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Sniper: Ghost Shooter

Good action but dialogue riddled with cliches
Action scenes are great. Dialogue is so ridiculous at times I almost turned off the sound.


Boring but for Sam Shepherd
This resurrection of Butch Cassidy and Sundance sputters along like an old jalopy running on only a few cylinders. The action is sporadic with a feeling of inevitability that lacks dramatic tension. The flashbacks were comically inept and served to bring the narrative to a halt time after time as they add almost nothing to the story. Still, Sam Shepherd gives the movie what little gravitas there is to this meandering tale.

The 2nd

Painfully bad
The opening scene involves an incidental shootout serving only to explain why dad is late to pick up his son at college. The plot is nonsensical, the Supreme Court justice looks like a thug and the violence serves no purpose except to excite the brainless. Absolute waste of time. By contrast I just got through watching Justified, which has a plot AND character development.

November Criminals

Refreshingly different
Tired of superhero's, car chases and other cliche plots. This one is different. The characters matter.

Knives Out

Overacting diminishes a clever plot.
This film should have had a British cast. The Americans overacting badly tarnishes the plot. And Daniel Craig, who is English, is a bull in a China shop, vacillating from false modesty to egomania but rarely finding the appropriate tone. Richard Grant comes to mind as an actor whi could bring intelligence and nuance to the part. This film could have been so much better. It speaks volumes about the films that are coming out these days that Knives Out gets such enthusiastic critics reviews.

Legal Action

Really stupid
For starters, when the big shot city lawyer heads for the country he drives out of his three car garage in a well preserved old Mustang. When he arrives on the scene he dons one of the biggest cowboy hats I've ever seen. And that's how it goes. One cliche after another until it's over about an hour and a half later. The plot isn't worth discussing.

Nate and Hayes

As witless as any caper movie I've ever seen. Blah blah blah

Den of Thieves

Another Gerard Butler tough guy vehicle
Remind me never to watch another Gerard Butler movie. He takes this one over and makes it about him. And his an ill mannered boor. I shut it down about halfway through n

Stone of Destiny

Funny and heartfelt
So authentic. No car chases, explosions or superheroes.

Just Cause

First 2/3 were good
Great cast, good photography. I was liking this as a good B movie until the plot twist. It then becomes so ridiculous I felt sorry for Sean Connery, Kate Capshaw, Larry Fishburn and Blair Underwood. Ed Harris, however, does a star turn in a secondary role but is somewhat confusingly named Blair.


This is what I hoped Mr Robot would be. Humanizes robots (synths) and continually challenges the viewer to differentiate between synths and humans. Should have been continued for at least one more season.

Another Time

Silly and shallow
Trite plot. Silly central character. Dialogue is contrived. I could go, but why bother. Waste of time.

The Archer

Too dumb to review
I don't know where to start. This movie was so witless and contrived from one plot development to the next that I was dumbfounded. This kept thinking now the real story will begin. But it didn't. And then the it was over. Perhaps a teenager wrote the script over spring break.

Proven Innocent

Dropped it after 2 episodes
Good idea, lousy execution. Starts with lawyer heroine delivering a subpoena to a bad guy with a gun in a seedy part of town at night with no backup. What could go wrong? The courtroom scenes are brief and simply exist to further the plot, which I guess is about Madeline then and now, based on the number of flashbacks. Nothing much to wrap your mind around. Her brother turns out to be a junkie. This may sound petty, but I have trouble finding a criminal lawyer in court credible when she the way she wears her hair suggests a bedroom scene. She's lovely in a soft kind of way, but nothing about her appearance or demeanor suggests a steel trap mind, which is what the continuing plot line requires, or should require. This is more like a high school revenge story.

Beatriz at Dinner

Heavy handed, unfunny and awkward
Almost from the first moment I found this movie heavy-handed in its portrait of Beatriz and later of Strutt. If this was supposed to be comedy, it missed by a country mile. It's total lack of subtlety and nuance was appalling. I so wanted to like the movie. I love Selma Hayek, but those bangs!!! The movie could have been so much better had Beatriz had more grace and subtlety. Lithgow's character was a bit cartoony as well. Ah well, that's Hollywood.

Bright Star

Deadly dull
The movie starts so abruptly that I have no empathy for either of the lead characters. It's as if we started with chapter 10. Character development is weak. No dramatic tension since we know the outcome in advance. The main event is, of course, Keats' poetry. I like Abbie Cornish but I think she is badly miscast in this costume drama(?).

Triumph of the Spirit

Noble intent ; clumsy execution
So empty where it should be compelling. The boxing scenes are so fake and drama free that they add nothing to the story line. And at one point during the chaos of a failed uprising, Defoe finds his lady love and, as he says goodbye, declares "When this is over, I'll find you" to whic she says, "I'll be there". Since no "there" is specified, this is an empty promise. Many scenes have a deja vu quality and are strung together with little or n connecting narrative. What should have been a compelling story, therefore, felt disconnected and empty. Very disappointed.

Murder on the Orient Express

Silly movie
Without the benefit of having seen the previous versions of this move, I was disappointed. Kenneth Branagh's Poirot was a cartoon character with ludicrous pasted on facial hair that did not match the hair on top. Many of the scenes were so stagey as to repeatedly remind me that this was divorced from reality. The seating of all of the "suspects" under the arch of the train tunnel was the most preposterous of all. I could go on, but the bottom line is that this was a silly, stagey remake that lacked credibility.

Sharp Objects

Unremittingly depressing
Good cast but this story line is unremittingly depressing. I'm a big fan of Amy Adams and Patricia Clarkson and loved Big Little Lies. But after watching three episodes of Sharp Objects, I gave up on it.

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