • The movie plods along pretty slowly. If it wasn't for the superb acting by Bates Wilder, I think I would have turned this off probably about a third of the way through the movie. But I'm happy I didn't because the ending of the film was well done with respectable character development. The story line is not too complicated, no real Hollywood-style surprises or suspense or twists, just two characters slowly learning to accept each other while their lives unfold before them and they slowly let their guards down to let the other in on their life.

    It was not quite what I expected from watching the trailer, I was hoping for a bit faster pace, but I didn't think this movie was a total waste of time either. Some good character development, again great acting by Bates Wilder in a subdued presentation, and some humor tossed in here and there to keep me interested. Often times though I thought that the cinematography missed out on filming the great backdrop of S. Dakota.
  • My kids and I were so excited to watch this, only to be so disappointed in how badly the show turned out. I'm not sure how they could botch such a great idea, but they did.

    Unfortunately, the show is not very entertaining, and they spend probably half of the show interviewing the contestants. And when they finally show the obstacle course portion, the contestants negotiate them so agonizingly slowly that we barely made it through 3 episodes before just calling it quits. And that's even after fast-forwarding through the boring interview portions of the show and just watching the obstacle course portion. Part of the problem is that the contestants spend a lot of time just standing around yelling at each other instead of getting through the course. There's no real sense of urgency or competitiveness or sadly, any entertainment because of this.

    Unlike other similar stunt shows where the commentary is witty and at least partially funny to supplement the on-screen action, the commentator for this show is mostly one guy just yelling loudly. Some of the contestants try to make funny comments, but they sound forced and it gives me the sense that a lot of the "dialogue" between the contestants were dubbed after the fact.