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Clone High

Catherine the Great, or should i say "Catherine the So-So"
I watched one episode and was hooked. Not only do they utilize the quirky dysfunctions of the actual people the clones and based on, but they've developed their own style of weird, sometimes subtle, sometimes not so subtle humor, mixed with the drama of high school and the peer pressure of growing up . Great music composed by Liam Lynch, who is directing the up and coming "Tencious D in The Pick of Destiny". The cast is amazing, consisting of such talents like Mad TV's sexy Nicole Sullivan, Drew Carey's Christa Miller, and of the course the young creators Phil Lord and Chris Miller. The guest appearances are random and hilarious. For those who haven't seen it, just buy the DVD, there's only 13 episodes and can easily be watched in one or two stressed sessions. The last two episodes you can tell they were on top of their game and most likely knew that another season wasn't in the picture.

My Dad Is 100 Years Old

Insight into the life
I just caught this movie on the documentary channel and I think it was extremely well done. It's been so long since I've seen imagination and art and human emotion properly translated onto film. An insight into the life of Roberto Rossellini through the eyes of his daughter offers of a unique perspective on how the golden age of Hollywood and it's pioneers functioned. Perhaps the over-all message of the film has skewed my personal opinion since I enjoyed it so much, but I do believe that Roberto had a point. That Hollywood was, and still is, too obsessive over box office results and not enough emphasis on creative expression. This short film is worth a watch.


Pure hilarious crap
Just when you thought that Leprechaun Back 2 the Hood was bad, comes a movie that makes Death Factory look like The Convent.... Again we see a mythical creature thrown into the present day with evil intentions. And though this movie is undeniable crap, I would suggest watching it if it ever graces you're local television station. Perhaps renting it if you have the right drugs handy. Full of corny one liners and an evil munchkin that demands a "steed" in the form of a motorcycle, this movie offers no scares but plenty of "I can't believe this made it to film" laughs. My memories of film in the 90's consist of technological advances such as computer generated graphics and good acting. This movie feels like it was made in the early 80's, perhaps late 70's. It might have even passed for a decent horror flick back then. The creators must have known this movie would offer more laughs than scares, especially with such lines as "fuckith me" just before our short fiend crashes his new truck. I give this movie a 10, only because it is petheticaly entertaining, and I feel bad for midgets. They have enough short comings.

Ween Live in Chicago

What's better than listening to Ween? Listening to Ween live!
There is no question that Ween boasts one of the best live concerts around, simply because no two concerts are the same. Over the years some of Ween's best songs have been re-invented in their live shows, adding different instruments and they've really taken the time to perfect them. The set list for this DVD falls nothing short of Ween's best. They play something from every album, which is nice considering this was made around the time "Quebec" was released, in which any other band would only plug their new stuff. Hook this DVD up to a nice surround sound system, and between the dazzling lights and kick ass camera angles it feels like you're actually at a Ween concert, without the hassle of the smell. A necessity for any Ween fan, and a perfect addition to any DVD collection, this enjoyable masterpiece insures countless viewings, and a very brown time.

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