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Christmas Waltz

Well Done...Not A Christmas Movie
First of all, Lacey, as usual, hits it out of the park. Although her arms are getting a little flabby. She looks amazing through most of the movie, in spite of not being dressed in anything really attractive. The movie is really well done. Some money was spent on this one. However, it's not a Christmas movie. Yeah, yeah, it's just dressed with Christmas trappings. But, come on, take away the decorations and it still works. How convenient to find a single good looking dance instructor. Why is he available? Where is the Christmas Magic?

Meet Me at Christmas

It's all that and a bag of chips.
I am a big fan of Catherine Bell, and she delivers in this movie. Only thing that was driving me crazy was her hair. Come on, it's terrible. What kind of cut is that? I love these Gen X flash-back, lost-love movies. One thing I was hoping for was Joan dashing to the airport to catch Beau to clear up the misunderstanding. I love that stuff. But the ending was a little hurried but it was still satisfying all the same.

A Nashville Christmas Carol

It works.
Schram is very good at being the good looking skinny blonde with excellent thigh gap. Overall, it works there is a little Christmas magic. Kix Brooks with a very good performance. However, Judd's acting is not that good. The lead man is tolerable. There is a little chemistry. Sarah Borne is excellent in this movie. Watch The Christmas Train to see Kimberly Williams-Paisley at her best. I only watched this for her and it was a little disappointing.

The Angel Tree

Jill's best work yet.
Maggie's Christmas Miracle was a disaster. This is Jill's best work. Jill has aged into a fine wine. She looks great in that red dress and her eyes just make me melt. The leading man is very tolerable and the supporting cast is okay. It has just enough Christmas magic. Only problem was those jeans, She has a great body I just know that could bhave been done better.

Christmas on Honeysuckle Lane

I love Alicia Witt. I miss Euraka, at least the first three seasons.
I feel this movie missed out on tapping into Witt's great ability to play the quirky, funny girl. This goes in a different direction. Witt looks great in a tight sweater and jeans and especially putting on her CFM boots. I don't think I have ever seen a "putting on my boots scene" ...weird. Like, just keep the camera rolling we have to go outside. I assume this is adapted from a book; it's not done well. Who cares about Rumi? Not me. Oh, and the brother...I won't spoil it but I wanted to slap him silly in his final scene.

Reunited at Christmas

No Sex at Nana's House.
As I remember, the best part of going over to your girlfriend's parent's house for Christmas was getting busy in her old bedroom. I guarantee no one is this story was getting any. Lisa Durupt and Nikki Deloach (is that french) team up once again for a winter romp through yule tide's emotional roller coaster. Deloach looks great in a tight pair of jeans (excellent thigh gap). She really pulls off the now fashionable tucked shirt into tight jeans look. Eileen Peddle where have you been my entire life? With her hair pulled back she plays out every bit of the monstrous female dog that father Bill Murphy had to put up with all those years. However, once her hair comes down, I'm all in. I want to make note that Noel Johansen does a great job for the part that he is given. The tertiary male is always tough, but he makes the best of it. Overall, It's not a bad Christman movie. Watchable.

Royal New Year's Eve

Who's the star, me or this dress?
Sam Page has got a reprieve from me for this gem. The Perfect Christmas Present was such a disaster I had banished him from Christmas Island. But this piece of work was his best by face. How did he pull off that accent with a straight face...it was just too much. May The Price of Parmistan live forever. Schram is OK. That was Cheryl Ladd?

When Calls the Heart: The Christmas Wishing Tree
Episode 0, Season 5

What is this even about?
The Royal Mounties are fighting some kind of gang war on the northern border. I don't know. Stuff happens, there is one bad guy who kind of saves Christmas I think. There is a tree. Krakow brings her usual...nobody dresses sexy.

Christmas Connection

Can you be to hot for Christmas?
Brook Burns is on fire in this movie. A walking masterpiece of womanly artwork. It is hard to believe that she would fall for this guy and his dopey family. She needs to be married to a real estate billionaire. It'a nice story and well done, but who cares.

Christmas Next Door

starts out painful but ends well
This was rough going for a while but it does come around. Good all around cast and decent writing. Let's get to the fact that Tara Yelland is the real star of this movie. Hot as a firecracker.

Sharing Christmas

A little over the top.
It's not that great of a store. I feel I know a little too much about the real estate market in New York. At least there is no ice sculpting. I have no idea who Dave Koz is....that was kind of funny. Ellen Hollman is fine...the leading guy is a little weird but tolerable.

The Christmas Cottage

This is not that bad
I liked this movie. Good supporting cast. The guy was not too annoying and the girl was sweet. Overall, It had a decent story. I would watch again.

