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Board Game, Aliens, Action and humor
I absolutely loved this movie. I saw someone write they went to see it because of Liam Neeson. I am so happy he had a small part. He is too over exposed and I'm tired of seeing him in action movies where he is too old for the part. This movie was meant to be campy. It wasn't anything like Transformers. The alien ships move the way they do because they are emulating a board game. There is more water on Earth than land mass.

I loved the campy lines. Taylor Kitsch is very appealing in his part and trust me I have met young men just like this that had to be forced to make big changes. Courts use to make them sign up for the military. Since a movie is generally an hour and a half to two hours you have to cover a lot in a short time. Taylor's character was still sort of deuffy when the aliens arrived. His brother is killed and he is left with no recourse but to lead, in the past not his strong suit. When push comes to shove his personality is just right to do the innovative moves. I loved all the characters and they all did a good job. If you want a fun movie which this was and not a movie about real war, which is refreshing for a change then quit trying to make it more than it was meant for; not realistic, not necessarily an award winner, but just campy fun. Some of the lines are hilarious and meant to be that way. It is based on a game.


Autism and Father and son bonding
This is one of the most amazing TV series I have ever watched. I see that for most it is over their heads. I have a metaphysical background and understand about connections and patterns and how numbers are nothing more than another way of communicating and that many of them have definite meaning. This of course is a fantasy story but the overall premise is a good one. It is very sophisticated, mixed with everyday happenings. I worked with autistic children for ten years and they can do some very quirky things. Most are not mute and some of the things in the story line has to do with their sensory input which is beyond the normal range of things and specific to the story itself.

All the actors have done a wonderful job. I would not presume to judge anyone's acting but I have to say Mr. Sutherland has done an award winning job. The boy playing Jake is outstanding. I like the interconnections of people. Those into metaphysics call them puzzle pieces and this show is showing them fitting together. It is very clever and the characters seem very real. I think Fox was remiss to cancel the show. It wasn't highly publicized so I am watching it after the fact and am sorry I didn't know about it sooner. The thing is I wouldn't have been counted as a watcher. They need to find a better way to count audience other than Nielsen. It just isn't accurate. I really don't think this would appeal to younger people and that they might review it or see it as boring or very unreal. It is not meant to be fact but a twisting of things that are based in fact and made entertaining. Having worked around the special needs children I know how cold bureaucracy can be. Loved this show and one of the best I have seen in a long time. Too bad they couldn't reprise the show.


Action, supernatural serial killer, some comedic moments
I saw this movie when it first came out and most people I knew did like the movie. It was unlike any other horror movie I had seen. The only problem I had with it was casting. I didn't like Peter Berg and even though he made a good attempt he was not lead material. Possibly if someone else had been cast in that part the movie would have done a lot better. It seems some missed the fact that Jonathan hit his head really hard while at practice in the first part of the movie. Afterward that is when he started having dreams and a psychic connection to the killer. You didn't see the police as much because the movie focused around Jonathan. Why, they give you a clue near the beginning of the movie about him being a foster child who was found beaten up and raised by the detective in the movie that has a melt down due to his family being killed. The connection, he raised the killers son. I didn't care much for that actor either. The link is because of the head injury and the fact that Pinker is Jonathan's real father. The touch of the supernatural made sense since it was a Wes Craven movie. It was totally his style of movie making so if you aren't a Wes Craven fan you might not like the movie. The body jumping was interesting, and the television scenes where they hop through show after show priceless. The body jumping was later copied in the movie The First Power, which came out a year later. I remember coming home from the movie thinking it wasn't the best movie ever made but I was entertained and thought Pileggi did a fine job in his part. I don't like him that well as a heavy but he did the part justice. The scenes with the lead character's girlfriend were really eerie and a part of the movie I liked the best. She was the aspect of good stepping in to protect her boyfriend from the evil influence of the killer. It isn't a movie to win awards but just to be entertained. If you like Wes Craven's style of movie making and campy horror you should like this one.

After Earth

Father and son rediscovering a relationship in a science fiction themed story
Like some others have mentioned I get tired of hearing things said about M. Night Shyamalan. He is a brilliant director. Everything he does is subtle and a viewer has to think and notice what is going on and what the story is really about. That is the same for After Earth which has a science fiction setting but is really about the strained relationship between father and son. The son witnessed his sister killed and feels guilty he didn't help her. He feels his father thinks he is a coward. The father has distanced himself completely to be able to ghost, which means have no fear when in danger from the enemy which is a blind creature that can sense pheromones given off when someone is afraid. He learns to block all of that and in doing so seems a very cold unfeeling person and especially to his son who is full of guilt about his sister. This is very much about the family dynamic like Signs was and what a lot of people didn't get. Yes both science fiction based and both having aliens but they were a side issue to what the actual storyline entailed. I think most missed that altogether. As for Jaden Smith, I don't care if he is egotistical or his father, their acting was very good. Jaden's acting for his age was good, he had the right body language and gave his lines just fine, like many actors I have seen. Therefore I think there is some bias the public has against the fact that Mr. Smith likes to put his children in his movies. Lots of actors have been in movies with their actor parents. The Bridges are one for example and many others. I liked the Happening it just wasn't what I thought it would be but it wasn't a bad movie. Just because someone doesn't like a particular movie doesn't make it bad. It just means it wasn't to their taste. There are some stinkers out there but this is not one of them. Shame on all of you for saying what you have about those associated to this movie because it isn't true. It was a perfectly good science fiction movie that is being highly underrated.

