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  • The direction, the pacing, the screenplay are a bad, very bad. Can't believe it is the same director/actor duo that gave us A Streetcar Named Desire and On The Waterfront, both, engrossing films.

    The only saving grace in this film is Joe McDonald's exquisite cinematography, through which he brings to bear his considerable expertise with film noir. It's the only thing worthwhile in this film and it is worth the price of admission.

    For the life of me, I can't understand all the high praise being showered on this film. Don't waste your time and mood watching it.
  • I don't understand the bad reviews. Having watched nearly 300 films noir, I can safely say this is among the top 50. Nicholas Musuraca's noir camera work is awesome to behold. If you are in love with the look of noir you get it in spades I'm this movie. Noir fans--you should not miss this one.
  • I expected pure camp, but ended up thoroughly enjoying this film. It: better than 90% of sci fi films, and compared to present day sci fi flicks, better than 98% of the. When Worlds Collide has a compelling and timeless story and none of the performances are over the top. This is a movie about humans confronted with a catastrophe and how they respond to it--not through heroics but as normal people do.

    This movie if remade today with contemporary special effects and attention to science as well as preserving the story and tempered performances, would rock the box office.
  • I can't believe so many people have rated this film at 7 or above. I am being generous giving it a 3. The best part of this film is the opening sequence which is film noir worthy camerawork. You can safely stop the movie once thay scene is done. There is nothing else worth watching. No interesting ideas, no decent performances, no praiseworthy cinematography, no good dialogue.

    Well, I take that back. The soundtrack, for the most part, very interesting. You can play that as background music while doing something else other than watching the screen. Just the music without the dialogue.

    This movie is an insult to the intelligence. I wasted an hour and forty minutes of my life.