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American Gods

Just stop
They use slo-mo and over the top "awesome effects" it takes a chapter or two to get to a subplot.

I don't know who told the creators/directors this was appealing - maybe a couple of years ago on Hannibal, but not anymore

Just cancel the damn thing already

Wonder Woman 1984

Really? No one wishes for world peace? - Jenkins dropped the ball she threw
The movie is flat, Plot holes all over the place and a "beautiful message" hidden somewhere in between Pedro Pascals over the top interpretation and a terrible writing

Gadot and Wiig are amazing actors but their characters were toned down and instead of empowerment we get that their insecurities and "womanly desires" fall in the ridiculous

Patty Jenkins - and DC - didn't keep in mind a whole universe and the 80's feels like an excuse to go over the top on many things and issues.

The world decides to give back their wishes, to lose everything before they... lose everything or something like that?

The ONLY memorable two scenes are the opening one when WW is racing the other amazonians and maybe the fireworks and logic behind the invisible jet...

See it, it will be two hours of your life where you'll be entertained but definitely not an empowering movie, not a smart movie and challenge yourself to ignore the galore of plot holes


A movie to be talked about
It doesn't matter if you liked the movie or not - YOU WILL TALK ABOUT IT.

Personally, I enjoyed it, the visuals; the overkill in every gesture and the blown out madness of the movie kept me entertained.

Not for all, actually... just for a few but hey, let's talk about it

Enola Holmes

Not funny. Not amusing. AVOID IT AT ALL COST
Who the hell thought Millie Bobby Brown to stick to dramas, she nails that but comedy? Not one thing about this movie made me even smile.

Utter waste of time - AVOID IT

Lovecraft Country

Just watch the first episode
Amazing start! Then... quite the opposite, ive tried to carry on but can't bring myself to do so. Such a shame since the first episode was something else

Hunter Killer

Gerard butler wants citizenship?
The past... 4 or 5 movies starring Gerard butler are all-American let's save the country from: Koreans, Russians, the Americans themselves!

Please just give him the citizenship!! Feels like he's jumping hoops and making god awful movies filled with America rules cliches!!

This movie adds nothing to the career of everyone involved - total and utter waste of time

Penny Dreadful: City of Angels

Should've named it something else and not engaging AT ALL
It has nothing to do with its predecessor - in terms of production, acting and plot. The fact that an American and a puerto rican wrote this misses tens of thousands of opportunities while dealing with the folklore of la Santa muerte - yes, I am from Mexico, not a Chicano as most characters though... so we have another stance when it comes to the subject.

They tried to englobe the dreadfulness of America - the racism, war mentality, class separation, and forgot all about folklore, there is no bearable performance by anyone in the cast, everything was over acted and over romanticized

A big miss and a wasted opportunity to actually get Mexican-American folklore involved. I really hope no one decides this show deserves a second season

10 episodes with no closure or cliff hanger. Just another show that deserves to be put in the drawer and be mentioned as "a bad decision" in further interviews from the cast, writers and directors

Harley Quinn: Inner (Para) Demons
Episode 8, Season 2

All over the place...
... so, the show begins with Harley realizing she doesn't need a man, nor a relationship to be happy, that she's no sidekick and just like that... she bounces off to Ivy?

I enjoy the show but this love triangle they're gonna force between Harley, Ivy and Kite Man? Not that interesting, they got rid of the other villains so fast they came up with this?

What started as a breathe of fresh air on a DC show will soon become an R-rated - very well animated - teen drama of Harley looking for love and it's gonna tire soon

The Mandalorian

A must watch - period
Even though the last three movies have been so-so to put it mildly - Jon Favreau skillfully sets it's series on a league of its own. Disney and LucasFilms have been hiring fanboys as movie directors but Jon is a storyteller, someone who took his time caring for a franchise that the last movie directors didn't do.

He masterfully guides us through a post empire era, with great scale and finally some of the best character development in the Star Wars saga.

If this is the way (ha) Disney and LucasFilms will go forward with Star Wars I'm a hundred percent on board! Kudos to all of the directors, the actors and crew involved in this series, you achieved perfection and specially to Jon Favreau for crafting such a compelling story.

The Witcher

Amazing - don't listen to critics
I, like most fans, had mixed feelings when they announced this show - I binged it today and have to congratulate everyone involved - don't listen to critics, listen to fans, after all this kind of series was meant for US!

