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The Inbetweeners

I wish it never ended!
These 4 are really the best! A very funny show. Love the chemistry between the actors. I wish we got to see them grow into adulthood together. Maybe have a show when they are uni or something. It' s a really crazy show. I love how when you watch TV it's to forget about everything else. This show does that to you. You sit and have a good laugh and you know you can never be disappointed!! Great job guys! We need shows like this today. I believe if the show came out in 2016 instead of 2008 more people would have watched it and commented on it! shame it ended in 2012.I haven't seen the movies yet. Will def watch them tonight. Thank you NEtflix for this!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

Awful! Absolute Waste of time!
This is probably the worse superhero movie ever. I don't know where to start! Ben Afleck is OK as Batman, he is not the problem. The problem is his costumes throughout the movie!! have u ever seen batman wear ridiculous costumes, watch this move and you will have a laugh. The scenario was a mess. People in the cinema actually fell asleep! A guy next to me was snoring!! the movie is really slow. Even Marion Cotillard's death in the dark knight rises was better than superman's acting. Wrong cast for Lois Lane. When you hear Batman vs Superman you expect to see great fighting scenes between the two, it was not AT ALL that. OK to be fair some scenes where alright. And omg alfred was almost as old as batman! lol.

The Revenant

This movie should have been called Minced Meat
Very disappointed.The Oscar should have been Leo's after his performance in the Wolf of Wallstreet. They just tried to buy their mistake by giving an Oscar for a film where he has 3 lines to say and barely walks!! 2hrs 30 minutes of a man dying in excruciating pain but never really dying. seriously whats wrong with movie makers? OK fair enough some scenes were awesome, like the fight with the Indians in the beginning and the bear scene was amazing!! certainly NOT Oscar worthy! Waste of money and time...oh and very boring at times! Any normal or even the strongest of men would have been dead fairly quickly, but no Glass does not only survive the bear attack. He survives being buried alive, a huge fall, french soldiers, a fall in the river. Wait was I watching superman? cause trust me even superman would be dead!

White Collar

Mediocre!!! If you have NOTHING else to do then u can watch!
This TV show is soooo fake. Nothing is good about it, it's like one of the shows you watch when you are bored and there's NOTHING NOTHING else to do!!! Neal he thinks he'll like a hottie and that every single woman will fall for him... come on!! OK he's good looking but he's not Harvey Specter ffs...

and a TV show on articraft theft??? really guys?? like really??? how does that even get interesting at all?? Its one of those series for 50-60 yr women..and oh my god don't even get me started on the humor!! Basically its all about leaving your brains behind!!!

No chemistry among the actors. I don't understand how the rating for this show is soo high... and there's wat four seasons of this??

300: Rise of an Empire

Decent movie, Bad casting for Artemis and something missing
Overall a good movie, excellent fight scenes...just WRONG WRONG cast for Artemis...someone like Rose Mc Gowan, Rosario Dawson (or any crazy woman from tarentino movies) would have been much much better!!! And the movie lacks commitment, lacks power, lacks brotherhood, lacks supporting actors...it feels incomplete somehow...but worth the watch in cinemas!! an the sex scene was kinda too long...a few seconds would have made the point just the same! You just miss the spartans, the strength...the 3D was good..I really wish Gerard butler's 300 was in 3D!!And Xerses wasn't as good as in the first movie...Hopefully they manage to complete the sequel nicely!!!

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