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The Devil All the Time

What a drag! I just wasted 2 hours and 18 minutes of my life...

This movie was boring. The pacing was way off. The first 45 minutes was way too slow. And then there scenes towards the end that felt rushed because of the lack of build up. The narration was unnecessary. I don't need a voiceover tellling me what I just saw happened a few seconds ago in a scene. The aesthetic also felt too glossy and sanitized. I didn't care about any of the characters. A big problem here is that none of the side characters get much of a spotlight and thus have no development. It's hard to care about them. The acting was solid, but nothing too memorable. I know people are hyping up Tom Holland's performance, but I thought he was okay at best. He's too soft faced and clean cut to play such a intimidating violent character. The oscar campaigning from his fans is ridiculous. There was nothing oscar worthy about his performance. The potential is there, but we might see it for his next role where he portrays a drug addict in the film Cherry. Anyway, I have no desire to watch this again. The whole movie felt pointless. Really disappointed after all the hype.

Danger Force

Horrible Unecessary Spin-Off
Henry Danger didn't need a spin-off and was on longer than it should have been. They shoved these four new kids in the final four episodes of Henry Danger and decided they give them a spin-off show. The characters are just discount versions of the kids from Henry Danger. Bose = Henry, Mika = Charlotte, Miles = Jasper, Chapa = Piper. Cooper Barnes has no chemistry with these kids and seems like he can't stand them. I was finally glad Nickelodeon was free of Dan Schneidr sitcoms which overstayed their welcome on the network, but nooooo here comes this forced and uneeded spin-off. This show is boring, it's not funny, lame characters, stupid plots. This show sucks!

Sydney to the Max

Terrible Show With Unlikable Lead and Bad Messages
Sydney to the Max focuses on 13 year old Sydney Reynolds, her single father, best friend Olive, and her Grandma who lives with the family. The show goes back and forth with flashbacks of the dad as a kid in the 90's.

Another bland Disney Channel sitcom with a stupid laugh track centering around two annoying teenage girls. Yeah, we haven't seen that before. Rolls eyes. The lead girl Sydney is awful. She is a rude unlikable brat. The way her character speaks to the father is disrespectful and way out of line.

The first episode she yells at her dad that he's a hypocrite for doing the same thing he did when he was a kid.

Syndey ask for a dog her father says no and still goes and gets one anyway. Sydney wants to go to a concert with Olive, her father says no. And you guess it, Syndey and Olive sneak out anyway.

Syndey gets her period at school and needs a change of pants. Her father brings her the wrong pants and she gets an attitude and walks off.

Sydney dodges her curfew and gets grounded and can't go to an event with her friends. She's pesters her Dad to unground her and he finally snaps and says his decision is final. She scoffs at him "Your're the worst dad in the world" rolls her eyes and stomps upstairs to her room.

We're supposed to like this spoiled snotty little brat? Ugh....

The flashbacks feel like a cheap gimmick to cash in on 90s nostalgia and frankly add nothing to the show. You can cut out the flashbacks and the show would be exactly the same. And sometimes the flashbacks have nothing to to do with the main plot.

Anyway, not a fan of this show. It's bland, it's not funny, the lead is unlikable, characters aren't interesting, the plots generic, lack of chemistry with the father and Syndey. Just an overall boring show with a lame gimmick.

Young Dylan

Awful Show
Can Nickelodeon greenlit better black sitcoms. This is just as bad as that horrible Cousins For Life that came out last year. It's unfunny, the lead kid who plays Dylan is obnoxious and unlikable, the acting is terrible, it's boring, production value feels cheap and low budget. And the plot is unoriginal. Really Tyler Perry? Ripping off Fresh Prince of Bel Air. This kid is no Will Smith. Get this trash off the air!

Cousins for Life

Nickelodeon, please stop making these horrible sitcoms!
Another lame and unfunny Nickelodeon sitcom. The acting on this show is horrible. Nobody on this show can act! Where did they find the people off the street? I can't decide who's worse the dad with the glasses or the little brother. No chemistry between the actors. The obnoxious laugh track goes off every 2 seconds. The plots are lame and revolve way too much around that stupid pig. It's just so bland and corny. And it tries way too hard to be hip. The first episode the little brother was doing that stupid fortnite dance and dabbing? Ugh.... And I'm getting sick of the colorism in movies and television against dark skin girls. Yet, another black sitcom where the boy fully dark skin black kid and the girl is a lightskin biracial with long curly hair. Disgusting! This show belongs in the trash with Knight Squad which recently got cancelled.

