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Ancient Aliens

If I could I would give 0 stars
I just watched episode 1 (full), episode 2 (50%), episode 3 (10%) and then I stopped watching. Everything about this ridiculous show is clearly said in all the 1 star reviews. And the so called ancient aliens theorists (Tsoukalos, von Däniken, Childress) are even more ridiculous. If the show wouldn't be that bloodthirsty, I could use it as bedtime farytales for 4 year old children.

Unsealed: Alien Files

Incredible ridiculous ...
The best on this show is the shortness of the episodes, about 20 minutes each. But even in this short time they managed to repeat every single unproven case over and over again, even from episode to episode. Stopped watching after a couple of episodes, avoiding wasting my time.

Hangar 1: The UFO Files

Absolutely ridiculous ... I stopped watching after 2 episodes.
I'm definitely not a aluhead wearer, but I believe there are hidden agendas by governments, since mankind is writing history. To the content of the series: Without the endlessly repeating, unsubstantiated claims of these conspiracy theorists, every episode could have been stripped down to 10 minutes. But even these 10 minutes would be waste of time. Besides this, just think about this practical facts: If this underground constructions would have been really built, how many working people would have been necessary? Is it really believable, governments could have been hidden all this tens or even hunderts of thousands of people? And where would have they hidden the huge amount of excavated material?


The absolute biggest nonsense I've ever seen in my life
Don't waste your time .

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