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  • I was so excited when I heard this show was being released and would work along side/prequel to the original TWD. Having watched this show from the beginning I wasn't disappointed. With a promising start, plenty of sub plots, it was almost parable to the original. However, as the show progressed there began weak storylines and fewer sub plots which then adding them together with what seems to be a lacking in energy script writing, it soon became a case of watching season 6 just to see it the show picked up. Also I don't think getting rid of most of the main characters was particularly a good move. On saying all that, I will be tuning in when the next season starts and hope the powers that be have pulled their socks up and pull the show back to its original glory.
  • What to say first.......well there's been better but there's certainly been a lot worse. Casting Rob Lowe was good move, his dry humour carries the show and has delivered some good one liners. Rob Lowe's take on our policing is very humorous as he questions how things are done differently here. Yes there are some flaws and questionable plots so far but so do other fictional crime/comedy series. I could name quite a few other comedies based round a local police station were the constables undermine and talk inappropriately to higher ranking officers and unbelievable plots told.

    At the end of the day, it is fictional and a black comedy with made up plots and not a serious drama which I think some have forgotten. I have rated this series an 7 with the hope that as it progresses the humour will increase.