The Cape

old fashioned comic book style series
I noticed right away that the way they were presenting this series wouldn't appeal to everyone. It isn't as sophisticated as some of the movies and previous series have been adapted from comic book superheroes. This one was made up by the writers and had nothing to do with a previous comic book. I thought the storyline was cute based on a man who is framed and his way of solving is to become the beloved character of his son. This was more of an all family show this is true. All comics are campy and cheesy to me. That's why I have never liked any of them growing up but then that is a personal opinion. There are no new ways to tall a story and no new plot ideas really. It's always been done one way or another so to put down a show for that is inane. Who is to say something is cliché? That is an opinion as well. It is how they present the story that makes the difference. He is a self proclaimed crime fighter who had two choices, give up and run away or fight back. He chose to fight back. What I found unique was the circus and the magician that taught him sleight of hand tricks and illusions. These characters made the series unique and I wish they had and the viewers given the show a chance. It had great potential. The acting was fine and the script was fine. People just didn't take to it and mostly because it wasn't based on anything they recognized. Unfortunately the lead has been around in other TV series but I didn't think he was the right person to play the part. You need a really appealing actor in this role. One that is seasoned as this man was but also visually appealing and the last part he was not. I'm sorry to say this but I didn't find him attractive and a superhero should be super. He just looked like the guy next door, maybe. That was sort of part of the storyline but the man was just not memorable in the part no matter how good an actor he was. He was totally miscast. This is why Ben Affleck failed in his superhero role. He wasn't memorable in the part or super in anyway. Just some guy you couldn't connect to. Again miscast like this actor. Too bad it had such a short run, he could have grown on us after awhile.


Fast paced superhero fantasy
I'm an older person so watching movies or TV series originating from comic books isn't high on my list, but recently many that have been made for theaters and TV screens have been wonderful. At the top of a list is "Arrow." I fell in love with this show from the beginning and I think a lot of it has to do with the choices in casting. All of the cast has done a superb job with their characters. I don't know why anyone would accuse the actors who portray Oliver and Laurel to be wooden. This story has changed over time. I took the time to look up the back history of the Green Arrow and all of its incarnations. They took all of that and made it better as a TV series. I absolutely love Amell in the part of Arrow. He does a great job and I can find no fault in his acting whatsoever. He portrays his character at different time periods and personas and does a wonderful job. I have seen hundreds of movies and TV series in my life time and I have to say this one is awesome. It's great for females and males. It has dynamic female characters and male. It isn't like any other show I have watched and I have seen many and it isn't copying anyone else because the story of the Arrow is actually quite old. If you like high energy action with a little romance thrown in but not overdone then this is the show for you and especially if you are a comic book fan. The special affects are very good for TV. I plan on watching it every week and hope it stays on the air for many more seasons. I didn't give a synopsis since there are many here already.

The Gates

serial drama with supernatural characters
With every series people always compare but I see no comparison to anything with this show. I find the idea very unique and I blame the network for its cancellation because it was a good series. Their advertising of this series made it appear to be sort of a spoof, rather than a serious drama. This is why I didn't pay much attention to it and didn't watch even one episode when it was actually on TV. If they had represented it better I would have watched it regularly. It wouldn't have helped because Nielson only counts ages 18-49 viewers in their ratings and not that many really. I have just watched the only season and was shocked they canceled it. It was a great show if you like fantasy/horror. I will put this bluntly, even in the book Dracula, he could go out in daylight. The idea he couldn't was drummed up by screenwriters in Hollywood and became sort of a stereotype. Besides they are fictional and can be any way the author chooses. In some folklore , the werewolf and the vampire are connected and Bram Stoker mixed the two and that is why some think vampires are this or that. I never liked the idea of undead because how can they be that and eat anything or think, and walk and talk? It has to be more of an affliction passed from one to the other. This seems to be the case in this show as in many books even if it isn't spelled out.

I think the next season would have been even better. It is too bad this show was canceled because it had a good cast of stars. It has been highly underrated by some. This is why I generally don't watch network shows because they are too quick to cancel them. A show should have at least two seasons. The first one is the development of the story line and the second gets to the meat of things and moves on from there. What a shame such a good series was canceled. I would at least try watching the first season anyway if you haven't seen it. It's filled with vampires, werewolves, succubi, magick and a host of others that hadn't yet been revealed. It ended on a cliff hanger unfortunately which is very unethical of networks to do.


