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Charlie's Angels

Actually... this was fun
I have no idea why people hate this so much. This is a lighthearted, fun film. It's not the most complex, genius story, but it is no worse than 90% of the big films out there. I thoroughly enjoyed it, it was silly, funny, a bit cheesy, with just the right amount of reality thrown in. I mean, whoever says the "woke feminism" was too much has obviously never been out in the real world, because I could easily recognise elements from real life in the film that people tend to dismiss because they are more comfortable with the head-in-the-sand approach.

The girls had their own personalities, they felt real, they were hot, girly and kick-ass. They didn't hate men, they were emotional and visceral in a way that very few women are on the big screen. I loved it!

Come on, people! Don't hate this movie because that's the "cool thing to do" or something. I bet most people who wrote a bad review didn't even watch the film, they just wanted to bring women down because they find anything that's not centred around a man "woke". (Ugh, that's a seriously dumb word...)

Give some love to all these women. They deserve it.


I still can't believe it
It's been a very long time since I wanted to walk out of the cinema mid-movie. This film felt like an utter waste of time. It was boring, borderline offensive with the way they portrayed some characters, idiotically simplistic with the plot (those conclusions the characters got from basically no information is like wtf), and just all in all a terrible movie. It could have been soooo good and funny, but all the good parts were put into the trailer, with the rest of the movie dragging on forever. The number of bored sighs and flashes of phones when people kept checking their phone was more entertaining than anything on the screen. I wish I could have my money and time back.

Captain Marvel

Not perfect, but close
As a huge fan of the MCU, I've been waiting for years now to have a female superhero lead, who doesn't look like a playboy model and/or doesn't fight in a skintight catsuit or a corset. A superhero who is smart, feminine, has other female friends, whose worth is not measured against her male counterparts but someone who's an amazing and worthy character on her own. Did this film deliver? YES IT DID!

The film itself is nothing special, it's your typical superhero action movie, but that's not bad by itself. I enjoy the genre, as I'm sure many people do, so I'm not going to complain about that. As far as origin stories go, this was highly enjoyable. While I'd have loved to see more details, I'm still satisfied with the overall experience.

The film is intriguing, funny (holy fuzzball, THE CAT), action packed, heart warming, and just amazing in general. I'm going to leave it at that, as I don't want to include spoilers.

All in all, I really enjoyed the film, and I definitely recommend it for every MCU fan.

Barely Lethal

Light-hearted and silly, but definitely cute
This is an easy little movie for those who want something silly, but not the usual way. It is true, what most people said about the movie being full of clichés, but I don't think that is a mistake here. Those clichés are a source of humour here, they jump at you and you ARE meant to notice them and not to take them seriously. Even the characters themselves go against some of them (cheerleaders, or the bathroom "actor" scene, anyone?) which makes the whole movie quite enjoyable. And the relationship between Hardman and the little girls? It's so cute and funny, it made me smile every time.

Of course, no movie is perfect. This has some problems as well. The story is a bit under-developed, all that stuff that they put in it would have needed a lot more time to form properly. Sometimes the way that the characters act/react just makes you want to roll your eyes. But it's not THAT bad, or at least no worse than any other movie.

All in all, I think this is a perfect movie for those nights when you just want to switch off and laugh for a while. I'd definitely recommend it.

Kyss mig

Love from nothing?
I had such a high expectations concerning this movie, but I had to be disappointed. It starts nicely, and it's totally that situation when you are intrigued 'how will they go from total indifference to loving each other?' Your answer is 'just like that'. I couldn't really see the development of the relationship, it just got out there from nothing. Two women, barely knowing each other for a few days, fall deathly in love. Yeah, sure. If there was some indication as 'why', then it would be okay. But they didn't even LIKE each other! In my opinion, it was unrealistic and boring. I don't recommend this film unless you want to watch just a quick, lesbian vanilla porn. Because this film was almost just that.


This is a story about a good little kid with troubled past getting a supernatural ability, which then he abuses as much as he can, gets rid of those who stand in his way, and gets the girl he always wanted.

Honestly? Did we get there when even in the movies the people who win are the good looking, rich, and supernatural ones, even though they have quite a questionable morality?

While I personally enjoyed the movie, I wouldn't recommend it to those who have a weak or developing moral foundation. The 'hero' of this movie is not a role model. We can say that he is just human too, who makes some bad decisions, but his mistakes are not shown as such in the movie. You have to treat it like you would a horror movie - it's interesting, but you shouldn't learn how to behave from it.

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