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The Silence

A Quiet Place knock-off?
With several great actors, I thought this movie would be a hit. While it certainly was entertaining of it's own accord, it certainly felt like a bad knock-off of "A Quiet Place".

I always hate when a very popular thriller/horror movie comes out and for the next couple of years it constantly gets ripped off. Seems like the makers of this movie just wanted a quick buck and were riding the success of the John Krasinski movie.

The creatures are blind and depend on their hearing to guide them. The family has to survive in this new world without noise. The grandmother sacrifices herself by screaming to save her family. etc. The list goes on and on.

The creatures seem exactly like bats, just blind and vicious. In theory, they should be easy to trap. Just get a large building or structure with a door, lure them in with noise, and lock them inside. Blow it up if need be.

This movie entertained me for 1.5 hours when I was super bored, so kudos there, but Hollywood seriously needs more originality. Stop copying storylines because you're too lazy to create a new one.

The Open House

So the movie isn't actually bad at all, until you get to the end and nothing is explained. and i mean NOTHING.

The hours for the open house change several times, i.e. 11:00am, 10:00am, & 1:00pm. I thought maybe this would be explained somehow, but it was not.

The basement seems to have many winding paths to go down, but they only ever check the main corridor for intruders??? Not the smartest people...

You never see the intruders face for more than .2 seconds, so you never find out who he is or what his motives are. Not a damn clue. I thought, maybe he wants the house for free??? Or maybe he's just a crazy killer???

I really expected this movie to hold it's own, but it was a serious let down. Please do not watch it, unless you like disappointment.

Cube Zero

Good ending to a mediocre trilogy?
This movie seems to be in the same field as all the other early 2000 horror/thrillers. Strange effects and subpar acting all wrapped up to make a confusing, yet interesting story. I personally didn't care for the first two movies, I just continued to watch to see if there were any answers. Turns out this movie finally answered many of my questions. And the plot-twist ending at the end? Holy moly. What a fantastic way to conclude what I would only call, a nostalgic thrill.


I read the trilogy (Area X) a while back and I thought it was very intriguing, even though it never explained what the shimmer was or how it operated, but this movie just turns it into mush.

1) They changed the ending. - Now I know that a lot of book to movie adaptations change some story lines to make it work better with the different medium, but this change felt rushed. It seems the writers completely changed the ending to the story so that the original trilogy could be contained in one film.

2) They explained the shimmer. - While this may tie into them changing the ending, I felt like leaving some unanswered questions made the original story as entrapping as it did. By just wrapping it up and saying, "It was aliens, you guys!" I felt like they weren't sure how to conclude the story and instead just pulled rationalizations from a hat.

My main point? The trilogy should've been saved by making it into a tv series. It would've been a better format for the story, as well as making the story lines feel more authentic.

6/10 stars. And that rating is only because Area X is one of my favorite book trilogies.

The Invitation

Um wow?
(SPOILERS) Tbh, the beginning first half or so was pretty mundane and I felt like the story wasn't going to go anywhere, but it quickly turned on its heels. While it was kind of predictable from the first 10 minutes in, what really got me hooked was the very last shot before the credits. If you've seen the movie you know what I'm talking about. Didn't really enjoy the slow build, but I am glad that some of them survived.


I had seen some things claiming that this movie was so scary people couldn't finish it, but I thought it wasn't scary at all. The plot twist at the end was kinda mediocre and overall just seemed to be a run-of-the-mill possession story. Didn't really bring anything new to the table, I'm sad to say.

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