Swamp Thing

Exactly what DC needs
We've seen marvels take on tv shows, and I love the fact DC is steering on another direction altogether. Along with titans, the swamp thing doesn't hold back anything (f-bombs, violence, gore and storytelling) a real shame they pulled the plug! But if these two shows are a sneak peek of what's to come count me in! Kudos on production and if you are having any doubts in giving this show a chance, let me tell you this: YOU WILL ENJOY THE HELL OUT OF IT!

The Dead Don't Die

I had never walked out of a movie before
I LITERALLY had never walked out of a movie before - I hope none of the actors had the chance to read the script and decided to have fun with the director telling him they loved making the movie - otherwise nothing makes sense. The movie is not all over the place or anything its just plain boring -Jim Jarmsuch managed to make amazing actors as boring as possible

Once Upon a Time... in Hollywood

An utter waste of time for a weak message.
It is not a bad movie per se, but Tarantino is all over the place like he's the first person who transports us to the late 60's - DiCaprio and Pitt are amazing but not all stories are made to be modified.

The one thing I did like is how he reflects our "drama selling culture" - although coming from the Weinstein's wing, Tarantino should keep quiet - and how Hollywood works around tragedy, but that's just the last 5 mins. This movie could've easily lasted 1 hr tops but the go big or go home that has become a brand in Tarantino's movies really missed the spot on this one - an utter waste of time for a weak message.

The Boys

Violence, depth and American values right in your face!!
I'm a huge Legion fan because of the way they did things - The Boys landed like a punch to the face, its dark, its funny (that dolphin scene!) and most of all its one of the most entertaining shows I've seen lately... every character is developed to perfection and if you don't end up hating/loving Antony Starr for his superb interpretation of Homelander then you missed the whole point! A definite must watch - that would definitely be our world with supes!!

They dwell on topics such as sexual harrasment, drug abuse, collateral damage and co-dependence like no one else is doing on TV - congrats Amazon and cast!

Game of Thrones: The Bells
Episode 5, Season 8

GRRM meant it to end this way
To all of the reviewers complaining about poor character development... where have you been these nine years?! It is a conclussion, a hasty one but there's nothing more to develop. You already know how characters react to certain things... The only fault is the speed of the chapters

Ellen DeGeneres: Relatable

So bad Ellen dropped an F-Bomb to get a reaction
Don't get me wrong I love Ellen, what she has accomplished throughout her career is nothing short of groundbreaking but she clearly missed the mark with this weird stand up format - watching instagram videos mid-show. If you want to see her in all her standup glory go see her past shows in Youtube.


Great (except season 3)
Just avoid season 3 altogether, you won't miss anything and remain with the awesomeness of the first two

The Open House

Avoid this movie at all costs!
Nothing, absolutely nothing about this movie is appealing.The acting is bad, the theme is bad, there is no build up and I sincerely hope that Matt Angel and Suzanne Coote never direct or write anything for the rest of their lifes!

I would be ashamed to dedicate this piece of garbage to a loved one Suzanne, c'mon! The only thing you accomplished was to diminish a good lead and place "suspenseful music" to try an get some build up, well... you failed, please don't ever touch a camera again and try to avoid writing your name unless its absolutely neccessary


Finally something out of the ordinary for Marvel - but not for everyone
I am not a big fan of Agents of shield and agent carter so if you love those you might hate this one...

That being said, this is the first Marvel produced series that goes in deep with character development, not to undermine Netflix's efforts but they always use the same formula for their defenders series.

This show has amazing performances, unbelievable depth and above all: it talks about a very unknown superhero son of a very known superhero.

If you happen to like psychological thrillers and throw a bit of Marvel universe into it, please go binge the hell out of this show, you will not regret it


There is no such thing as perfect TV...
... Archer is an amazing show that always wants to push the envelope and its jokes to the furthest possible point. Yes, there are episodes and even complete seasons that seem to fall far behind what is once was at the beginning.

But in all fairness to the creators, they have evolved and we as a whole have too! Take for example the first seasons! They were perfect and the jokes landed just right! But now... well... now its 2017 (almost 18) and we get offended by everything!! We are taking a satire as if it were the serious mind of its creator and hating him for doing what it has always done: MAKING FUN OF THINGS

So lighten up, put on your "i actually don't get offended by everything" suit and have a laugh, you know you need it!

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