Action Drama, metaphysical, science fiction and fantasy.
I'm not going to break down the story line because it has been explained in a number of ways here. There is the possibility they drew from the mythical stories of Mu but it didn't come to mind when I watched the show since there appeared to be a series of three islands and Mu was considered more of a continent. Supposedly inhabitants from there were precursors to the Egyptians. I don't think there was a connection. This might have been what they meant as I did see a lot of Egyptian symbolism; the ankh for one. They were speaking in Latin and frankly that bothered me because no one spoke in classical Latin. It was used for documents only. The peasants spoke Vulgar Latin and the aristocracy spoke Greek which spread due to the conquests of the Romans. I didn't understand someone saying there were Lemurian connections or Phoenician, which I may have missed. The scientific team used Latin as form of recognition of their members and also so others would not understand them since it hasn't been a spoken language for centuries.

This is not pure science fiction. It is also fantasy, metaphysics, quantum physics, fringe science, spirituality and the paranormal/supernatural mixed together in a drama. There was plainly too much violence throughout the series. It seemed to be the stereotype given to man by the guardians. I didn't like so many using the phrase, "fair enough." I don't think the authors realized how many times it was said over the course of the series. It is trivial but it was annoying after awhile including the "brother" comments. There were also too many flashbacks. It isn't so much that they had them but how they presented them. They became very redundant after a time.

I have to agree that the Hurley character should have shown some weight loss while on the island. Some of the characters like Jack looked haggard toward the end of the series. I did not care much for the Jack character. I began to call him the guy that always makes the worst decisions. I found Hurley endearing and I loved Sawyer. The female characters were all right, many times too emotional or irrational. There were too many undying love scenes as well. I thought Terry O'Quinn was outstanding and the actor who played Benjamin Linus. Naveen Andrews was a standout as well. I didn't see a reason for the Michael character or his son nor did I like the character of Charlie. Overall the actors did a great job and some of the cameos were a big surprise.

I thought when the plane crashed that the people were all dead. According to writers that was not the case. If not when they arrived, they all died at some point. It was mentioned several times to various individuals to "let go." The fact that they used the term Dharma was significant to me. It could be that time was skewed there in some way because of the high electromagnetic energy on the island, making it a prime location for paranormal activity. It seemed to be a place to resolve and face their personal short comings. In some Eastern philosophies/religions, Dharma is the Law that "upholds, supports or maintains the regulatory order of the universe." I believe the island was used as a metaphor for that idea. So it was a subtle clue as to what the island was about. Man's understanding of the dharma of inanimate things is what we now call physics". The synchronicity of all the so-called survivors of Oceanic flight 815 was shown in a parallel life. There were many "aha" moments watching that play out.

What I didn't guess was that there was a side issue to it in regard to the guardians of the island. It was suspended in space and time and some of the scientists had figured out a way to travel to it. There are a lot of mystery islands in folklore. They didn't show the back story of the fraternal twins until the last season. One was Jacob, who was born first and the other they never gave a name really but some called him a monster or the smoke monster. They gave clues that one represented good and the other evil. One was light and the other dark in coloring. Jacob had caused the plane to crash on the island because he had been watching for years and had picked out numerous people who by subtle manipulations over time ultimately ended up on the same flight. Some were candidates to take his place since his time was coming to an end. It was predictable in a way who might want that duty, but it had a surprise twist.

J.J. Abrams, Lindelof and Cuse seem to have a bent for the area of fringe science, physics, metaphysics, the paranormal and time travel including alternate universes. The first two show this in a series that followed called Fringe. They even used one of the actors I saw in Lost on the show. Lost wasn't perfect but I thought the ending apt. What more could they have shown? Anyone watching this show should have known that they weren't going to spell everything out. It wasn't the type of series where you could miss a few episodes and keep up even when they showed a lot of introductory scenes because often they were out of time, as far as a linear progression. It's a very entertaining series with deep topics and spiritual leanings. The series is far too detailed to explain all the characters and sub stories involved in Lost. Just be willing to invest the time it takes to watch the whole series to get most of the answers.


Scifi romance with action, adventure and time travel.
I generally watch movies because series shows always get canceled and many prematurely as this series due to flawed viewer tallies. I have watched all five seasons and loved this show but I am a big science fiction and fantasy fan and this was actually a mixture of the two with a romance threaded throughout the storyline. I felt this particular series was genius. I have read many of the negative reviews and I feel they are people that really don't care for science fiction or know much about fringe science. Anna Torv was excellent in the part of Agent Dunham. She had a lot to do with carrying this series off. She kept her character in line with the story. She wasn't a demonstrative person due to her childhood and that was well portrayed and when they changed to the alternative universe there was a distinct difference between the personalities of the two. Some have stated she can't act and I think that is a big stretch of the imagination to ever say that about this actress. She did a great job with her part as did John Noble who played the eccentric scientist, Walter. He had to play dual roles as well and did an excellent job along with Blair Brown who played Nina. Then there was Peter played by Joshua Jackson and the real reason I wanted to see the show since I love this actor.