The Haunted Hathaways

Another Terrible Nickelodeon Sitcom
This show is just plain bad. The jokes are eye rolling. Can we stop with the fart jokes! It's so childish and not funny. The whole Louie finger snapping into the wrong thing got old after the 3rd episode. The acting is bad. Both the parents overact and so does the kid playing Louie. The kid playing Miles is too cheesy. Amber Montana as Taylor? Good lord she can't act her way out of a paper bag. She always sounds like she's reading cue cards and she can't do comedy to save her life. She lacks charisma and can't carry a show herself.

The characters suck. The dad and Miles are both corny. The mom is too frantic and hyper. Louie is an obnoxious jerk. The teen daughter Taylor is an unlikable rude whiny brat. She's so bland and so are her interchangable group of friends who have no distinct personalities. She and the actor playing her boyfriend have zero chemistry.

Frankie is the only cool character on the show. She's unique, smart, and spunky. Breanna Yde is a cutie!

Knight Squad

Who greenlight this garbage? This show is terrible
Another god awful Nickelodeon sitcom. From the moment I saw the first promo I knew this show would be a huge flop. It's painfully unfunny. The stupid laugh goes off every 5 seconds. Nobody on this show can't act their way out of a paper bag. The characters are cliched stereotypes and none of them are interesting. The generic mean girl and her bimbo idiot sidekick. Gee... we haven't seen that on countless Disney/Nick sitcoms. The storylines are weak. The writing is bad. Not surprised this show is doing terrible in the ratings. A tween sitcom set at a magical school for knights??? WTF?? It's very unappealing and corny. I expect a cancellation announcement within the next few months. Hey Nickelodeon, stop greenlighting these trashy unfunny sitcoms and cartoons. Their only good show right now is The Loud House.

Jurassic World

Terrible Movie! Overrated Garbage!
This has to be one of the worst blockbusters I ever seen. I remember I left the theater on opening night feeling so empty and unsatisfied. Like Force Awakens just Jurassic World was just a bad remake of the first film in the franchise.

The characters were awful. They were bland, forgettable, and unlikable. I wanted all of them to die, because they all make the dumbest decisions. Example, older brother (lets run away from our babysitter, takes little brother into restricted area, yells at his brother to stop crying). We're supposed to like this character and root for him to live???? Nobody remember any of their names and that's a big problem. When people talk about the characters they refer to them as red head lady, two annoying kids, British nanny, black guy, Indian guy, lady in the control room. Zero character development and no growth.

Too much ripping off the first film. There's a difference between homages and straight up copying. Two kids get attacked in a vehicle. Gee... because we didn't see that in the first movie. This nostalgia garbage has to stop. The scene at the old visitors center was just there for nostalgia jerk off festival. Hey remember the Tim's googles, the old dinosaur painting mural, the original Jurassic Park banner, the original jeep cars.

The tone was all wrong. Way too comedic and meta. Couldn't take anything seriously. This movie wasn't scary and had zero tension or suspense. The truck chase scene and the gyrospchere attack should of had me on the edge of my seat, but it didn't. And characters unrealistic reactions don't help either. The little brother is laughing and joking "I can't wait to tell mom" after bug zapping a raptor. In the gyrospchere scene the old brother has a blank face while it's been flung around violently. No reaction. During the pterodactyl scene everybody is running around screaming being attacked and killed, the two kids are blankly watching Chris Pratt and Bryce's characters causally kissing. So stupid.

The acting was so horrible. Chris Pratt was so wooden and stoic. Bryce Dallas Howard was so awful with her out of breath "acting". Vincent Dinofrio was miscast as the villain. Didn't buy him in the role. The two kids were horrible. Nick Robinson was so wooden and had no reaction anything happening him, just blank stares. No emotion. The younger kid could have been better. Ariana Richards/Joseph Mazello were excellent in the original film and were believable. They knew how to play scared very well. I never believed the two kids in Jurassic World were scared at any point. Jake Johnson was obnoxious and not funny. Lauren Lapkus was awful and her crying scene was embarrassing. Chris Pratt and Bryce Howard have zero chemistry.

The movie looked fake, too clean and shiny. Unlike the original three films, this felt like a movie taking place on a green screen. The teal and orange color grading made the film look ugly. Terrible cgi, how do the dinosaurs look better in 1993 than 2015. No animatronics except for one. The Indominous Rex was lame version of the T-Rex and changed to fit whatever plot device the movie wanted.

