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Poor execution
Very hyped webseries, poor screenplay and inciting imcidents, dragged to tye extent

Breathe: Into the Shadows

If you are buff, its just a ok ride
A very few moments are well made, other than that many cliches... Aarya , sacred games are way better for indian series ... Even i don't like the breathe first so much but it was the beginning of indian web series, so that ok ...

And everyone is prasing jr.bachhan acting ... Well ofcourse he improved and concentrated more but when compairng to the rest of the cast, bachan stays low . .

Background music title music remembers of some another series, and cinematography are so good ... edit is also good but could have made more crispier .... When zeba fakes her hand injury, kabir finds it ... But I have no idea how many audience will noted that .... But anyhow that's not so important...


Classical way of story telling
You will feel the resemblance of tumbbad in very light scale , not a very twisting climax but it's well directed and presented ...

Works of camera , actors and art are very fine


Waste of time , such a boring screenplay
No interesting characters and inciting incidents ..

The Last Thing He Wanted

I have no idea what I am watching
For anne, i watched this , but I am confused where the plot is heading , and what they want to convey ......


Worst one from Atlee vijay combo
Century old plot, with too much over acting , dint expect the bad back ground score from the master ...

Worst of vijay - Atlee combo


A horror film without any fear
Just a sluggish writing and not any twists ....

Not any good plots to mention, acting vise ok ....


Copy of identity and predestination movie
Everyone is praising this movie, 😂😂😂😂 may be movie buffs will realise , the concept is stolen from Identity and the part of predestination movie ... Nothing new or entertaining, poor film making ....

Even though everything happens inside the mind of kajal agrawal, the places are too lame and worst .....


Worst movie in recent times, worser than ZERO
Plot and link to the scenes are total mishap, worst movie from the abbas- salman combo ...


Just an another thriller
Climax is too much of drag, making and background score is not good, none of the character impresses. No idea why actor vaibhav committed to the role.

Andhra Mess

A good example how to not make a movie
When you have good technicians and worst plot and direction the result is andhra MESS ...

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