Karen Kingsbury's Maggie's Christmas Miracle

Stick to selling cars
Jill Wagner should stick to pushing Lincolns. She is a very attractive woman with amazing shoes, but this is just not her role. A Christmas sweetheart should be sweet. Wagner looks like a mean girl who beat other girls up a t soccer practice. Macfarlane is OK, but a little weird at times. Someone died so that is a plus.

Christmas Encore

Perhaps the worst
There is really nothing redeeming about this movie. It just doesn't get it. It really has nothing to do with Christmas. Just doesn't work. Maggie Lawson has got nothing going on. Ugh, Noting works in this movie.

Rocky Mountain Christmas

Just ok
I'm not sure that Lindy Booth is quite ready to move up from supporting character to leading lady. She is a red head and that is going in her favor, however, she just doesn't have the look just yet. A few more years and she may be ready. No way these two will ever have a long term relationship. pathetic ending.

Romance at Reindeer Lodge

Nicky Whelan is very pretty, however, her hair throughout this movie is a disaster area. She never appears in anything better than a sloppy sweater also. Big disappointment. The rest of the cast is fine and the story is moves along well. The guy from CHiPs is awesome.

A Gift to Remember

very witty title
I cannot get enough of Ali Liebert. She's a girl with a big toothy smile, dimples and come curves in a ll the right places. Overall, a good story that was very well done. All the cast is palatable, except the dog. Baily isthe most annoying creatures ever to appear on film. Some kind of terrier. I hate terriers.

Christmas Getaway

Doesn't get much better than this
A nearly perfect Christmas Movie. Wow. Where has Bridget Regan been all my life. I think this year she takes the crown away from Alicia Witt. What a beauty. I wish she would have worn something a little sexier in the movie. But we got nothing in that regard. Nothing. Grandma is also bringing it in this movie. The guy needs a shave. I wish the rivalry for the man would have gotten a little nastier. I believe that may be a 64 Chevelle. Yeah, right.

Christmas at Holly Lodge

She looks way too old for him.
I fell in love with Alison Sweeney watching DOOL in the 90's when she was the conniving monster Sammi Brady, so she can do no wrong. Still after all these years she looks good in a tight pair of jeans. Young ladies should take notes. Overall, the story is good with good supporting characters. I'm just not buying this guy Evan he looks way too young for her. Couldn't get past that.

Christmas in Angel Falls

Nearly perfect except for the way too good looking firemen
Rachel Boston does have all the qualities I like to see in a leading lady in a Christmas movie, however she never appears in anything sexier that a droopy sweater. Minus one star at least. The story is good and even some of the sub plots are intriguing in as much as they can be in these types of movies. I think we all knew what was eventually going to happen once an angel unexpectedly finds love.

Magical Christmas Ornaments

A Very Special Porn Star Christmas
I'm sorry but the leading lady in a Christmas movie should have a certain Girl Next Door/ BFF quality to her. Marie looks like a porn star. Overall, this story is good and the production is right on track. However, at times it seemed like I was watching an extended commercial for Hallmark Christmas Ornaments. A little product placement is OK, but let's not create an entire movie themed around pushing our product. That being said, I need to get some Hallmark Christmas ornaments.

Christmas in Evergreen

Maybe too much Christmas
Turn down the fake snow machine a little. Ashley Williams has an amazing smile...that's about it. She never wears anything sexier than an old sweater. There is no feel of chemistry in this movie. That being said it is a nice movie. Everyone seemed to try real hard and it is worth a viewing, but it's missing a lot of things. It sort of feels like a religious cult's first attempt at a Christmas movie. Can one have too much Lynda Boyd? No.

With Love, Christmas

Emille Ullerup is a true beauty that it is a little hard to believe that she ain't got no man by now. Not much as far as sexy outfits until the end and even then some spanx would not have been a bad idea. Aaron O'Connell is way too good looking to be playing this loner loser type. After a year he would have taken every girl in the office for a sleigh ride. I need more Rebecca Davis, like a poor man's Lake Bell.

This movie is good it moves along just fine.

Coming Home for Christmas

I hate spunk
Danica McKellar plays a spunky girl who is going to fix a Christmas for a wealthy dysfunctional family. I hate spunk! She has a great body and really holds up well after all these years, but I can't get past her droopy eyes. Andrew Francis is about the most irritating guy in Canadawood. Lay off the hair product and stop being evil. All this being said, it is watchable. Looking forward to seeing Chelan Simmons in more movies.

Finding Santa

Nice Jeep
Jodie Sweetin has a great personality that I found to be charming. But, I hate it when the leading man is better looking than the fraulein. Most of the time, Jody has stringy unwashed hair. Come on. The story was kind of dopey, but hey, it's a Christmas movie. Lighten' up. Not much sexiness, except for her tight sweaters, which basically carry the movie.

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