People trash the Lost World and Part 3, but I rather watch those over World. At least those felt like Jurassic Park movies. World felt like a terrible Syfy channel film with a huge budget. Jurassic World was a soulless cash grab that has zero re-watch value.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

My least favorite Spiderman movie. That was horrible.
Glad I didn't waste my money to see this at theaters. Overrated movie. Except Michael Keaton and Tom Holland, Homecoming was pretty awful. Thin plot, bad acting, poor casting, weak action scenes, dull cinematography, bland directing, no emotional weight, the forced diversity, and endlessly obnoxious references to the Avengers/MCU. Okay, we get it! The inconsistencies from Civil War annoyed me. Peter's room is completely different, Spiderman was strong and capable in Civil War, but in Homecoming he's a clumsy clown who cant do anything right, why did they change the holy ---- line in the blog? I never liked the Homecoming title. It's so cheesy. The political agenda was so unnecessary. The built by slaves line and the cowboys and Indians line made me cringe as well as that eye rolling Ferris Bueller reference. After Civil War, this was a disappointing follow up. This wasn't a Spiderman movie, it was a lame teen comedy with Spiderman thrown in a few scenes.

The Sandlot 2

Horrible Piece of Trash!
Why was was this garbage made? It was a pointless waste of time. It's the EXACT same film scene for scene of the first movie except they threw in three girls in the mix and it takes place in the 1970's. Even worse, it's from the same guy who directed the first movie!

The kids in the first film were likable and cool, whereas the characters are in this sequel are all annoying and unlikable.

David has no personality, Haley is annoying, fat kid is obnoxious, Johnny is a whiny wuss, Haley's two friends served no purpose and were pointless, everybody else was forgettable. Why did this movie need a deaf kid? It added nothing to the film. Oh and that Retriever kid was pointless and was only in the movie because he was the director's son. Worst kid actor ever! What was with his face? He looks mentally retarded.

The acting is atrociously bad! Where did they find these kids off the street? The kid who plays David looks disinterested and bored the entire movie. He says all his lines all monotone and dry. The kid who plays Johnny is awful. He flubs all his lines and they're horribly delivered. The fat kid just screams all his lines. The token black kid sounds like he's reading off cue cards. Ugh.... everybody was bad.

James Earl Jones clearly did this crap for a paycheck.

This movie is a shot for shot remake of the first down to the dog ending chase scene, you play ball like a girl insult scene, the kiss at the fair, the camp out storytelling about the dog, the montage of trying to get the ball back, going against the rival team in a baseball match, the voice over at the end telling what happened to all the kids, even the framed picture of all the kids in the last shot. Lazy, lazy, LAZY!

The dialogue is horrible. Take a drink every time the fat kid said crap! or somebody said "What the hell"? Their is one utter of ass and sh- t! It felt so forced and cringe. Like wow we're so cool.

One the worst movies I ever seen in my life! The original Sandlot is a childhood classic. This trash sequel should have never been made.

Bella and the Bulldogs

Crap Show! More Feminist Garbage with Terrible Stereotypes
Another crappy Nickelodeon sitcom. The show revolves around a girl named Bella who was once a cheerleader but somehow managed to get starting quarterback on the football team because she randomly threw a football like 30 feet across the field.

The characters are all horrible stereotypes. Bella is an annoying perky spoiled white girl. Yawn.....She is no different then the other female Nickelodeon leads like Tori Vega, Carly Shay, Taylor Hathaway. She's a perfect Mary-Sue who gets everything she wants. Newt is the nerdy corny white kid who gets picked on. Troy is pompous hotheaded arrogant douche swag black kid who think's he's all that. Sawyer is juts a tall redneck dude with a horrible country accent, Sophie is the sassy tough Latina chick, Pepper is annoying little prissy Asian who was adopted by white parents. What is with that Ace Mcfumbles kid and his black friend sidekick. They're pointless, unfunny and add nothing to the show.

A girl allowed in the boys locker room is okay??? They would never due a boy in the girls locker room. Both sides are inappropriate.

Troy and Sawyer are the skinniest football players I've ever seen. Also, how did a midget twerp like Newt who looks like a 7 year old end up on the football None of these guys size would be on the professional football team. The stereotypes are horrible. Why does Bella and her friends have to be such a giggly ditsy girly girls. Her football is covered in colorful rhinestones, her locker area is all pink, fluffy and covered with flowers, she and her friends can't live without make-up, Bella's perfectly curled hair. All the guys on the football team are sexist jerks. The attempts at catchphrases are pathetic! Bella's "Sha-BooYA" and Newt's "Who said that" are both equally lame, unfunny, and corny. The opening theme song is atrocious. Way not to be subtle with using songs like Taylor Swifts "Shake it Off" and Kelly Clarkson's "Stronger". We get it GIRL POWAH!

Stupid concept. Stupid show. Enough of this politically correct agenda that is shoving it's way into film and now television. A female linebacker in the NFL? Give me a break! I'm sick of this forced girl power garbage. I have the same problem with the new show on Fox called Pitch which has a similar premise except with baseball.


