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no spoilers, just go and watch the king as he shines again...
first of all, this ia for gods sake, an commercial movie. so stop comparing and listening to those reviewers of bollywood who doesn't know the difference between commercial and art films. go and watch and then decide if its worth the money or not. for me, its worth the money and time spent. its an edgy crime drama which keeps you at the edge of your seats as SRK outshines himself as a negative character. both mahira khan and siddiqui are good, specially nawazuddin is quite brilliant actually as he always is. but mostly, its SRK whom you gonna like. though some scenes could be cut to make the film more compact, its easily forgivable. so grab your pathanis, and aa jao.

The Fall of Men

Best 28 minutes for DBZ fans...
First of all, everything can not be copied directly from the series, like purple hair of trunks, blue hair of bulma etc etc. so ignore that and try to focus on the main part. the plot has been changed a bit, and cell is now the main evil in place of androids. but this plot is also very good. its quite admirable how cell has been presented, though his face can be made a little better. but again its a fan made fiction not coming from a big production house. Vegeta saying in a pre-dying recorded tape that goku was his friend was quite brilliant. introducing goku while eating is just the thing we fans loved. even if you are not a DBZ fan, you might very well be eager to see the next part after watching this.

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