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Rim of the World

Just bad
Bad writing, out of the blue dialogues, plot holes ( more holes, less plot ) , random-forced chemistry and a certain aloofness of characters to everything around them.. This has bad points from every bad movie.

Also did i already cheesy and badly written dialogues ?.. Ugh !

Life of Pi

Best movie of the year
I would consider this movie to be the best movie of this year.

The storytelling is great , The characters development is superb and the cinematography is breathtaking.

The movie conveys a lot without directly stating it . Richard parker, for example could never be seen as not being a wild animal, managed to be someone due to whom Pi was able to survive.

The development of Pi's personality as the movie went along was really natural, I did not just watch this movie ,But experienced it.

The part which really moved me was the end. The insurance people, who were not ready to believe in Pi's first story ended up using it for their report because the story with people in it was too uncomfortable for them.That gives us a insight into how human society works.

This movie is really a masterpiece.Hats off to the director and everyone involved in the making

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