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Big Cat Trail

Immensely entertaining! Indie Gold!
Beau Yotty and the Lone Gunslinger Pictures team took some chances, and they paid off. I throughly enjoyed the classic style of this horror, thriller Independent film. I found myself laughing throughout. The cast was on point. The lead actors, Beau, Lisa and Katrina nailed their performances in this Indie feature. I agree with the Horror Society writers who said, "Using the elements and sprawling landscapes to his advantage, writer, director and producer Beau Yotty has once again completed a traditional horror story that feels like it exists in the universe that he's creating. The BYU?" Bravo to everyone involved.

The Lost World

Sit down and enjoy!
This is one of those films that 'Oscar' lovers will tear apart. Well, ignore their reviews. It wasn't made of them. Those of us who love this genre will be entertained, and left wanting more.

Loaded Monday

An entertaining Indie action film!
The film takes a classic movie genre, and entertains the viewers throughout the film. All the actors had very believable chemistry. Their performances were on point for the film. The directing and writing were definitely hit the elements of the 1980s' genre film. The film is listed as 91 minutes, with credits, and not a minute was spared. Great work by all. 10 on the Indie scale!

12 Angry Men

An example of classic film perfection.
There is a lot to be said about how movies are made today, Nothing beats the classics. Twelve Angry Men is a piece of art. A must see for all filmmakers, and movie lovers.

Xena: Warrior Princess

Xena is a fun and entertaining series
Xena was campy at times, but never lost its entertainment value. I miss the fun shows of yesteryear. Most modern shows seem to be dark. I want to escape into an unknown world of fun and excitement. Rewatching Xena was a great choice!

Desolate Land

The series builds, and the short episodes become addicting. I want to see feature film!
The experimental short episodic form is an interesting idea. I am intrigued by the idea and execution. The series grows, and more elements are thrown in with each episode. I just watched episode 8, and it was extremely entertaining! I love Mr. Yotty's story telling, and his ability to grasp the western genre. The scenery is amazing! If you're a fan of westerns, Beau Yotty, and story telling; you will enjoy Desolate Land! BTW - I can't wait for episode 9!

Desert Wolf

Fun, scary werewolf flick, with an homage to the 1980s creature features
Lone Gunslinger Pictures hit the nail on the head with Desert Wolf. It's a fun watch for Halloween. It even takes place in a small town! There were parts that had me afraid for the characters, and in true Beau Yotty fashion, laughing from a quick witted joke by one of the characters in the next. Overall, it's not for the gore lovers; it's for the horror fans who love creatures, old school horror, characters, writing, and humor.

I can see this becoming a cult classic.

Unearthed: The Curse of Nephthys

1980's Horror/Sci-Fi throwback
I enjoyed the throwback style of this Indie Film. The characters were built well and the pace was steady. I really enjoyed the story as well. Fun and entertaining. I'd recommend for any 80's horror, sci-fi fan.

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