Horrible! This Show Was Utter Crap!
Blech! I remember this lame ass show. It came on after Fresh Prince on Monday nights. This show was awful and preachy. It was unfunny, badly acted, poorly written, and just plain stupid! Every episode was some serious Very Special Episode. First of all the name of the show and main character is Blossom. Aww how cute... NOT! Vomits in bucket. The opening intro was pure cringe of Mayim Bialik in some hideous supposed to be cute flowery outfit with a hat dancing around like a total doofus. The lyrics of the theme song were horrific "In my opinationation, the sun is gonna surely shine"! Yuck!

The dad was a terrible actor. I got sick of hearing about older brother Tony's past alcoholic addiction EVERY SINGLE EPISODE! Joey was the dumb idiot brother. Six was her motor mouth fast talking best friend which got old after a while. Who the hell name's their kid Six? And we've got Blossom who ugly as hell. She was unattractive and had the worst frumpy wardrobe. Are we supposed to believe she can get someone as hot as Vinnie to date her. Or the episode where Blossom dressed up and went to a party and as she walked past guys they would drop there drinks and ignore there girlfriends just to gawk at Blossom. Oh PLEASE!!!! Ugh.... How in hell did ugly horse face Mayim Bialik get her own show?

Why are the best friends in these Teen sitcoms better than the main characters. Six was way hotter and more likable than snobby know-it - all ugly bitchy brat Blossom. God, she was such an annoying goody two shoes. No high school boy with a brain would turn down Six for an ugly turd like Blossom.

The plots were stupid and ridiculous. Remember the episode when Salt N Pepa showed up at her house singing "Let's Talk About Sex" in her living room. When Blossom and Six were queuing for concert C'n'C music factory tickets and suddenly the aforementioned music factory turn up and they all start dancing to Blossom's lame beat box.

I remember the last season gotten really horrible when they tried to make it a family sitcom like Full House when the dad married that British lady and she and her daughter Kennedy and dog moved into the Russo home. Her daughter had the worst British accent I ever heard! And then they added the little black kid next door neighbor who similar to Urkel and they had Joey and Kennedy do these cutesy Uncle Jesse and Michelle like scenes. NBC's cue to cancel this trash!

The only reason this crappy show lasted as long as did was because Joey Lawrence was hot and Jenny Von Oy's sweet ass in those tight shorts and jeans. Otherwise this garbage would have bit the dust after one season. Blossom is the finest example of bad 90's fashion and television. This show was horrible in so many ways, I never understood why it was on.

Wes Craven's New Nightmare

Overrated! This Movie is Pretentious Boring Garbage
I never understood the praise this movie got. It just feels like some bland overly long melodramatic Lifetime movie about Heather and her lame kid. There's a lot of dull scenes that drag on and you're just wanting Freddy to show up. The movie isn't scary at all. There's a reason this movie went unnoticed and flopped at the box office when it came out. It's also the least successful Elm Street film in the franchise.

The acting is horrible. Heather Lagenkamp was never a good actress. Her reaction when the police tell her husband died in a car accident is embarrassing. She has zero emotion and basically no reaction. The husband Chase was blah, Tracy Middendorf as Julie was bad, the black nurse was awful (cut this evil outta him), Wes Craven stick to directing, you're not an actor. Robert Englund always delivers. He was great as Freddy from the little screen time he had.

Having the movie centered around Heather's son Dylan was a terrible idea. He pretty much ruined this movie for me. He was so ANNOYING! And Miko Hughes acting was horrible. His performance and line delivery was wooden and stiff. And anytime they tried to have act creepy or like Freddy came off hilarious instead of scary. His constant screaming was obnoxious too. He sucked! I wish Freddy ate him for dinner. I have when these horror films have a dopey wimpy little brats thrown in the mix.

Speaking of Freddy, he is barely in the movie. There's only 2 death scenes and there weak and forgettable. The musical score was terrible. A lot of overly dramatic loud crescendo horns. Blech!

The tired references to the original film Nancy's white pajamas, tongue phone, gooey muddy stairs, Julie's death is a repeat of Tina's death, the nurse at the hospital played Nancy's English teacher in the original film, etc.

Freddy's new look is crap. The long detective looking trench coat, the skin tight leather disco pants, knee length Doc Martin combat boots. The classic glove is replaced with this skinless stupid bone glove. The new make-up too rubbery.

The final showdown in Freddy's man cave was ridiculous and silly. Heather sliding down a water slide and the terrible shot of her falling into the pool. Freddy extending his arms 50 feet, tongue wrapping around Nancy's whole head, Freddy's mouth stretching 50 feet wide trying to swallow Dylan whole. The terrible special effect cgi when Freddy explodes at the end is hilariously bad. So stupid!

This movie is basically Heather and her screaming brat being stalked for 90 minutes. Yawn...

Stuck in the Middle

Terrible Malcolm in the Middle Rip-off
Another generic and lame Disney Channel sitcom. God, this show is so boring and dull. Isn't this supposed to be a sitcom? Where's the comedy and jokes? This show isn't funny at all. Seriously, at the end of the Pilot episode the family eats donuts of a garbage can at the park???? That's disgusting....who wrote this crap?

