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Almost Genius

Almost Unwatchable
Scratch that, it's not almost unwatchable it is 100% unwatchable. This show basically recycles the same silly YouTube clips every other similar show has already used and used better. What I don't understand is how they can use clips that other shows even on the same channel have used but still have the worst jokes to go along with them. The comedians and hosts they use are dumb as bricks and can't think of a single funny thing to say. It doesn't even look good, with just basic green screen and editing software. I can't say enough about how bad this show is. I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out it was actually a home video project made by a high school A/V club.

Waiting for Guffman

Waiting for Guffman is hilarious and it still holds up after several repeat viewings. The characters are all incredibly funny, the actors playing them are perfectly cast and incredible in their (hilarious) roles, and the script is simple but so very entertaining. It also has heart and you feel for the characters, but mostly it's just plain funny. I'd say it's not quite as funny as Spinal Tap but it's a better movie, if that makes sense. More heart and drama. I highly recommend this movie (and Spinal Tap too).

The Animals of Farthing Wood

Excellent Children's Entertainment!
This show is an excellent series for children to watch. I would rate it even higher than I have here (8 out of 10) if it wasn't for the fact that you can't help but feel the show is a little bit "dated" in it's look and style. The storytelling is very good but that is something else which you can tell from watching is from a previous era of television.

The animals and characters are all great with some really fantastic voice acting.

The stories are age appropriate for children, well written and also teaching some very good lessons in a way that is fun for the kids and does not beat them over the head.

A Good Day to Die Hard

This franchise is dying
This Die Hard is an action movie worth seeing, probably about equally bad as the previous Die Hard, Die Hard 4, where he jumps on a jet plane, etc. Totally over the top and unbelievable. The great Die Hards (especially the first one, but parts two and three were great too in my humble opinion) were awesome but also not so over the top. This latest Die Hard is also very short, it goes by quickly and the plot is a bit too thin. The villains could be better and Bruce Willis is pretty much just a parody of himself at this point, just going through the motions and collecting his pay check after another ridiculous series of action scenes. It is good enough eye candy, better than a lot of other crappy action movies out there, but not nearly as good as the other Die Hard movies.


Skyfall was a pleasant surprise for me, I saw it opening night and had not already heard all the rave reviews or read them and that's a good thing because otherwise I would have gone in to see the movie with really huge expectations that I'm not sure would have actually been met. The opening of the movie is amazing which is typical of any Bond movie and the villain was really good too, grounded in reality but still a hint of the cartooniness that works so well with Bond villains. Still not a huge fan of Daniel Craig as James Bond (I guess I am more of a traditional fan when it comes to how I like my James Bonds) but it's a good movie, if you like the more recent Bond movies you'll be very happy, it is probably the best Bond movie of the new bunch with Daniel Craig so definitely worth a look. Just like every other Bond movie it is a must see!

American Dad!

At first I wasn't in love with this show, it just seemed like a not as funny version of Family Guy by the same people and I didn't love the characters, but over time I got to love it. I really loved the first 3 or 4 seasons and Roger got to be a great character and even Klaus who I thought was a useless fish character the first few seasons. I think I am either just getting used to/tired of the show and characters or it is starting to stumble or get a bit stale because I'm starting to not like it so much again, but it's still always worth at least a couple of laughs per episode and I recommend it if you like shows that are animated but not cartoons for kids, like Family Guy, Futurama, etc.

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