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  • The Zero Boys movie review

    The zero boys is a 1986 action comedy horror directed by Nico Mastorakis, staring daniel hirsch as steve and Kelli Maroney as jamie. The Zero boys was a great surprise for me I turned it on for back ground noise and from moment one i was hooked, i couldn't take my eyes off the screen .the movie can be brokeen down into two halfs; first half is a teen comedy, but then at around the forty minute mark it turns into a full blown slasher flic with genuine creepy moment. the first half is a little dull but is helped a long by the comedy relief (RIP and larry played by Jared Moses and Tom Shell respectivly) the acting in the first part of the movie is average at best but Kelli Maroney is a shining light during the latter half so the acting is improved tenfold. the eighties craziness begins with the maniacs laying siege on the group. the special effects are top notch in my opinion. everything you want from a slasher flick. I was also pleasantly surprise when I found out one of the maniacs is played by martin sheens younger brother Joe Estevez who is definitely an asset to the movie. the ending is a heart thumping ride that ends so right but yet so wrong..... all in all i would consider The Zero Boys a hidden gem of a movie and would highly recommend for any fan of 80s horror or action for that matter and for that i will give The Zero boys Four skulls out of five 💀💀💀💀
  • Zombie strippers movie review Zombie strippers is a 2008 horror comedy directed by jay lee, staring Jenna Jameson and Robert englund .first complaint; the soldiers. the actors give sub par performances and really make the movie start with a fizzle and not the bang I feel the movie needed. the movie has a few funny moment and I really enjoyed the practical effects they were done really well on a low budget schockfest, however my main problem with the whole movie is the awful CGI it looked like early 90s CGI and cheapened the movie. there were a few saving graces, the girls who played the strippers were not bad actresses in there own rights and the make up they had applied when they were turned into the zombies was bad ass. I consider myself a massive old school zombie fan so anything done by george romero is gold , when I see zombies talking and moving faster than a shuffle I normally get put off but it worked for this movie. the movies saviour ( of course) was robert englund who shows his true acting chops and really makes you hate his character in the best way. all in all zombie strippers is a fun film with great make up and practical effects let down by abit of bad acting and awful CGI so it gets two skulls out of five from me 💀💀