Everybody in the Diaz family is either boring or an unlikable jerk. The parents - Dull and no personality Rachel - Stereotypical spoiled prissy girly girl teenage daughter. She's selfish and only cares about her looks and how she dresses. She also rude, snotty and very unlikable. Hate her! Georgie is the athletic sporty sister. Ethan has.... no distinct traits. Twin Brothers Beast and Lewie - No personalities or any type of characterization. They serve no purpose. They just do random weird stuff. There just...there. And who the hell names their kid Beast? Daphne - Yuck! Are we supposed to find her cute. She's rude, spoiled, gross, and unappealing. I hate her wardrobe mix matched clothes, frizzy messy uncombed hair, lipstick smeared all over her mouth. The child actress playing Daphne has a disgusting raspy voice and giant gap in her teeth. She looks like a ugly gremlin.

And we have Harley our main character. She's bland and uninteresting. She's supposed to be an inventor but where does she get the money for all these inventions. Harley talking to the camera is unnecessary.

This show is basically a Malcolm in the Middle rip-off except with a girl as the lead plus 2 extra sibling thrown in the mix. Just watch the Loud House on Nickelodeon or reruns of Malcolm in the Middle. Much more entertaining, better written and funnier this bland and stupid piece of crap show.

Zoey 101

Overrated! This Show was AWFUL and BORING!
I hated this show back when it came on in 2005. Jamie Lynn Spears starred for two seasons on the god awful All That reboot. So Nickelodeon for some strange reason decided to give her own show for god knows why. She wasn't anything special to warrant her own show and she was a horrible actress.

Everything about this show was crap. They go to a boarding that has a sushi bar, pink and purple stylish dorms with mini fridges, student lounges with flat screen HD TV's, apparently no rules on this campus since these kids run around this school doing whatever they want. The adults were all adults dictated by a bunch of 13 year old brats.

The characters are all cardboard cutout stereotypes. Nicole is the ditsy bubbly airhead girly girly who screams a lot. Dana was the tough Latina chick tomboy. Chase is a wimp loser, Logan is the arrogant rich jerk, Michael is the token black comic relief, Quinn is the weird nerdy girl who wears glasses and everybody makes fun of. Lola is an anorexic wannabe actress. Dustin was just...there. He served no purposed honestly. And then we have our main character Zoey, the biggest Mary Sue who ever graced the television screen. Miss perfect who can do absolutely no wrong, everyone loves her, she has all the ideas, all the guys want to date her, straight A student, she's pretty, smart, etc. She's BORING.... Between Tori and Carly, she the worst of Dan Schneider's female leads.

This show also went through many cast changes. Dana/Kristin Herrera dropped after the first season apparently because the actress was deemed too old. So why did they cast her in the first place? Then after season 2 Nicole was written off, because of backstage fights and incidents between Alexa Nikolas and Lynn Spears. Britney then came to the set and yelled at and insulted Nikolas. They brought in Victoria Justice who played Lola to replace Nicole. Then after Season 3 Chase/Sean Flynn was written off and replaced by Austin Butler as James for most of the season 4.

Overall, this was just a crappy boring show. The writing was bad, the acting was terrible, unlikable obnoxious characters, unrealistic setting, stupid plots, the comedy/gags were awkward and forced. This show just seem like an excuse to make Britney Spears little sister into a star which she certainly wasn't. She's not strong enough to carry her own show. The show ended because an underage Jamie Lynn Spears foolishly got pregnant at only 16 years old. Wow...great role model for the little 8 year old girls watching this show. What an idiot! The only good about this situation was that it killed Lynn Spears very short acting career.

Crash & Bernstein

Horrible garbage! This show stinks!
One of the worst Disney shows EVER! Total rip-off of the old 90's Nickelodeon show Cousin Skeeter.

The premise is weak and the plots are stupid. This show is completely directionless. It's completely unfunny, loud, and obnoxious. The humor is full of butt and fart jokes.

The characters SUCK! It is obvious the producers are trying to make Crash "cool" to appeal to tween boys and this translates into him being rude, obnoxious and annoying. Crash is a mean spirited jerk.

Wyatt is annoying and a poor lead character. He's unlikable and selfish. The best friend Pesto is gross. He has the face of a 30 year old man. Amanda is the stereotypical rude popular teenage older sister obsessed with her looks. She's boring and unlikable. The middle sister Cleo is a scheming con-artist? The mom is just...there. The youngest little sister is pointless and adds nothing to the show. Her character is nowhere to be seen half the time. The fat black guy and midget guy are poor supporting cast side characters.