This was a fast paced series except for the first few setup episodes before they established the theme. Since I am interested in Fringe Science I was delighted with the series. I was stumped by the cyphers they kept showing. I understand at least one person figured out the first one which was said to mean Observer. Some of the topics that came up in introduction like synesthesia is not considered as fringe and many universities are studying the condition which is sensory. I didn't see it presented in the story but it was in the lists of topics that appeared. I loved Jesika Nicole as Astrid especially the version from the alternate universe. Over time the characters became endearing. I don't find it anything like the X-Files at all and prefer Fringe to that show. Time travel, alternate universes and other topics mentioned are hot topics right now so you may see them in the story lines of many science fiction series. The 4400 investigated the topic as well but differently. It doesn't make the shows alike just because it has topical similarities. I believe the show was canceled too soon and I know it had a following with older people because many of my friends were watching it that are older than 49 where Nielsen has a cutoff. I recommend this series to any hardcore science fiction fan who doesn't mind a little romance thrown in and a lovable mad scientist. The last show was a pretty good ending to the series and for me brought tears but all the same if it had to end there it was satisfying.

The Double

Spies, Russians, murders and car chases.
I wonder at times what the directors need to do to please people. This movie is top notch and anyone who says no is not a movie buff. I personally don't watch movies of this type very often, but I decided to because I like both Richard Gere and Topher Grace.

I was a little disappointed when I found out that Gere was a double agent and the infamous one they were looking for but as the film progressed I saw some of the twist and turns that explained why they revealed his cover. It explained some of the puzzling things their "Cassius" did and why they thought some murders were not committed by him. It also led into other twists and unexpected turns. It was apparent why he did not kill Topher's family and you will figure out the reason if you are watchful. It is revealed much later that he even had a family in the past. Watch it rather than listen to reviews because I was pleasantly surprised and I don't agree with the critics or some of them here.


Suspected haunting,investigators, disgruntled teenager
I absolutely detest this genre of found footage or documentary/home movie style of filming. This movie should not have been made this way. This is what detracts from the story. Most of the actors were unrecognizable and that usually is a con to a movie of this type.

A family calls in a research group to find out why they are having so many strange things happen in their apartment. The father is at his wits end. These people are looking for paranormal activity not based on a sort of ghost hunting precept but more from a scientific stance. In my opinion, I call them "debunkers".

The acting wasn't top notched but it wasn't bad either. Each character did what they were there to do more or less. The direction of the father was a little over the top but not totally unbelievable given what he had gone through when the whole story came out. I went to look at reviews and unlike what some stated, the critics didn't like this movie and quite frankly I didn't either.

I realize where the psychologist was coming from because how he described what a poltergeist was, was the correct one rather than the one some are hanging onto that is no longer believed by professionals. Most of what he stated made sense and totally confused the father in the story. The schizophrenia angle made sense as well but when the girl reacted at the table I didn't agree. It appeared to be a possession due to the emotional state of mind of the girl she was open to that happening and possibly was used because of her telekinetic abilities pertaining to what she had been through and her age.

At the end the person in charge of the cameras said he wanted to take down the last camera but the psychologist in charge told him no they could do that later because he just wanted to get out of there, etc. and they would be dealing with the police. He wanted them to see that they were not the cause of the mess in the apartment. Of course they keep showing the story from the perspective of the camera and you know something will happen and you get a sudden surprise.

If you have been around paranormal researchers much of what the psychologist stated made sense. If not it would seem like mumbo jumbo. I didn't like this movie that much because of the filming style. I personally don't want to see anymore stories like this. If they had done the film in the usual way I think it would have been so much better and I would have rated it much higher or they could have at least switched it off at points. It's not a really bad movie but it is also one you wouldn't pay to go and see.


Secret agents, death fights, blood and sex
I rarely watch a movie of this type but I have seen the martial arts movies of the past. Kellan Lutz was in the movie as the focal character and did justice to his part. Not only is he gorgeous but he is a fairly decent actor who is highly underrated. I see no problem that Samuel L. Jackson was in the movie. The part was tailor-maid for him. No the story wasn't unique but an idea is an idea and this one wasn't the same as others, just the overall idea.

Kellan Lutz plays an agent for the government who has gone through a tragedy. His cover was blown and because of this his wife and unborn child are killed in a planned car accident. He becomes bitter but can't take his own life. He is the perfect person to send in undercover to a fight ring because they haven't been able to locate them or get rid of their presence on the net. Their technology and ability to keep officials at bay is astounding. Two Asian women are behind the computer technology along with Mr. Jackson.

People are surprised Jackson was in the movie but I'm not because acting is his job and the movie would be seen and make money. It is pretty much a guy flick and full of blood and guts and gratuitous sex which is actually done quite tastefully even with the nudity it only alludes to the actual act for the most part. There is only one graphic scene where Lutz and the young woman who captured him are engaged in love making, which is briefly shown.

David Lord the undercover name for Kellan Lutz goes there initially to help break up the group but gets involved over time in a vendetta against the one they call the Executioner. I won't give away any more but the ending is what one would expect but as someone else said leaves an opening for a sequel. It's a decent movie for its genre and if you aren't looking for academy award fare, this will while away a little time.

The Pact

Horror, paranormal activity and serial murder
I gave this a five because it isn't the worst nor the best horror movie I have ever seen. Some compared it to other movies such as "The Woman in Black" that came out in 2012, as well, which I personally feel was far superior to this movie. The sets in this movie looked cheap and it was in an entirely different time period, no comparison there. I'm not doing a synopsis of this movie since many have already done so, therefore read other reviews.

