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Family fun
I sat down to this movie because my daughter almost dragged me along, so wasn't expecting much from it for 2 reasons. 1- CG- everywhere you turn new cartoons are getting done in cg and now 3d. and 2- Disney. Can't remember the last really good Disney film I'd seen.

BUT, I'm glad my 7 year old dragged me along! This was brilliant, from artwork through to storyline, and characterisation. The humour was well done, and some of it subtle for the adults.

My daughter laughed out loud at the wardrobe gag (watch and you'll know which part I'm typing about), & the interplay between the horse and Flynn.

My wife and I enjoyed the story and the comedy was done that it enhanced the story. It didn't seem that this was a case of throw thousands of sight gags, one liners and set pieces and see if any stick.

Now it's a Disney movie so you know Happy Ever After is pretty much guaranteed, but it's a fun journey to get there! If you've got children, go and see it with them! Or go and see it with your friends!

Knight Moves

Excellent mystery who-dunnit!
Excellent film who-dunnit. The setting of a chess tournament as a backdrop for the various murders is unusual. Constantly kept guessing as to whether the "hero" is in fact the murderer, until the very end where the killer is revealed.

Christopher Lambert as the chess master plays out his anguish well as the evidence pointing to him builds to the point where the police believe he did it. The slips of the tongue from Lambert also give the impression he 'could' be the killer... But is he? Diane Lane is good as usual, not a lot is asked of Tom Skerrit so he doesn't give a lot as the police chief. Baldwin is good as the prejudiced cop who takes a serious dislike to Lambert's character.

Worth watching the first time for your own pleasure. Watch it a second time with someone who hasn't seen it before to see their reactions to the mystery!

X-Men: Evolution

Excellent Animated X-perience
I've seen the majority of the 1992 X-Men series of cartoons and I much prefer this version. Now, I'm in my 30's and have read the X-Men books for years. This includes the Ultimate X-Men, which X-Men Evolution bears more resemblance to than the original series. So I take exception to certain comments that this series is only for children of 10-12 years old. I liked the original series on Fox, but this one has different story lines showing the maturing of the mutant group.

The animation is cleaner, character development actually occurs and most importantly of all - in X-Men Evolution, Storm doesn't make a speech every time she uses her powers!!! (This REALLY annoyed me in the Fox series!) In the Fox series Cyclops had had a personality by-pass and was seriously uninteresting and the X-Men Evolution has actually managed to give him some sort of interesting personality. So much so that he was one of my favourite characters.

The stories in this series are all fresh, whereas the stories in the Fox series were just retreads of stories from the comics, where you knew the end result without watching the cartoon (occassionally there would be slight variations but not many).

I would therefore recommend this series to anyone who like the X-Men and to remember this is the X-Men as teenagers in modern times.

Out of 10 I would give this series 10, with the original series 7/10

Jonathan Creek

Constantly Entertaining
This is one of the best in the genre of murder mysteries. From the casting, to the script, to the haunting theme music of the Danse Macabre, this series continues be consistently entertaining. The inventive mysteries test your lateral thinking.

The use of a magic designer to help solve unsolvable crimes is unusual, and pairing his quiet introspection with the overly enthusiastic ramblings of the writer who tries to talk him into these mysteries is quite simply excellent.

Watch and try to figure it out before Jonathan Creek, all the clues are there on screen.

The Mummy Returns

Disappointing ending, annoying brat
Fairly enjoyable film, with good set pieces.

Enjoyed the film at cinema, it is only when you watch it at home that some details start to annoy you.

The computer graphics of the mummy and his guards were superb as usual, but the ending of the film was let down completely by the seriously ropey looking scorpion king at the end of the movie (didn't look anything like the Rock). What I have to ask is was the budget for cg spent on making the mummies look good, and they ran out of cash to polish the Scorpion King!

The MOST annoying thing about the whole movie though was the inclusion of the boy. Within two minutes of him on screen I was rooting for the bad guys when they were going to get rid of him!

I rated The Mummy as 10/10, and The Mummy Returns 8/10. (It lost a point each for the Scorpion King graphics, and for the annoying little brat!)

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