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Bahut Hua Sammaan

A Political Revenge
The Movie concept is clearly and bitterly against a single and most successful Political Party and one of the large established Indian Business of the country. The movie is an illogical yet entertaining story. The movie is simply a political and business revenge trying to silently infuse hatred amongst the audience. This is what is called as silent poisoning.

Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey

The Movie is a real disaster. I could not understand what was going on in the entire movie ! The acting skills were average. It is a real time slayer.

Captain America: Civil War

Entertaining and Funny like a child comic story
The Story and the plot seems to be well set but the depiction and the participation of the characters was sadly very biased. The story could have been far better. No major nomination also proves my point. Some characters who are mightier and significant in the next movies are almost neglected or presented as useless in the story such as Vision, Black Panther and even Ironman. Ironman seems to be unnecessarily depicted to be failure and subdued from its capabilities. There is clear evidence that the entire movie just wants to exaggerate the role and might of Captain America, who is actually nothing more than a physically strong and determined soldier. The entire movie revolves around him while others just appear to fulfill their part of the story. Spiderman seems to act like a comic-jocker like 'The Mask'. He could have been presented far better and responsible. Antman has been admitted to the scene without any reason or cause or justification. Vision seemed to like a funny video game Robot without any significant role in the entire movie. Falcon could have been presented better. He has been presented as like a Pet Dog of Captain America and his role is given much importance over others; I think that is very disgusting as he is actually nothing more than a mechanized flying bird. Overall the movie just revolves around Captain America and proves him to be far superior to all others and overlooks the importance and power of its superheros like Ironman, Vision, Wanda and Black Panther. Hulk and to do nothing with whatever happens in the story; there is no justification for the same.


below expectation
The movie has not been well directed. It frequently gets off the track and the story could have been better compiled. It neither has a justified beginning nor a satisfactory end. It often gets too uninteresting. The story-line and the plot should have been far better. One of the least appreciated movies by marvel.

Captain America: The First Avenger

With Kevin Feige as the producer, such idiotic and impractical movie seems to be very disappointing. The story-line and the depiction of Military was such a disease. This movie can be tag-lined as the most poorly presented movie in the Avenger Series. The plot, Military Tactics and the fight scenes were so funny. I think this movie is incredibly a time-waste.


The Special Effects, Plot and Story was Exceptional. The new world is indeed Mesmerizing. However the movie seems to have ended abruptly. Overall it is a true entertainment.

Section 375

Good to watch
The movie was quite practical in the contemporary world. It was good, I only find a flaw that it was biased or focused more on the defendant. Richa's role was comparatively limited. However I appreciate the justified ending.


Undisputed Disaster
The movie is a filthy rubbish. No plot, no story, no logic and absolutely non sense. It is just an absolute headache. though several superstars gave their voice in the movie along with Robert Downy but it is all in vain. God Bless.

Mission: Impossible - Fallout

The story-line was good. Tom looked veteran but yet was good at action scenes. The Cars and Bikes were amazing.Action scenes were the best part to watch. However the relation between different government , Police and Secret Agency could have been better justified.

The Dark Knight

Brilliant Show
I feel I am fortunate enough to have watched a superhero movie with suchlevel of performance lifted to zenith. I find no aspect in the entire movie that was left untouched except for the end climax scene of joker could have been somewhat better justified. Watching Insane Joker was very delightful. I think it should be watched at least once in the lifetime or your soul will surely regret later.

The Dark Knight Rises

out of words...
The expectations of last two movies were met in an exceptional way. I am fortunate enough to have watched the movie. I find no aspect in the entire movie that was untouched. The climax scene was delightful. The end were even quite justified. I think it should be watched at least once in the lifetime or your soul will regret later.

Love Actually

Pleasent, Entertaining yet Unrealistic
The movie was too Pleasing, Sweet and Entertaining. It seriously lacked the practical aspects of life. It has a huge scope to be written better and realistic. One striking feature of the movie quite appreciated was the cameo of few renowned actors. However it was only entertaining.


The Movie is an Honour to watch. It incredibly brings alive the History. The Costume Design, Dialogs, Plot, Screenplay, Action, Location, Starcast and the Story was all almost perfect. I donotfind any point in not awarding a 10/10. It will be praised someday by Homer himself.


Good at Plot yet quite disappointing.
I watched this movie after about 10 years. The core theme and the Plot was good. IN spite of all this the movie was shifted to a daily soap or a happy ending Family Drama. All the SOPs were just drained out and it seemed I am watching a Fairy Tale or Family Drama instead of a Sci-Fci Movie. The action and the stunt scenes were poorly directed. Pathetic. Ronald Emmrich and his team could have made few improvements and make the story legendry. Even I could have made a better story and action scenes. I am quite disappointed.

The Tashkent Files

Must Watch: Hidden Secrets of Post independence Era Revealed
There has been a through and sufficient research conducted. The script and dialogues were appreciably good. There was a steady balance in the either aspect of truth along with counter arguments regarding the fake messages and propaganda in the contemporary internet world. An Honest effort that is surely acclaimed to fetch Prestige and Awards to the Team. I assure to promote the movie to most of my Students, Scholars and General Public.

Jack the Giant Slayer

Good Aggregate
Overall it was an appreciable Direction and Cinematography; Still I felt that the Actors were not so Appealing w.e.f. Jack and the Princess Isabelle. The role of the King's troop should have been more Inclusive in the Battle. The Fantasy World of the Gaints was well depicted and Presented. What happened to them and any scope for continuation was not Pictured at the end. After all, it was a very Good and Entertaining, not only for Kids but for all. The end was Justifiable and I feel it should have had more of touch of Historical Aspects. Finally, as the Childhood Story of Jack and the Beanstalk got a Life in such Movie and I loved it...

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