The main actress was unattractive in her manner and appearance and its only redeeming quality was Casper Van Dien but his part was too minimal to make any sort of impact. I felt the brooding sister act and not wanting to come back to the house to her Mother's funeral to be very cliché, but was explained later in the movie. I still don't understand why the movie was called the Pact for one. That made no sense and the soundtrack was horrible. The shots in the hallways and various parts of the home were outstanding and did build up to the scares.

I realized early on someone was hiding in that house due to the way they did the scenes and kept panning walls and other places. I wasn't certain who it was right away. I realized there was also a paranormal aspect as well. It didn't seem to affect the antagonist and that might be because of his state of mind. I got the impression that Annie might be a child of incest because of the eyes of different colors like her Uncle.

You really don't know if the Mother that passed away was in on the murders in this movie or trying to keep her brother from continuing to do murder or what their relationship was at all. It wasn't explained why Jennifer in particular haunted the house. She was the last one killed prior to the murders that take place during the film. First a spirit we have to later presume was Jennifer, throws the main character around the place and then at the end helps her. I found that sort of contradictory. I had to assume the other paranormal incidents were to get her attention but all it did was horrify her. The eye at the end only led me to believe that now the Uncle was going to haunt the house that had been sold and was being renovated. Perhaps a sequel is in the works.

The movie is not a bad one. It is the type that some will love and others hate. It is definitely not an A list movie and in my opinion quite forgettable. Whether the direction was well done and other technical aspects, the average person will not notice so it relies on a good story and good actors and I simply did not see that in this movie.

The Cottage

Very creepy thriller
This is definitely not the worst movie I have ever seen but not the best either of this genre. My take on this movie was that Rose met a man on the internet and they became lovers. She told him about her family and her Mother's death and how she felt about what had happened with his Dad remarrying so soon after her Mother's death and they had a baby. The man she got involved with was a charismatic psychopath very like Charles Manson. At least, that is who I thought of while watching this movie.

It appeared he picked girls who had a lot of anger toward their families and helped them reek vengeance on them and anyone else associated that was felt had done harm to this person. It was like he had formed his own cult of wives who held undying allegiance to him. They would do his every bidding and over time he added to his group of wives. He would abduct family members and others associated to the person to perform a killing ritual at the end of a marriage ceremony. It seemed like some sort of bonding issue to leave the past behind and rid the person of any attachments and take revenge for whatever ills they felt had been perpetrated on them.

Therefore after a fight with her family, some of them getting away and some of the girls being killed and David Arquette's character getting badly hurt, you don't know if they really get away or not. The girls, one in particular you never suspected is telling her that Arquette has been hurt worse and will survive and how much he is devoted. They are cajoling Rose to stay with them. They are a family group in their minds. Here you find out his following is well more than three or four but a huge number. It leaves you wondering if they get caught and if the three you see of Rose's family and think survived did indeed survive.

This movie really gave me the creeps and with the way they did the soundtrack did cause me to jump a few times even though I knew what was going to happen. The acting was fine and the suspense was there. It reminded me of Hitchcock movies. The antagonist's (Arquette) spaced out way of interacting with the characters is extremely disconcerting. If you like movies that are sheer tension this is a good movie for wondering what he is actually trying to accomplish even with many clues. You knew he was homicidal but not exactly why. He did it for the object of his affection at the time. He seemed to have chosen those that had gone through family trauma and turned out broken.

Devil Seed

Spooky, young college romance, possession film
A girl dealing with a relative's illness comes back to continue a new year of college with roommates and hooks back up with her boyfriend who is cheating on her with one of the roommates. They have just moved into a new house.

The character that is central to the story goes to visit a psychic after a night out in a club. The psychic of course gets upset and tells them to go and shortly afterward you see that this girl is first oppressed and scared and then possessed. This is the typical course of most possessions that I have seen in movies or read about in connection to exorcisms. The story is about how it takes over the girl and what happens as a consequence.

This was a Canadian film so I wouldn't recognize most Canadian actors unless they did a lot of American movies so the issue of well known is moot. The acting was actually pretty good. You can tell it is a lower budget film but compared to all the movies of this type I have seen on and other stations that predominantly show horror this one was one of the best. Of course all of these movies will be reminiscent of the Exorcist because it is a movie about possession and most often a Catholic priest will end up being involved even though exorcisms are done by other types of clergy and even non clergy. It is much more colorful and more recognized.

The special effects were actually subtle and as to whether they were purely CGI I wouldn't know because I am not in the movie making field but they were good enough to get a rise out of the viewer here and there. All in all it was a pretty good low budget movie in my opinion. If you want a lot of graphic blood and guts this one has some but the whole movie is not about that. It is about the rivalries of the three girls involved. The main character's boyfriend cheating on her and trying to avoid getting caught and the unbelievable to most around her consequences of the protagonists possession partly because she is still a virgin and the demon involved who goes nameless wants a child. The title is intimating it is the devil therefore the reason for the alternate title of Devil Seed. The ending was good and I will leave that for a surprise for those who choose to view this movie.

