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Rudolph and Frosty's Christmas in July

This is confusing
May I ask you how old is Rudolph? Is he supposed to be an adult or a kid because I think Rudolph has to be the strangest character with a mysterious age. This story changes from one topic to the other. First we see that Rudolph's nose goes out,then Winterbolt's story, the origin of Rudolph, and all the way back to Rudolph's nose. They also have Christmas topics and July topics at the same time. Another thing, why are Frosty and his family the same size as smurfs because Frosty's short comparing to some other characters.

If Winterbolt wants children to love him better than Santa, then why couldn't he kidnap Rudolph and force him to guide him instead of trying to extinguish his nose. It would be easier for Winterbolt's plan to succeed in his goal. That should of been something Winterbolt tried to do. Winterbolt's Genie of the Ice Sceptor seems to be smarter than he is because he comes up with all the ideas and not him. I think Winterbolt's nothing without the Genie of the Ice Sceptor. When Rudolph defeated the snow dragons that Christmas Eve, Winterbolt did nothing to stop him.

My favorite part of the movie is Scratcher because he's funny and he's deformed. Won't people find it strange seeing a talking reindeer, live snowmen, and a warlock with snakes for a sleigh team because I do. I love this movie but some of the things make no sense or switching one plot to the other.


The Cramp Twins

Used to be good, but now, its BORING!!!
**Possible Spoilers** When I first saw this show on Cartoon Network, I gave it a try, and I liked it. But when I saw every episode, it got boring. There has to be more episodes. It sucks now especially that there's always a commercial after the theme song.

The characters are weird. There's Lucien who's an eco-geek and a good-for-nothing loser. ( I mean, who names their kid Lucien ) There's Wayne who has no friends his age and is hooked on sugar and junk. Tony, Lucien's best friend, is a swamp midget, and Mari, Lucien's nerdy girl friend who wears her pants too high.

Overall, this show's okay and is a little funny. It's funny when Wayne calls Lucien "girl-pants", "mud-features", or "eco-geek".

Comparisons to other cartoons:

Better than: any cartoon on Nickelodeon ( Especially The Wild Thornberrys)

Not as good as: The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy

My rating: ***1/2 / ***** ( 3.5 out of five )


Outstanding cartoon, but
Yu-gi-oh is one of the greatest Cartoon Network cartoon, next to Ed Edd n Eddy and Codename: Kids Next Door, but there's different characters. I mean c'mon, what ever happened to Pegasus? ever since Yugi beat him in a duel, he disappeared. Since when did Merrik and the rare hunters come in? Where was he when they showed Yugi vs Pegasus? And another thing, there's always a "To Be Continued" after every episode. This show should be an hour long or less commercials. When will Treston and Taya ever duel? It's funny when Joey being treated as if he were a half witted duelist by his opponents even though he's in the finals.

The ratings for Yu-Gi-Oh should be ***** out of ***** (5/5)

The Simpsons

Some funny and some inappropriate
** Possible spoilers** the things the characters do are inappropriate and not Christian like. That's so immature. For on thing, it involves alcohol (Homer), skipping school (Bart), and crimes. It's like watching a PG-13 movie. There's nothing wrong with Flanders, Lisa, and Maggie but Marge is weird. The whole plot is the opposite of Veggietales. Matt Groening has gone to far with w it. When I first saw the show, I didn't know what to expect. I gave it a try. I started to like because it's funny seeing Homer strangle Bart, but inappropriate and being stupid.

My rating for the show is ***1/2 out of ***** (3/5)for its immaturity

Rocket Power

This show is lameO!
**Possible Spoilers** This is one of Nickelodeon's worst shows.

It's about four kids who live in California who like extreme sports. There's almost no plot and the characters suck. I mean there's Otto who is a show off and sucks at school. Twister is a drooling idiot who also sucks at school and is Otto's "best bro". There's nothing really wrong with Reggie and Sam is a smart kid who sucks at extreme sports.

How the people talk is even more annoying. They say things like "no problemo", "lameO", "Raymundo, or "this stinks on ice". Well you know what?, this show stinks on ice. No one talks like this anymore.

My rating: */***** (1 out of 5)

My top five list for worst cartoons on Nickelodeon:

1: The Wild Thornberrys 2: Pelswick 3: Rocket Power 4: As Told by Ginger 5: Rugrats

Ed, Edd n Eddy

Good, but needs more episodes
** Possible spoilers** Every time I see the show, there's always the same episodes playing. It gets really, really BORING!!!!!!! when you see re-runs. Please do something about it.

And another thing, what's Edd hiding in that hat of his? Is it a big head or a mechanical brain because I can see lumps inside his hat.

This is an okay show with the same plot, to earn money by scamming kids and buying over-sized jawbreakers. Their scams never work.

Character bios:

Ed: A half-witted idiot who usually ruins the scams.

Edd "Double D": a smart neat freak who isn't active in sports and is a goodie tooshoes. He's out of shape.

Eddy: A half-pinted greedy leader who nobody likes except the Eds and Kankers. He is so stupid that his scams never work. If he wants jawbreakers so bad, how about he tries to earn money than get it.

Kevin: A jock who hates the Eds and calls them dorks even though he's a dork himself.

Jonny 2x4 and Plank: A big-headed kid who has a piece of wood named Plank. Jonny 2x4 would do anything for gronola.

Sarah: Ed's sister who has a short temper and freaks out all the time.

Jimmy: Sarah's girly and whimpy friend. His voice is very annoying. He's also not in shape.

Rolf: An old-world kid who works all day and is somewhat strong.

Nazz: A somewhat pretty girl who everybody likes.

Kanker sisters: Three girls who like the Eds and are hated by everyone.

This show's pretty good and gets a ****/***** (4 out of five 5)

The Wild Thornberrys

This show's a piece of garbage! >:o
When I first saw this show, it bored me to tears. I would have rather watched C-SPAN than this. Since Nickelodeon was the only cartoon channel I had at the time, I gave it a try, But it didn't work out.

This show is barely a cartoon. Cartoons are supposed to be funny, or at least entertaining, but this show is horrible. Every time this show was on, I would turn off the television and do something else.

This is the worst show on Nickelodeon along with As Told by Ginger and Pelswick.

Watching this show is like torture; The characters are stupid and the plots are even stupider.

My rating: 1/2* / ***** ( .5 out of 5 )

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