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Was surprised that I liked it/IT!
I don't do horror film usually. I just don't like them. Never saw the mini series of 1990 or read the book so I new little of the story. I had the chance the see an advanced screening of IT yesterday (sept 6th) and it was great. I good mix of kid/teen romance, humor and horror. I would see it again for sure and I highly recommend.

The Hitman's Bodyguard

Excellent, from start until the end!
Perfect dosage of humor and action. Not the typical comedy that goes to far and that feels like the jokes are forced. The action scenes were crazy and really intense whilst the relationship between Bryce (Ryan Reynolds) and Kincaid is to die from laughter. I have to take 1 point because some scenes are really blurry. At first I thought it was just because I was siting in the second row and we were to close to the screen but after reading some other reviews I was I wasn'nt the only one who noticed. Overall, I was expecting to go see a funny movie and enjoy myself, this one delivered and more.


I had high expectation and the movie delivered.
From the beginning til the end I held my breath (not really but you get it...). I find it completely incredible how Nolan has able to get me to feel like that without blood, without gory scene, without even putting a face on the enemy. We already know wars are bloody and terrible, so it's nice to concentrate on something else.

Saw it at a special screening in Imax and going back tonight for the 70mm screening and I can't wait.

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