The acting is HORRIBLE! Cole Jensen plays Wyatt, can't act at all! He's completely wooden. Ooana Gregory who plays Amanda, please stop with that annoying nasally foreign accent! No talent, just a pretty face. And the actor of Pesto can't act either! No talent! Landry Bender is not a good actress either. The worst acting and cast of a Disney live-action show! Nobody has chemistry with each other and the cast is so unappealing and unattractive. Yuck! Who was in charge of casting this show???

The theme song is god-awful. Horrible attempt at trying to be hip and cool with kids.

Poor attempt at a show aimed for boys. Who green-lighted this GARBAGE! No surprised it didn't last long.


Awful and Pointless Spin-Off! Why Was This Made???
This show is terrible. A spin-off of Jessie set at a Summer Camp with the Ross kids. Why was this made? Apparently, this was a brand new show called Camp, but at the last minute Disney decided to throw 3 of the 4 Ross kids on the cast and made it a spin-off of Jessie since they didn't have enough confidence in this new show.

All the characters SUCK! Emma, Ravi, and Zuri are just as unlikable brats as they were in Jessie.

Emma is still the dumb prissy blonde, Ravi is still a loser and speaks in that atrocious Indian accent which got old on Jessie around the 3rd season. No reason for him to be speaking in that stupid accent. Zuri is still the sassy black girl with an attitude. I can't stand Skai Jackson!

Xander is a boring Gary-Stu who's just there to be Emma's attractive love interest. He's basically Lucas 2.0 from Girls Meets World.

Lou, Jorge and Tiffany are racist stereotypes. Tiffany is the smart Asian who with strict parents and Jorge is the smelly dirty Mexican kid. Lou is the country girl hillbilly. The actress playing Lou is one of the worst actresses ever! She speaks in that stupid deep voice and overacts her facial expressions like a cartoon character.

Gladys is just awful and Hazel is annoying as hell! And they recently threw in a token bad boy character.

WAY too many characters on this show. Who is the main character of this show supposed to be?

Peyton List can't carry her own show. She bland to boot, so instead they use her as an excuse to wear booty shorts and tank tops to show off her legs and breast for male viewers to drool over. Gross... she's still underage.

The writing sucks, the plots suck, the acting sucks, the setting sucks, the characters suck! This show stinks! Jessie didn't need a spin-off. Please cancel this GARBAGE!

The Thundermans

Another Terrible Nickelodeon Sitcom
Nickelodeon keeps pumping out these awful sitcoms. How many times on these kids shows have we seen family or main character has to keep a secret. We've seen it already on That's So Raven, Dog With a Blog, Hannah Montana, Henry Danger, KC Undercover. This concept is way overused. This is just a rip off of the The Incredibles. A family of superheros trying to live a normal life. Wow... how original.

Max is the only cool character on the show.

Phoebe is super annoying, whiny, and unlikable. A bland goody two shoes who's smart. Yawn... And Kira Kosarin chews the scenery and obnoxiously overacts. She has dumb blonde sidekick friend named Cherry.

The youngest two kids are HORRIBLE actors. Nora is such a terrible character. Very obnoxious and not cute. And I want to rip that stupid giant bow out her hair. Billy is the tiresome idiot character. And why are they sharing a bedroom and hanging out together 24/7. Very creepy. Neither seem to have any friends of their own.

The parents are also weak characters.

No growth or character development at all for any of the characters.

Oh, and they pulled a Cousin Oliver and unnecessarily added a baby/little sister Chloe who adds nothing to show. Shes just there to say cute one liners. She doesn't fit in with the show. Pointless character!

Don't get me started on the offensively racist angry Asian stereotype that is the Ms. Wong character.

School of Rock

They ruined the movie! Awful Show
Awful, awful , awful! What an insult to the classic 2003 film which was a childhood favorite. Nickelodeon turned a great movie and turned it into a horrible, generic, and bland kids sitcom that you see on Disney/Nickelodeon nowadays.

School of Rock, more like School of Pop. Where the hell is the rock music? Why are they singing Meghan Trainor bubblegum pop music?? They ruined all the characters and changed their races and personalities.

Tomika was the chubby black girl with the voice like Aretha Franklin. Now in the show she is a midget tomboy Spanish girl who can't sing for her life. She sounds like a dying cat.

Freddy was the cool bad rebel that had an edge. Now he's a bland pretty boy with no personality.

Summer was the educated, clever, and responsible. She thinks mostly of succeeding and earning good grades. In the show she's a shallow dumb blonde who can't do anything right and thinks about cute boys.

Lawrence in the movie was the socially awkward Asian kid. Now he's annoying and obnoxious comic relief bumbling fool.

They guy playing Dewey is trying way too hard to emulate Jack Black down to the voice and hair. He sucks!

