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Tales from the Hood

crap on a stick
I guess since I am a white male from the South my views will not be posted. I love horror films, and always have. This movie makes every white guy in existence a bigot/racist, but would that not be the view of this director. I say it is. All indications aside the movie is not well written or acted except for Clarence Williams III. A superb actor in my reckoning. I make no support for the Klan or for racism, but this flick speaks of it in leaps and bounds from the other side of the fence. If this is a cry for help my only guess is that they needed some good actors and a lot better budget. Again I don't expect my opinion to be posted nor allowed to make further postings even though it is my right, and the only film i have ever felt this way about.

Proud from the South

The Nail Gun Massacre

great b movie
Beware...spoilers ahead. Low budget...great film. Blood, gore and sex, what else could you ask for. The nail gun is an unusual tool for the genre. They made good use of it. I especially love the hearse. Nice touch. considering i have two of my own. Although the taped helmet is tacky is was a simple solution to hide the killers identity without labeling him without a distinct face...like Michael Myers or Jason Voorhees. I even love the cliché vengeance motive. All in all it is a cheesy movie; but isn't that the reason for movies... suspension of reality. Or total disregard for taste. Fortunately both are my cup of tea.

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