The Host

Science fiction, romance
I saw this movie tonight and both my friend and I loved this movie. I may go to see it again but I definitely will buy it. Maybe the younger generations cannot follow things but I was prepared to see it get panned because it is from a Stephanie Meyer novel that was a number one best seller for at least 23 weeks. For some reason this happens to this author. There weren't a lot of special effects over all because the film didn't really need them but what they did have were great.

The storyline was extremely unique and very creative.I loved the moral it told. If you didn't get it I am sorry, but it was there. All the actors did a superb job in their roles. This movie wasn't just about an invasion but how they adapted on earth hosting a body. They assumed that the person whose body they took was gone but it wasn't true in most cases. They actually were peaceful beings. I won't say anymore because people should go to see the movie. I wasn't bored through any of it and I liked the ending. If you are not entertained by this movie then your only interest in science fiction is action adventure and this wasn't about that. It was the interaction of an alien species with humans and some of them had various reactions to it and most of it revolved around one alien called Wanderer or Wanda later on. I don't agree with any of the critics and think it has become the penchant to give low ratings to anything that is science fiction, fantasy and horror. Go see it for yourself but understand this is a romance story somewhat. That is the type of stories this author writes.

Major Movie Star

Funny spoof.
There is room for a movie like this and this one is not the only movie since "Private Benjamin" that has a topic like this. Jessica Simpson is good in light comedic movies. I'm sure she would like to do something serious but this appears to be her niche at the moment. I know people think she is dumb but in all actuality I think that was a publicity hype. I remember her way back when she still had weight problems and was first emerging into the singing arena. I saw her on interviews and she is anything but stupid. She was great in this movie. The addition of Ryan Sypek as a subtle romance interest was well done.

I enjoyed this movie a lot. The military was a background but no rational adult would look for accuracy in this type of movie and especially since it was one that went straight to sales. I didn't find it but watched it on television and was highly entertained. If you just want something to pass the time with good scenes and comedic acting, watch this movie. It would never win awards but some of the movies made are purely for entertainment value and not to win awards and this is that kind of movie.

Half Light

Suspenseful ghost story mystery.
I absolutely loved this movie! Demi Moore and all the actors gave stellar performances. I won't go into the background of the story here because many have already done that. One thing that impressed me about the movie was the soundtrack. The music throughout the movie was absolutely beautiful and set the mood for the story perfectly. I understand critics gave this movie bad reviews and I felt they didn't watch the movie that I did because this is one of the best movies I have seen in a long time and very unique. The scenery was breathtaking and I was caught up in the beauty of where they filmed. I love lighthouses so that was a plus since the story followed a love affair for the protagonist with a lighthouse keeper. It was a side issue somewhat but was a good addition to the story and a great plot twist. I had never heard of this movie but I definitely don't agree with the critics and would recommend this movie to anyone who wants a good movie of substance and not so much sensory thrills. It is brooding and yet very entertaining but not really a horror story. This movie is more of a scary thriller that builds to an unexpected climax.

Red Lights

Psychic charlatans, Debunkers and believers.
Having spent a lot of my life with psychics and not stage door types like they show in this movie, I had a different perception of the whole thing. The movie is not horror but a psychological thriller with paranormal . It had the feeling of being bigger than life. Don't get me wrong, I thought is was an excellent movie and all the actors did very well. It is just that De Niro is getting a little old for parts like this that require a lot of physical and mental stamina.

Segourney Weaver did an excellent job with the strong woman against all odds character she is so skilled at playing. It is sort of her niche in all types of genres. I didn't find it odd they killed her off because the movie was not centered around the Silver character or Weaver's but Buckley. Joelly Richardson had a minimal part but it was to reinforce the fact that Silver was blind. Of course, everyone should have known when he descended from the plane he was not blind. When he took off his glasses it was a dead give away. He used very fine tuned theatrics to look like he was for real and the whole thing during his testing at the University was very clever as to how he went about fooling them.

I wondered why Buckley was so adamant about wanting to know how Silver did his show. He was driven to find out if his abilities were real. He fooled him for a very short time but I never guessed the real reason for him wanting to know. It was a good twist to the story. You know before he leaves the psychics last show that no matter what happens Silver will be outed because of the findings back in Buckley's lab. I'm glad they had Buckley do an epilogue because with a movie like this it would have left everyone hanging and wouldn't have done justice to the film. I was satisfied with the ending and it was the right thing to do because I don't like when the audience is left to wonder. It wouldn't have fit with the subject matter well in my opinion. Great movie.

Hansel & Gretel: Warriors of Witchcraft

Copycat movie, witches and slayers
I have actually seen worse movies than this one and they say the last Twilight movie was the worst movie ever made. I think this one far surpasses that one. In all actuality it isn't the worst movie I have ever seen but it could have been a lot better. It was a waste of the two main characters.

