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Royal Kill

Pretty good the second time (Spoilers)
Wow, this movie get's no love. Come on people, look deeper. At the beginning of this movie I, too, smiled to myself thinking "here we go again." I fully expected a movie full of cheese. And I wasn't completely wrong. A lot of the lines were unnecessary and overdone, and some of the acting came off as silly, but the script is actually kind of brilliant. Now, I'm not gonna lie, it took two viewings of this movie for me to really understand it's content. The first time I watched it I actually found myself getting really angry. I thought "What kind of movie does this to it's audience. What kind of movie makes us care for its characters only to betray our trust." When Adam killed Jan I found myself staring at the screen, open mouthed. If I recall, my exact thought was "No! no, no, no...what?" The first viewing ended with me desperately trying to figure out exactly what had happened. I had kind of figured it out, but questions still remained. So, I watched it again. And by the end of this viewing I understood. My anger had disappeared and had been replaced by genuine appreciation. This movie is truly unique. Although some things could have been done better, the end product is something of wonder. In the world of Hollywood where nothing truly new ever seems to appear, this movie stands out. It is a story that's never been told before and that's what makes it special.


a feel good film
This movie is not the typical sports movie. It is about a girl named Robin who has gone through many tragedies and yet never stops trying to achieve her goals. Early on in the movie we find out that she was recently in a car crash and has a knee injury. This is especially terrible to her because it keeps her from reaching her full potential in the sport she loves the most gymnastics.

Unlike many sport movies, Robin doesn't start out as the best there is. She has to work at it. Her aspirations are not what the whole film is about either. She also has troubles at home with her alcoholic step-dad and is not the most popular kid. Also, the film is not entirely focused on Robin. There are also other characters who have difficulties in their lives All in all this film is a feel good movie. It is full of music and spirit. You will enjoy the acting and relate to the characters.

Charlie's Angels

One of the best movies ever!
Charlie's Angels is a great movie. I never really watched the series it was based on (not my generation), but the movie was everything I had hoped for. The music is fantastic, as are the actors. The storyline is as follows:

Eric Knox, the founder of an up-and-coming engineer company, is kidnapped and his software is stolen. It's up to the angels to get him and his software back.

Starring Cameron Diaz, Lucy Liu, and Drew Barrymore, Charlie's Angels is a movie full of twists and turns and is not a film to be missed by action/comedy fans. (unless you believe that a woman can't fight crime as good as a man)

Dr. Giggles

Warning: possible spoilers

Dr. Even Rendel was a good doctor until his wife developed a severe heart problem. Dr. Rendel began to change into a sinister and psychotic doctor bent on performing the very first heart transplant, with the help of his young son, by killing his patients, one by one, and tearing out their hearts to find a perfect match for his wife. The people living in the town, after discovering what he had been doing, stormed the doctors house, dragged him into the street and stoned him to death. They had killed the doctor, but never found his son.

Years later, in an institution for the mentally insane, a patient known only as Dr. Giggles escapes, killing many doctors along the way.

He flees back to his hometown to avenge his fathers death with the help of his "doctored" medical tools.

This movie also features Holly Marie Combs as Jennifer Cambell, a typical teen with a heart condition, who quickly attracts the attention of the not-so-good doctor.

Watch this movie!

Cabin by the Lake

A captivating black comedy
Warning: Possible spoilers!!!

Judd Nelson delivers a captivating performance as Stanly. A seemingly quiet writer working on a screenplay about a serial killer who kidnaps teenage girls, drowning them, and then visiting their dead bodies in his "Garden of flesh." Stanly's only problem is that he's developed writer's block and isn't sure how to add that certain touch of "realism" to his screenplay. To fix this dilemma, Stanly ultimately becomes the Sadistic killer in his screenplay to gain ideas to perfect is "work of art." For Stanly, all seems to be going well... until he meats his match. Malory.

Malory is a smart, outgoing girl with a strong will and one major weakness... She's afraid of water! What would happen if you mixed true fear with a true phobia? A perfect twist to his story! Stanly sees Malory as the perfect opportunity to complete his "Garden" and his screenplay.

Stanly kidnaps her and let's Malory sink down into the lake's dark water. He rides away on his boat. As far as he's concerned his screenplay is finished. What he doesn't know, however, is that he dropped her right over some deep water divers. Malory is saved by the deputy sheriff and out of harms way...For now. What will happen when Stanly realizes she's gone? watch the movie and find out.

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