• Warning: Spoilers
    Wow! Just...WOW!!! This movie was such a joy to watch. It's a shame that this film didn't get the attention it deserved. This is a damn good movie with a great subplot, the characters are so enjoyable, and Rock is a bad-ass villain!

    I mean, you got Rintaro, the director of Galaxy Express 999, directing it, Katsuhiro Otomo, the creator of Akira, writing the screenplay, and an adaptation of the best anime creator of all time, Osamu Tezuka. What more can you say about that? Amazing animation, too. The CGI goes wonderfully with the 2-D animation, especially the part when the (Spoilers Ahead!!!)when the zigurat self destructs.

    It's funny, it's dark, it's heart warming, and just plain spectacular. Just don't say anything and get this film. It will be worth your time. I swear to you, it will be!
  • My god! Are you kidding me?! This guy thinks he'll get a lot of respect because he rips off the Angry Video Game Nerd? And he thinks if he keeps doing this, he'll the next best thing on YouTube, like Smosh and Nostalgia Critic?

    Why can't he make up his own ideas? Instead, he has to rip off another one's? Dude, get some talent. Even I can come up with my own ideas! Like, play with dog turds, I don't know. But I bet watching a person play with dog turds would be subscribed or respected more than this pile of f---.

    I just don't understand why there are people out there who think if they use all the traits of a famous YouTuber, they would gain more respect. In conclusion, the Irate Gamer sucks, and doesn't deserve any of those views. F--- this gamer, f--- it to hell!!
  • I loved this film so much. I have never seen any alien movie like this before. I loved the connection between Wikus and Christopher. The story, though, is something I want to talk about. FINALLY!!! A realistic alien sci-fi movie that doesn't happen in the U.S., it happens in Johannesburg, somewhere in Africa. Also, FINALLY, there are no crop circles or strange lights or any of that kind of stuff. You think you're going to see clean aliens with a bright light? NO! They're disgusting, bug eyed beings that don't speak English. I've been waiting for a movie like this all my life. So, why do people hate it? I really hate it when people say it's stupid! Stupid?! The music's incredible, the story's incredible, and most importantly, the emotion in incredible. Since when do you see a human being connect to a prawn? Think about that, haters!