I knew I was going to see a B Movie when I saw the names Eric Roberts and Vanessa Angel. Even though I like both of these actors and Eric has made some good movies in the past, these days he is in rather low budget movies and I have never seen Vanessa Angel in anything else. Almost every time I see Mr. Roberts in a movie in the later 2000s he has on glasses and he talks like he has mush in his mouth. I don't know if he has a speech impediment or false teeth. He was totally off in this movie. He was the worst of them all. It would have made a better TV movie in all actuality. It was entertaining to a point but it did drag and the musical soundtrack detracted even more. I hated the soundtrack. It is all right for a one time see but other than that I wouldn't recommend this movie.

I don't think I need to really go into the plot that much, what there was of one. Adopted twins, the male always fighting so he is sent to a private school so his sister goes along to be with him. They run into others there that initiate the sullen brother into their witch circle because he has a circle birthmark and fool him because he and his sister are actually witch slayers. They finally save the day by killing the evil Witch of the Woods and all is well while at the end they get ready to go off and slay more witches they will find out in the world after finding out their true names are Hansel and Gretel. Leaving it open for a sequel heaven forbid.

The Haunting of Whaley House

Funny, bumps in the night and nice twists
I didn't know what to expect when I saw the title, The Haunting of Whaley House. I lived in San Diego for years so I knew right away the house they were showing wasn't the Whaley House. I have also been inside and the area is lit at night because it is in Old Town. There is always a lot going on in that area. It isn't just the Whaley House that is haunted but all around the area so there are a lot of stories and most of the ones they told about the Whaley's were correct. The thing is they didn't even try to make it look like the Whaley House at all. I doubt they could with the low budget. When you step inside you don't enter a drawing room with a staircase you go right up near the front door. So I recognized it was just the ambiance of the house they were trying to portray and its rumored ghost appearances. I thought the acting was fine for a B-movie with a low budget. People have to start somewhere to hone their craft. Some of it has to fall on the director. I enjoyed the movie though and some things were predictable but I didn't mind. Having known many psychics I really liked the one they portrayed in the movie. The end was the kicker for me from the point where the sun comes up to the very end of the movie. It is enjoyable but not a top of the line horror movie. It is campy and makes you jump here and there. If you want raw entertainment and you like the B level of horror movies you will enjoy this one. I agree with another reviewer that the actors have been under rated.

Rock of Ages

Fun, rock music and an interesting cast
The term "rock and roll" now has at least two different meanings, both in common usage: referring to the first wave of music that originated in the mid-1950s and later developed "into the more encompassing international style known as "rock music," and as a term simply synonymous with rock music in the broad sense.

The music of the stage musical Rock of Ages is basically classic rock hits from the 1980s, especially from the famous glamor metal bands of the decade. The musical features songs from Styx, Journey, Bon Jovi, Pat Benatar, Twisted Sister, Steve Perry, Poison and Europe, among other well-known rock bands. This was translated into the movie.

It doesn't matter if Tom Cruise had a range, most singers of the time did not. He did well on all the songs he sang…nailed them. It was amazing for an actor who hasn't attempted singing prior. Benito and Hough are known. He is a famous Mexican singer and has been on US TV in shows like 90210 and Hough is a country singer who is very successful. Most would not know the cast of the stage musical at all. They are not known on TV or played on the radio. You have to be someone that attends Broadway shows or shows of that type to know most of these artists. So in certain ways knowing of Benito and Hough is not that important.

I think they hired Hough because they thought they might capture a certain audience and her singing is excellent but in this case I think they would have done better if they had picked someone with an edgier voice. I thought her voice was too mild for the music although she did a great job all the same. Benito is an excellent singer but to carry the movie, they needed someone better known unfortunately. I thought he was great but had to look him up and I must say I was impressed with his credentials but he has the type of voice you find in boy bands and again I think they needed an edgier, bigger voice.

All in all it reminded me of movies like Across the Universe and I thought they did a great job and people who downgrade it simply don't understand this type of movie. This movie is superior to Les Miserables in the singing ability of the cast but because of the type of movie it was didn't get the recognition that the other musical did even though the majority of those who were chosen to sing were horrendous in comparison and one in particular that I will not single out here. Rock n Roll is a catch all now for many types of rock music. Most of the bands most are thinking of are hard rock or heavy metal bands and this movie wasn't about that. I loved all the music and thought it was very entertaining, but nothing to win an Oscar. Still it was not as bad as some are stating in the reviews. I give kudos to Tom Cruise for being gutsy enough to try out singing. He did a great job. The only thing that I feel might have made it better is to choose someone else besides Alec Baldwin and Russell Brand. They weren't awful but they didn't add to the movie at all. Mary J. Blige showed just how well she sings in this movie. It was a pleasant surprise.

The song "High Enough" was from 1990 and was #2 on the US Billboard Mainstream rock charts. It seems most songs ranged from mid 1980s to early 1990s in this show. Loved it all and if you went to concerts then and you were an adult I don't see any reason why you wouldn't enjoy this movie. It's a cute farce.

