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Steel Toes

Andrew W. Walker is superb
Little film with giant acting especially by Andrew W. Walker and David too off course!

Podolskiye kursanty

There is only one Rambo in America In Russia all the military personnel are Rambo, some are Rambos with good luck some are Rambos with bad luck, some are male Rambos some are female Rambos, but they're all.... RAMBOS, fearless Rambos!!!

Retfærdighedens ryttere

For Mads Mikkelsen
I rate 1 for Mads Mikkelsen, good actor.

I wonder how many crew reviewers and Danish reviewes here!?!?

I can't believe people say this is a good movie This movie is so BAD, trying to be funny turns out stupid!

That's all.


A Bad Comedy
Why should they make this movie?

For what purpose?

It's not entertaining nor educating.

It's very bad and boring!

Persian Lessons

Lame movie
Nonsensical, implausible and childish movie. The story has a telenovela shop opera quality and far too looooooong!

It's a good movie though if you are a fool.


Joaquin Phoenix
Hey, watch this movie!

If like Joaquin Phoenix talk with his... kind of SIRI voice assistant(and fall in love with it) and a few human friends, then it's a must watch movie!

Crazy movie!


Boring... Fast forward.... Boring again.... Fast forward.... Still boring.... Fast forward... The End!

2 hours long crap movie!


This the worst Finn movie I have ever seen.

Who can make this kind of movie and think "I've done a great jpb!!" is beyond belief!


Pathetic movie
Watch silent movie at sea Robert Redford's version instead, All Is Lost 2013, i don't really like it but it far better than Styx.

Styx producer and director please....

News of the World

A not funny Tom and Jerry movie!
Tom speaks so little German.

The German speaks Kiowa.

A too long and very boring story, that's all about it.


Germany, please!
Der Untergang, Das Boot and few others are very excellent German movies. This is a 2hours 12minutes of pure garbage! Fast Forward pleeeaaase.... Deutschland uberalles, please, just play Soccer, invade Poland, Russia and all, make excellent weapons or provoke World War III, not this!


Don't waste your time, this movie is very bad and stupid! High rating reviewers are the movie crews and their relatives.

Battle Scars

Bad budget, bad actors, bad story, bad everything... Don't watch it!

Waiting for the Barbarians

Barbarians"s movie
Bad movie, boring story, totally unwatchable! Don't believe the high ratings. You've been warned!

The Song of Names

Unbelievably BAD
I can't believe how bad this movie is, and boring beyond believe! That's all about it.


Unbelievably bad movie!
This movie is a pure 109 minutes of torture! Do not watch it, you have been warned!

Keeping Mum

Poor Rowan!
This is a 99 minutes of pure torture! That's all I can say.

On the Job

It's a bad movie from the start to the end, believe me! Wanna see a good south east asian movie, see A Prayer Before Dawn, believe me!

Alone in the Dead of Night

Stupid and Boring
Plain and simple this is a very stupid and boring film of the year. No more no less! My rate is minus 20

Good reviewers must be the crews and family of this piece of pretentious garbage film.

The Station Agent

Pathetic Movie
One reviewer wrote "This was the best movie I have ever seen", really? Another wrote "A Perfect Little Movie", are you serious mate? Another wrote "Genius", "Fantastic", "Fabulous", "Best film of 2003"..... and all bullcraps that obtuse reviewers can write. And because of them I watched this pathetic crap movie!

Trust me it's a pathetic bullcrap movie!!!

Going in Style

Great actors, terrible terrible terrible movie
Unbelievably terrible movie with 3 great actors, shame on them. Not funny not smart no good dialogue no nothing.... The director and the writer and the producer and those 3 great actors(were) should go to jail for making this terrible horrible unbearable movie.

Mean Creek

Animal Cruelty!
It should be a 7 but I give 1 because of the Snail that fool girl stabbed with a knife for nothing, for nothing at all. I hope someday the director and the actor will pay for that cruelty.


Actually it's - 10
Extremely bad movie!!!! Unbelievably bad movie!!!

Please don't make movie like this again and make a fool on people who pay good money to watch.


Never Grow Old

Very BAD!
This is a very bad movie! This movie should not be made, I felt angry after watching this piece of garbage.

Autumn Blood

Dumb movie, literally.!
Unbearable mute film.

Watch Charlie Chaplin instead, at least you can laugh!


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