This show is not funny, annoying laugh track, boring characters, the writing is bad. Why was this show made? It doesn't work as a TV show. Nickelodeon please cancel this trash and stop pumping out these awful sitcoms.

Girl Meets World

Awful show! Poor Rehash of the Original Show
This spin-off is seriously overrated! It's TERRIBLE! I knew this show would suck the moment they said it was gonna be on Disney Channel. I can't believe the same people who wrote and created Boy Meets World are doing this show. The writing is awful and can't stand on it's own. You could make a video of the side by side rehashes of dialogue and scenes from the original show. Give the show it's own identity creators.

Riley is very obnoxious and annoying. Very unlikable and has no distinct personality. Her character is inconsistent. One minute she's a smart straight A student, then others shes a complete idiot. She's weird too. Gives herself awards in the school hallway?? WTF??? Rowan Blanchard is a horrible actress with her cartoon facial expressions, nasally voice, and tending to smile during her serious moments of dialogue. She's also a princess Mary Sue who never gets in trouble, always gets her way, has 3 guys fawning over, everyone loves her, straight A student, nice house, loving family. Little miss perfect! She has no hobbies or interest except obsessing over a boy who has no personality.

Maya is the breakout star and the only good actor on this show. You know something's wrong with the show when the best friend is overshadowing the main character in acting, personality, and likability. She can be annoying at times though. I wished they stopped this poor Maya, woe is me shtick, it's getting old since she's got a great life. Maya also being the new Shawn is laughable. Maya is supposedly poor with her designer clothes/shoes, nice mother, cool bedroom, perfect hair. Give me a break..... Her and Riley's relationship is unhealthy and cloying. They might as well be conjoined twins at birth always together by the hip.

Farkle went from an creepy Urkel ripoff who stalks the girls to a normal boring guy who stopped being funny with zero personality. Corey Fogelmanis is a terrible actor who has gotten worse since he changed his look. All his line readings are monotone with no inflection. Is is happy, sad, or angry. I can't tell because his acting is so emotionless. Girlfriend Smackle is lame and her name is stupid.

Lucas is the boring love interest with no personality. He's also a Gary Stu who all the girls love and tell him how handsome he is. This guy has zero flaws and doesn't act like a real junior high school boy. Way too mature and wordily for his age. Going into Season 3 and he has zero character development. Peyton Meyer has no acting talent whatsoever. He's emotionless, wooden, and very stiff. His career will be over when the show ends. Riley and Lucas have zero chemistry and feel forced.

Cory being a teacher was a terrible idea and feels forced. Has no backbone and lets his class walk all over him. He's no Feeny and he's following his students to High School. Wow...how original.

Topanga is useless and might as well not be here. She's just the generic bland nice mom. Fishel must be doing this for a paycheck because her acting is terrible.

Auggie sucks! The kid is a terrible actor and adds nothing to the show. Morgan was funnier and better. Judy Winslow his character please! Should have never scrapped the older brother big mistake. His girlfriend friend Ava is annoying too. Their scenes/plots are a waste of time.

Zay was thrown in Season 2 as the token black. His character is is the only one in the group that's act like a real kid/teenager.

This show is not realistic or relate-able at all. The girls dress like fashion runway models with their high heels and hair salon perfect curled hair. Kids walking out of class, kids ruling the school, talking in class whenever the feel like. Unrealistic dialogue (why do these kids talk like they're 30 years old)Stupid love triangle?? These kids are 12 years old!!! Give me a break! They live in New York City and no Blacks or Hispanics. Friends 2.0

And is this a sitcom or a drama? Always preaching and beating the audience over the head with their morals and life lessons. Way too melodramatic. Where's the funny comedy? All these miserable kids do is sit around and mope about dumb stuff. Do these kids ever have fun? Go to the movies, shop at the mall, go to parties. Come on, act like real teenagers.

Sabrina Carpenter deserves better! I can't wait until she gets off this piece of trash excuse of a show that does not deserved that 7.1 rating.

How to Rock

Terrible, terrible show. One of the worst Nick sitcoms.
Another crappy and unfunny Nickelodeon sitcom like Fred: The Show, Bucket & Skinner, Marvin, Marvin and many others. Dear God...This show is beyond horrible.

The only reason this show was made was sell itunes music singles and CDs to cash in on the music/singing show era of Nick and Disney. This show came too late when that era started to die out. I also felt like this show was trying to the next Victorious and it failed miserably.

The lead actress can't act and her character is annoying and unlikable and only has guest appearances and a starring role show on Nickelodeon because a few years earlier her older brother Lil Romeo had his own Nickelodeon show "The Romeo Show" which was god awful too. Nepotism much? Neither have acting or singing talent.

The rest of the characters suck too. We got the bitchy mean girl and her idiot blonde sidekick, the bland pretty boy/love interest, the sensible tomboy, the two comic reliefs one a goofy looking white kid and a token black guy. Neither are funny, just cringe-worthy.