The Covenant

Paranormal romance with a twist
I personally love this movie but as anyone who has done research into the so-called witch hunt it didn't happen directly in Salem anyway. The idea that it is the males that are the witches wasn't believable to me. That was one of the problems. Witchcraft has always been a female oriented idea. Men have been within this circle but not primary. So therefore many get confused between sorcery and witchcraft but this is fiction so the premise is fine. I thought the dialog was typical for the age range of those within the story. There was nothing wrong with the acting at all and the overall premise of the story very unique and the special effects were awesome. It was an enjoyable movie not meant to be exactly scary but more of a psychological thriller with a paranormal twist. I think this movie is highly underrated and overly criticized compared to other movies that have come out of this type. I would have chosen something else to use instead of spiders in the magical end of things because the use of spiders is redundant in these types of movies but it did make its impact quite well even so. This story is about young people who are in their very late teens on the edge of adulthood so the interaction of all of the characters was portrayed quite well. Sebastian Stan was excellent as the antagonist in the film and should have gotten more credit for his part in the movie. This was a unique departure into the world of early colonists that were accused of witchcraft and what they had to do to remain alive and in the background. Also how the overuse of their gift had a very dark consequence and beguiling draw that had to be avoided at all cost. They likened it to an addiction that was very well portrayed in the movie.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn - Part 2

Family, romance, paranormal and action
I came here expecting to see people criticize this movie but I couldn't find anything wrong with it personally. It was a nice blending of a love story, paranormal creatures and an awesome ending to the series. It was funny and touching. The baby's name dealt with a blending of Bella's Mother's name and Esmee who is Carlisle's mate. It doesn't matter if others find the name odd or not. It doesn't make the movie bad because of a name someone might find odd. I think they wanted to make the baby have an otherworldly affect and the CGI did just that. She wasn't just a baby.

There were so many things about this movie I loved especially how Edward and Bella explored her new found senses and his reaction to her. I thought it breathtaking when she climbed up the side of a cliff ala Dracula style to go after a human. She stops when Edward arrives and his reaction when he offers to help her caused me to laugh when she ignored him and jumped to the bottom of the cliff. Some of their interactions were priceless. I especially liked the Eastern European vampires that came into be involved in what they thought would be a big brawl and was and wasn't. They had a very big grudge against the Volturi. Another part that made me laugh was when Jacob was characterizing them by Dracula 1 and Dracula 2. They were a little over the top but I believe they were meant to be. Alice was always a focal point of all the movies because of her gift. Many of the gifts of the various vampire clans were shown and were very creative and sometimes quite amusing. There is no real ending in this movie, only of this particular struggle over Renesmee. It was the ending, for the time being of a major struggle with an out of control group, the Volturi, that held fear over the head of every vampire clan. Michael Sheen's character was played almost to the point of a psychotic. He was very creepy and very effective in his portrayal of Aro.

If you want the old fashioned Dracula type of movie this will not be your cup of tea. It is modern and innovative and gives some "humanity" to the vampires in the story. As a writer, I appreciate the fact that the author took a risk. These movies made a lot of money at the box office so those who hated these movies and even this one in particular, which I think is the best of them all, are in a minority. Categorizing this movie as the worst movie every made or even a bad movie is moronic and ludicrous in my opinion. With the fan base of this movie, this is why the author has a different ending for the movie than in the book, how different I don't know. Just like Harry Potter it would have disappointed avid fans to do anything else. It satisfies those who want high action and those who are enthralled by the love story and personal interactions of the vampires and shape shifters.

Lost Boys: The Tribe

Campy vampire sequel
The first Lost Boys wasn't really that much better than the sequel but popular because it was the first of its kind and had a good sound track and group of actors. It was campy horror like the first Fright Night. There is nothing strange about finding surfer vampires considering the first group were living in a cave off the ocean in a beach city in California. So by extension it made sense. These types of movies are never award winners but entertaining. Since it was made so long after the first one, times have changed and what viewers expect to see in movies is a little more graphic and I think that is why there were more sex scenes.

Wiki says: "Hans Rodionoff originally wrote a script about surfing werewolves titled The Tribe which was turned down by studios including Warner Bros for its resemblance to The Lost Boys. Warner Bros studio executives changed their mind when they decided on a sequel, who then persuaded Rodionoff to alter the script as a sequel, including changing the werewolves of the original to vampires.

The film was Warner Premiere's highest selling DVD release of 2008, performing so impressively that Warner immediately green-lit a third installment. It covered its 5 million dollar production cost in its first three weeks of release. As of January 2011, it has sold over 1,250,000 copies, a record for a direct to DVD release. Despite the success on the DVD, the film received poor reviews"

So even though some of the reviews haven't been so good and some for the original weren't either, they did quite well. Adapting it from another type of story is where I think they went wrong. As for Corey Haim he had trouble with his past offenses in being able to be in the movie and why he was left to only do a cameo. It wasn't any fault of those associated to the movie because they had wanted him. He just wasn't able to comply.

The movie is entertaining and if the Master Vampire died in the other movie it makes sense to me that it would leave the next down the line in that position. They never said they were born the way they are at any time. I have seen far worse vampire movies than this one and it was nice to see Corey Feldman recast in his role as Edgar Frog.

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