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Harsh Times

Excellent movie
Bale's performance in Harsh time is phenomenal this besides the machinist and American psycho have to be some of my favourite performances by him.

The Chemistry between Freddie and Bale is great it seems like they've been "homies" for years very tight friendship so you know how tight they are immediately and it makes you care for them.

Bale's character is a former soldier and he has major issues just imagine a soldier coming back for Vietnam with flash backs and such ...pretty much they are never the same mentally again...that is bales character right there it's much more deeper maybe someone will explain it better then me Freddie's character is the guy who is a ride or die friend he'll stick with you to end but he's also a follower and get's influenced very easily by bale's character in the movie...I view it as Bale is like an older brother to him Eva Longoria is freddie's girlfriend and she loves him to death because pirior Freddie stuck by here and help her out during university or college i can't remember..All she wants now is for Freddie to get a Job but Bale's influence always divides freddies focus on handing out his applications..She doesn't like Bale's character basically thinks he's going to get freddie killed

just imagine being with your friend throwing around a lot of cuss words but when your talking to someone at a business place you talk proper and not urban slang.. I'd say it's a violent movie i mean there is some brutal scenes that will feed your violence fix....

all in all this movie is pretty damn realistic

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