Every episode was the same and repetitive. Molly and Kacey continue rivaling each other, Kacey becomes selfish and self centered in some way, her friends get mad at her, she apologizes and then Kacey learns her lesson in the end and they friends again. Yawn....

Overall, it's unfunny, terrible acting, cheap sets, lame plots ( a whole episode about fighting over a lunch table spot, seriously?), the songs suck, its boring and just generic and cliché. Glad this garbage got canceled after one season. Good riddance!


This movie was TERRIBLE!
I wasn't expecting much from this since the trailer and commercials didn't look very good but I sure wasn't expecting something THIS bad. The whole movie is wrapped around in a cheesy feminism bubble with it's "OMG I WILL MAKE BOYS ACT LIKE GENTLEMEN BECAUSE THEY SIMPLY ANNOY ME." plot and that's not even the worst part. The acting is simply atrocious from everyone. Chanelle Peloso who plays Rachel is one of the most annoying characters put in a DCOM and her voice is almost ear-piercing.

Spencer Boldman plays the cheesy type-cast "good looking guy" who's only job is to make 12 year old girls and boys get excited when he's on screen. He has the expression and depth of a wooden slate. Zendaya is not a good actress and Disney needs to stop trying to make her into something. Overall, this movie was stupid, unfunny, atrocious, and just all around poor in every regard - acting, script, jokes, and plot.

Zendaya and Spencer Boldman have absolutely no chemistry. We got the bitchy mean girl of the school and her airhead sidekick who obeys her. The way they stereotype boys save for the love interest is atrocious. Of course they have to have Zendaya dance. Acting, script, and the jokes suck. ONE OF THE WORST DCOM's EVER. Did not deserve the 5.7 million viewers it got.

Sam & Cat

This show is terrible, stupid and unfunny
Dan Schneider needs to retire because this show is a desperate attempt to save Nickelodoen's rating woes after the departure of Victorious and iCarly. It's not funny, it's not enjoyable, and the entire premise makes no sense whatsoever. The Cat character is annoying, beyond idiotic and her voice makes me want to slit my wrists. I never saw the appeal in this character. She sucks. Sam character would never agree to do babysitting kids nor hangout with someone AS irritating as Cat. She bullies Freddy but not this golly idiot. WTF.

Why the hell does this show need two stupid characters. Goomer is a pointless character. He's also an idiot and why is this grown man hanging around two 17 year old girls and a 12 year old boy anyway (CREEPY). Same thing with the Dice character. He is annoying and boring. His character used to sell stuff in those first episodes, but now he is the Freddy and Robbie of the show. The butt monkey that gets abused. And him too why is this 12 year old boy hanging around with 17 year old girls.

I can't believe people are saying this is the only good show on Nickelodeon right now or it's the saving grace for Nickedlodeon. Are you sh*tting me. The Thundermans and Haunted Hathaways are top notch quality and funny sitcoms that are way better this piece of sh*t of a show. If you ask me they shouldn't even renew this show for a season 2. The only people who defend or "love" this show are Dan Schneiders group of lackeys/fan who kiss his ass and are biased to only his work of shows because he's so damn perfect. Screw this garbage show.

Yes, Dear

Garbage Show
How did this turd last for six seasons. This show is just plain terrible. All the actors annoys me. The writing is horrendous. WTF actually enjoys this show? They deserve a medal for being able to sit through 22 minutes of hell otherwise known as "Yes, Dear".

God, this show is painful to watch. "Yes, Dear" is easily the absolute WORST show. Not one likable character on this show. Not one. Not one single even slightly funny moment on this situation "comedy". "Yes, Dear" is so lame, so completely unoriginal and tired that it makes me angry that I wasted 30 minutes of my life watching this idiotic piece of excrement. I'm contemplating suing CBS and everyone involved with this horrid piece of drivel for wasting my time on this show. Anthony Clark, one of the leads, is easily the most annoying person on television. Anthony Clark even beats Ray Romano in terms of whinnies. Enough is enough. Pull the plug on this hideous piece of crap called "Yes, Dear" right now.

Marvin Marvin

What the f--- is this s---
Why is Nickelodeon obsessed with this Lucas Cruikshank loser. Fred is not funny and this dude has no talent. The fact that this dweeb got 2 of his own shows on Nickelodeon is completely preposterous. What were they smoking at Nickelodeon to green-lit this piece of turd. Bad acting, jokes, characters, and story lines. The main character Marvin is annoying as hell.

Luckily both Fred:the show and Marvin Marvin were one season wonders. I'd like it if these two never aired in the first place. Come on Nickelodeon you can do better than this. Their programming in the last few years has been absolutely HORRIBLE!

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